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Upgrade Event - Completion Tips & Strategies

Learn the best tips and strategies to complete the Upgrade Event in Clash of Streamers and get the most loot from it!

Crypton Guide - A Beginner's Guide to Crypton

Learn all about how the Clash of Streamers premium currency Crypton is used, how to get it, as well as why it's so important.

SMOrc Pet Strategies - Best SMOrc Pet Abilities

Learn about some of the best combat and passive ability strategies to use on your Smorc pets.

Beginner's Combat Guide - Combat Tips for New Players

Learn exactly how you can improve your combat progression as a beginner in Clash of Streamers by taking advantage of achievement buffs, team positioning, faction auras, and more!

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Clash of Streamers Closed Beta Released!

The Clash of Streamers closed beta has finally been released, and is currently open to try for up to 10,000 players!

June 9, 2019 |

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