Selling Heroes Guide - Make Money Selling Heroes

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers selling heroes guide; a guide on how to sell your heroes to earn DUBI and real money from them!

After exporting any of your Clash of Streamers heroes to the Blockchain, you can then sell them for DUBI. After selling them for DUBI, you can then cash out the DUBI for a real world currency of your choice (USD, CAD, EUR, etc).

Your heroes can be sold for DUBI in two different places:

  • Inside the Blockchain building
  • On the decentralized exchange DubiEx

As long as there is some demand for your heroes, you will be able to sell them. This is the essentially how you make money selling heroes; find players that might want a hero from you, and sell it to them.

So, what creates the demand? Why would players want any of your heroes?

Players will want your heroes for a few different reasons:

  1. Players will look to get a rare hero with a valuable skin from an early season.
  2. Players will look to buy powerful heroes to help them progress faster.
  3. Players will look to buy powerful heroes to rent to other players so they can potentially make money.

In this guide, we'll take a look at all of the reasons why somebody might look to buy your heroes, as well as concrete steps you can take to increase your chances of making money.

Selling Blockchain Heroes

The ability to sell your heroes to other players is one of the ways Clash of Streamers allows you to monetize the progress made on your account.

The only way you can sell a hero is to first have it exported to the Blockchain; you can only sell a Blockchain hero, not a regular non-Blockchain hero!

Once you have a hero exported to the Blockchain, you can choose to list it for sale at any point in time inside of the Blockchain building.

When trying to sell your exported heroes, it’s important to be aware of the following:

  • All sales in the Blockchain building are made in exchange for DUBI
  • To list a hero for sale, you have to pay a small amount of Ethereum as a transaction fee

The transaction fee is a fee that has to be paid for any transaction made on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Take a look at the guide How to Make Money in Clash of Streamers to learn how to export your heroes as well as how transaction fees work.

If you successfully sell your hero, you will no longer have access to the hero, and will have received DUBI in exchange for the hero.

You can then use your DUBI to make some other purchases in the Blockchain building, or simply cash it out for your native currency (USD, CAD, EUR, etc).

If you would like to cash out any of the DUBI that you earn, see the Cashing Out Guide.

Which Heroes Are Valuable?

If you want to make money selling heroes, you first need to have a good understanding of the types of heroes which will be valuable on the Blockchain.

The types of heroes which will likely have value are the following:

  • Heroes with early season skins of popular streamers or other content creators (rare or limited edition heroes)
  • High level, high star heroes (powerful heroes)

In the next sections we will discuss both of these types of heroes in depth and discuss exactly why they will have value.

Rare Heroes

You may already be aware that there are different seasons in Clash of Streamers. Every new season starts on the first day of each month, and each season, streamers and content creators that have their own skins in the game are able to upload a new set of 6 skins (default, rare 1, rare 2, rare 3, epic and legendary).

However, once a streamer or content creator uploads a new set of skins, it will replace the skins of the past season.

This means that all owned skins on your heroes and inside the Face Swap building will be replaced by any newly uploaded skins from a streamer or content creator.

The only way to actually keep the skin of a previous season is to export the hero with the attached skin to the Blockchain. This will immortalize skins from earlier seasons since exported Blockchain heroes do not get their skins changed when the streamer or content creator uploads a new set of skins.

For example...

  1. During season 1, you get all skins from a streamer or content creator (default, rare 1, rare 2, rare 3, epic, legendary).
  2. You swap the legendary skin onto a hero of your choice.
  3. You export the hero with the legendary skin to the Blockchain.
  4. Next month starts, which brings season 2.
  5. Your default, rare 1, rare 2, rare 3, and epic season 1 skins will switch to season 2 skins.
  6. Your season 1 legendary skin on your Blockchain hero will remain a season 1 legendary skin.

This is the whole essence of rare Blockchain heroes!

You want to collect skins from early seasons and export heroes with those skins to the Blockchain.

Heroes with season 1 skins will be more valuable than heroes with season 2 skins, and these heroes with season 2 skins will be more valuable than heroes with season 3 skins; you get the point. The earlier the season, the more valuable the hero will likely be.

Why are season 1 skins and other skins from early seasons important? Why should you care?

Heroes with skins from earlier seasons are rare, and the rarity of them creates scarcity, which in turn brings them value and drives people to buy these heroes on the Blockchain.

History shows that if people value something, they will almost always place higher value on the more authentic, older, and more rare versions in existence.

This applies to almost everything in life. Some examples include:

  • Famous real life collectibles (paintings, antiques, etc)
  • Sport trading cards (Hockey, Baseball, etc)
  • Game trading cards (Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, etc)
  • Digital crypto collectibles (CryptoKitties)
  • Digital game collectibles (CS:GO, PUBG, etc)

In every single one of the scenarios listed above, you will find the more rare, earlier versions of certain assets sold for much more than the rest. For example, the very first CryptoKitty sold for more than $100,000!

