Weekly Reset Guide - What Is the Weekly Reset?

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers weekly reset guide; a guide explaining exactly what the weekly reset is, why it is important, as well what you can do to prepare for it.

In Clash of Streamers, you have several different reset types.

The resets are the following:

  • Daily reset
  • Weekly reset
  • Monthly reset

After any reset, you have the option to take part in more Clash of Streamers activities. For example, after each daily reset, you have more daily quests to do.

The same thing applies to the weekly reset as well as the monthly reset. However, since these resets happen more infrequently, they are far more important to pay attention to.

In this guide, we're going to discuss everything related to the weekly reset. We'll discuss everything that changes after the weekly reset, why it's important, as well as what you can do to prepare for it.

What Is the Weekly Reset?

Before we discuss what a weekly reset is, it's important to state a few basics.

In Clash of Streamers, there is a weekly timer which is constantly running. This weekly timer dictates the amount of time that is left to complete certain activities, or the time that is left to collect certain rewards.

Once the timer counts down from 168 hours (1 week) to 0, the timer "resets" and goes back up to 168 hours. Basically, we call this a weekly reset.

When a weekly reset occurs, your progress towards a bunch of activities is reset or refreshed. In addition to this, you will likely gain a bunch of rewards, and have the opportunity to claim a ton of new rewards.

So, when does this weekly reset occur?

In Clash of Streamers, the weekly reset occurs every Friday, at 12AM GMT.

You will have to do the proper conversions to your own time zone if you want to know the relevant time to you.

In North America, the weekly reset usually occurs sometime every Thursday afternoon/evening. If you live in Europe, 12AM GMT is probably quite close to your local time. If you reside somewhere in Asia or Oceania, the reset will happen sometime early/mid Friday. 

While these are quite heavy generalizations, it should give you a general idea when to expect the weekly reset. Of course, you can always refer to Clash of Streamers itself to see when the weekly reset will occur.

To find the time until the weekly reset in Clash of Streamers, you can do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Weekly Events tab (hourglass icon on the right side of the screen).
  2. Check the timer at the very top of the Weekly Events menu.
  3. The time displayed beside the "next" button is the current number of hours until the weekly reset.

This is one of the ways you can check the time until the weekly reset in Clash of Streamers. Alternatively, you can also check out the home page here on clashofstreamers.tv to see when the weekly reset will happen. 

Whichever way you check, it's important to know ahead of time exactly when the weekly reset occurs. Once you know about the weekly reset time, you can do whatever else needs to be done to maximize your weekly rewards, in addition to preparing for the next week in Clash of Streamers.

So, now that you know what the weekly reset is about and when it occurs, it's time to talk about some of the important mechanics which are impacted by the weekly reset!

Weekly Event Rotation

Weekly Events are an extremely important part of Clash of Streamers. In fact, we would argue that Weekly Events are the most impactful mechanic on your account progression in Clash of Streamers.

Take a look at the Weekly Events Beginner's Guide to learn about the basics of Weekly Events.

One of the things you will learn in the Weekly Events guide is the concept of a Weekly Event rotation. Each week, there is a specific rotation of Weekly Events which will appear in the Weekly Events menu.

This rotation contains a unique set of Weekly Events which will last a total of one week.

Every week when the weekly reset occurs, the Weekly Event rotation will change.

This means that your progress on a bunch of Weekly Events will be reset. This is both good news and bad news.

The good news is that a Weekly Event rotation change gives you the opportunity to collect a bunch of new Weekly Event loot. The bad news is that your progress on many of the Weekly Events will be reset.

For example, when the Christmas Event is the active special event in the Weekly Event rotation, it will only last one week. This means that you only have one week to collect as many Snowmen as possible, because once the weekly reset occurs, the Christmas Event will disappear - including all of your Snowmen.

This means you have to be very aware of the upcoming weekly reset. If you know the reset is happening soon, you should take action and ensure you don't miss out on any Weekly Event loot.

To help optimize the loot you gain from Weekly Events and ensure you are making the most of them, you should make sure to do the following:

  1. Save up as many Weekly Event resources as possible, constantly purchase resources in the Marketplace, and make trades in the Merchant.
  2. For Weekly Events with milestones (like the Gem Event, Summon Event, Pet Event, etc), ensure you are always completing the entire Weekly Event and not just one small portion of it.
  3. When you complete a standard Weekly Event, stop spending the resources needed for the event and wait until the next completable event comes along.

While these are just a few simple tips, they should help you get started on your way to regularly completing Weekly Events. 