CryptoKitties is also a digital collectable game built on the Ethereum Blockchain similar to the Blockchain building of Clash of Streamers. If these prices are any indication as to the potential of selling Blockchain heroes, then Clash of Streamers has a very bright future.

If Clash of Streamers grows in popularity, there is a high likelihood that you could sell your early season heroes for a ton of DUBI in the future.

This is the primary goal of selling rare Blockchain heroes. Export as many heroes as possible from early seasons, and hopefully sell them many months down the road for a profit.

Which seasons are considered early enough to be rare?

Well, the earlier the season, the better. It’s almost a certainty that season 1 heroes will be extremely rare and valuable. Each season which follows season 1 will have its heroes slightly less rare and as a result, less valuable.

Anything beyond the first season would be hard to estimate if there is potential value to simply the season number of a hero. It also entirely depends on how many people export heroes during the first season.

This is why you don’t want to rely simply on the season number of a hero as the primary reason for the hero being valuable. Your best bet would be to export heroes which have skins that are already valuable, and likely will continue to be valuable in the future.

So the question then becomes, which skins are the most valuable?

The Most Valuable Skins

We already know that skins from earlier seasons will be more valuable than skins from later seasons. However, the season number is not the only factor which contributes to the potential value of a skin.

Another important factor to consider is the intrinsic value of the skin. The intrinsic value of a skin is the value that people give the skin, and that translates to how much people might be willing to pay for it.

If a lot of people like a certain skin, it will have a high intrinsic value.

A skin can have very high intrinsic value if it falls under one of the following categories:

  • The skin is from a popular streamer or content creator
  • The skin is extremely high quality

If you have skins which fall under any of these categories, you will likely have a much easier time selling any Blockchain heroes with these skins equipped.

Why would skins of popular streamers or content creators have a high intrinsic value?

It’s simple - huge fans of certain streamers and other content creators will want to collect the limited edition skins from earlier seasons.

Fans can sometimes be quite rabid, and as long as their favorite streamer or content creator stays popular (to a certain extent), you can guarantee there will be somebody interested in their limited edition skins.

You can find examples of this everywhere.

For example...

The earliest edition Hockey & Baseball trading cards of some of the best players in history sell for thousands of dollars.

If you would like to take the route of buying skins of popular streamers, one streamer that would likely be a safe bet is AtheneLive. As the creator of the game, his popularity will likely rise as the game itself grows.

There is a high likelihood that Blockchain heroes with AtheneLive’s early season skins will sell for quite a lot many months down the road.

Of course, this is just an example. The same principle would apply to any other popular streamer or content creator who actively plays Clash of Streamers and uploads new skins each month.

On the other hand, why would skins which are very high quality have high intrinsic value?

If we take a look at other popular games with digital assets like CS:GO and PUBG, we can see that many skins which are very rare and cool looking end up selling for hundreds of dollars - even thousands in some cases.

If you manage to find a streamer or content creator who is very popular and also manages to have very high quality skins, you can’t really beat that!

You also need to take into account how difficult certain skins are to acquire.

If a skin is high quality or from a popular streamer, but it is extremely common, then the skin may not find a lot of value despite the fact that it may be from an early season. This is just basic supply and demand; a Blockchain hero is far less valuable if there are a ton of Blockchain heroes that are the exact same!

For example...

If 500 people have a streamer’s season 1 rare skin, and only 10 people have a streamer’s season 1 legendary skin, the legendary skin is far more valuable since there is a much smaller supply.

Putting this all together, it’s pretty clear what needs to be done:

  1. Find a streamer or content creator with extremely high quality skins or someone who is popular and has skins in Clash of Streamers.
  2. Collect the streamer or content creator's more difficult-to-acquire skins (epic or legendary).
  3. Swap the skin onto one of your heroes.
  4. Export the hero to the Blockchain.

You can browse the Gaming for Good skins page for a list of skins which exist in Clash of Streamers.

Exporting Rare Heroes

Exporting heroes to the Blockchain is a very expensive process.

It becomes exponentially more expensive the higher star and higher level the hero is that you are trying to export.

Since the goal with rare heroes is to capitalize on the rarity of a hero, we only really care about two things:

  1. The season of the hero.
  2. The skin of the hero.

In this case, the level and number of stars each hero has does not matter! With rare heroes, it's only really the season and the skin of the hero which will give us the best chance of making money.

Because of this, we should export our rare heroes as 1-star level 1 heroes.

The main advantage of this is that it is much cheaper to export a 1-star level 1 hero, allowing us to export more heroes in the early seasons.

At most, it will cost $100 worth of Crypton to export a 1-star level 1 hero.

Given enough time, your export cost could potentially reduce to as little as $20 (equivalent worth of Crypton).

Since each season lasts from the first day of each month to the last day, you want to export your heroes during the last week of the month. This gives you enough time to collect a lot of achievements and lower the cost to export to the Blockchain.