It's extremely important to be aware of the weekly reset when it comes down to Weekly Events. You need to ensure that you have completed the appropriate Weekly Events before the reset happens. If you leave Weekly Events uncompleted (due to lack of resources, or even forgetfulness), you will be missing out on a ton of extra account progression.

For more Weekly Event guides, check out the following:

All of these guides will teach you some of the most important Weekly Event tips for each event type. If you learn all of this information and complete your Weekly Events before the weekly reset, you'll be progressing much further in Clash of Streamers!

Pet Abilities Updated

Pets play a very important part in Clash of Streamers. They are used to improve your team's combat potential, gain additional loot from various mechanics, improve Weekly Event completion, and much more.

To learn about what pet abilities are and how they work, take a look at the Pet Abilities Guide.

Players that actively use pets to optimize their account progression will be much further ahead than other players who do not. With that being said, it's extremely important that you are regularly updating your pet abilities to optimize them for the most appropriate strategies.

So, how do pet abilities relate to the weekly reset?

Essentially, once you change the abilities of an active pet, you need to wait until the weekly reset for these new abilities to become active.

This is a sort of preventative measure from players constantly swapping out abilities all of the time before doing each and every in-game action. Essentially, when you set your active pet abilities, you are committing to that pet ability-set for the entirety of a week.

Once the week is over, you will have your new pet abilities enabled on each of your active pets.

Why is all of this important anyways?

Each week, you need to ensure that you set your next week's pet abilities before the weekly reset happens.

Pet abilities are hugely important. In terms of Weekly Event completion, LuL pet abilities are likely the most important pet abilities of all. The variety of LuL pet abilities allow you to save resources while earning more back from Weekly Events.

Since you should be completing at least the rare Weekly Event each week, you need to ensure that you change your LuL pet abilities each week before the weekly reset.

For example, if the Gem Event is currently shiny legendary in the Weekly Event rotation, you know it will be rare next week. In this case, you'll want to equip the Gemcutter and Gem Bargain passive abilities on your active LuL pet. These abilities will lower the cost to complete the Gem Event, while earning you more rewards in the process.

This simple example should be a good demonstration of the importance of changing your pet abilities on a weekly basis. 

So, before the weekly reset, you need to do the following:

  1. Update your LuL pet abilities to the abilities needed to complete next week's rare Weekly Event.
  2. Update any of your other pet abilities based on any other strategies you aim to use (check out the Best Pet Strategies for a few different strategies).

This is an extremely important part of maximizing your account progression in Clash of Streamers. While the LuL pet abilities may not seem like a big deal, they can save you tens of millions of Gems worth of loot in the long run. The same applies to other pet abilities - update them appropriately before the weekly reset!

Leaderboard Rewards

Scattered throughout Clash of Streamers are dozens of leaderboards. In fact, there's practically a leaderboard for every single activity in Clash of Streamers.

Some leaderboards are purely for show. They simply allow you to view and compare your progress with other players.

However, some other leaderboards will give you rewards each week based on your progress.

On a weekly basis, you will get some rewards based on your position in the leaderboard relative to other players. While these leaderboard rewards usually aren't huge, they can still add up significantly in the long run.

Take a look at the following leaderboards:

  • Referral leaderboard (refer other players, gain PogChamp Orbs)
  • Duel leaderboard (duel other players, gain Gems based on your total number of points)
  • Match-3 leaderboard (match pets and hatch eggs, earn eggs and pets based on your Match-3 move speed)

These are a few different leaderboards which will grant you rewards at the end of the week based on your position. For the most part, the better you do and the further you are, the more rewards you will gain.

For example, by referring other players using your account referral link, you can gain up to 6 PogChamp Orbs per week. This is an absolutely huge advantage you can get yourself!

To learn about how the referral system works, take a look at the Free-To-Play Guide.

While this is just one example of many, it should give you a good idea of the power of leaderboards. Mind you, referring other players will grant you more loot than most other leaderboards, but this point still stands.

This is why it's extremely important that you are looking through each building in Clash of Streamers to see what you can do to improve your position on the leaderboard. By dueling players, you'll be gaining points on the duel leaderboard. By practicing and playing Match-3 Pets, you'll be positioning yourself in the Match-3 leaderboard.

Every week, you need to ensure you are positioned in each leaderboard, to maximize the loot received at the end of each week.

When the weekly reset comes along, you will gain rewards based on your position in each leaderboard. As a result, you want to ensure you are regularly engaging and playing each minigame and activity in Clash of Streamers!

The more you play, and the further you are in the leaderboards, the more rewards you will receive at the end of the week.


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