So, your steps to exporting a rare Blockchain hero are as follows:

  1. Collect rare and valuable skins early in the month.
  2. Collect a ton of achievements throughout the month.
  3. Equip your TriHard pet with Hero Trader ability and set it as your active TriHard pet during the 2nd last week of the month.
  4. During the last week of the month, export your desired heroes as 1-star level 1 heroes.

During the early seasons, export as many heroes with valuable skins as possible. This will give you the best odds of making money with rare Blockchain heroes. The more heroes you have exported, the more options available to potentially make money.

You can try to sell them a few months down the road, or you can merge them with more powerful heroes down the line. Having both rare and powerful Blockchain heroes could potentially give you the best odds of selling them for the best price!

Powerful Heroes

As opposed to rare Blockchain heroes, powerful heroes do not get their value from the season and skins. Instead, they have value because of their utility in combat.

The utility of a powerful hero comes down to the following factors:

  • The level of the hero
  • The number of stars the hero has
  • The ability-set of the hero
  • The class of the hero

All of these factors contribute to how powerful and how useful it would be in combat. This is the essence of a powerful Blockchain hero.

Why would people want to buy a powerful Blockchain hero?

There are several reasons...

  1. A powerful Blockchain hero will help boost account progression significantly by aiding in combat.
  2. A powerful Blockchain hero can be used to make money by renting the hero to other players.

Some other player can buy your powerful Blockchain hero and use it to quickly progress on their account, or they can use it to potentially rent out to other players and make money.

There is almost a guarantee that some players will be looking to buy powerful Blockchain heroes for one of the above reasons.

What makes a Blockchain hero powerful?

The primary factor comes down to the level and number of stars the hero has. This will have the greatest influence on the power of the hero. The higher the hero level and the higher the number of stars it has, the better your chances of selling it in the future.

The second biggest influence on the power of a hero comes down to the class of the hero.

The best Blockchain heroes are likely the following:

  • Rogues
  • Priests

Although every hero exported to the Blockchain is valuable to a certain extent, we believe Rogues and Priests will be the most powerful and have the most utility to players.

This is because Rogues and Priests have the highest attack and power out of every class in Clash of Streamers. To learn more about the stats of each hero class, check out the Best Heroes Guide.

With a higher attack, heroes from these classes will be much more likely to rip through any enemies in combat, allowing players to progress much further.

Rogues have the highest attack and power out of any class in Clash of Streamers. This makes it extremely easy for any exported Rogues to quickly rip through any extremely powerful enemies which might have high health/armor.

On the other hand, Priests have the second highest attack and power out of any class in Clash of Streamers, and have the best area-of-effect ultimate ability in the game: Light Implosion. Because of this, exported Priests will be the most useful at helping other players clear entire enemy teams.

While these are just a couple of examples, this is not to say that heroes from other classes will not be useful on the Blockchain.

Virtually every hero is made more useful on the Blockchain since the Blockchain allows you to empower your heroes with DUBI, granting them with a minimum of a 20% increase in power.

Rogues and Priests are simply more likely to help the majority of players. However, very hardcore players and high spenders will likely look to purchase any and all types of powerful Blockchain heroes.

What abilities would be the best if your aim is to have a powerful Blockchain hero?

Whichever class of hero you export to the Blockchain, you need to ensure that the abilities on the hero work without needing to synergize with other heroes.

Since you can't predict the team composition of other players, you want to make sure that any hero you export is powerful regardless of the team that it is fighting alongside.

One of the best ways to do this is with abilities that provide unconditional buffs.

For example, the Rogue class has access to the following passive abilities:


Auto-skill: Cloaks your attacks, granting 30% attack and 10% armor break.


Auto-skill: Strike from the shadows, granting 10% attack and 30% armor break.

Ignore Armor

Auto-skill: You pierce through armor, increasing your armor break by 40%.

Deadly Knives

Auto-skill: You use deadly knives that increase your attack by 40%.

All of these passive abilities provide quite significant buffs to a Rogue, making it much more powerful in combat. Since these abilities provide flat bonuses to the stats of the hero, you are not dependent on any other heroes in your team composition.

This makes the exported hero much more flexible and dynamic to changing team compositions.

It’s best that when you export a powerful hero to the Blockchain, you make sure it has similar abilities which don't have to synergize well with other heroes.

This will make your exported Blockchain hero much more effective, and in return, much more valuable. The better the exported hero, the more value it can provide to other players, and as a result, the more likely you’ll be able to sell it.

The strategy of a powerful Blockchain hero can also be combined with the rare Blockchain hero strategy. By merging Blockchain heroes, you can get the best of both worlds!

For example...

  1. During season 1, you export a 1-star level 1 hero with a rare skin to the Blockchain.
  2. During season 2, you export a 9-star level 9 hero to the Blockchain.
  3. You merge the powerful Blockchain hero with the rare Blockchain hero which creates a season 1, 9-star level 9 hero which is both rare and powerful.

The merged hero will have all of the attributes (class, level, stars, abilities) of the powerful Blockchain hero, but will still retain the season and skin of the rare Blockchain hero.

With this strategy you are likely amplifying the value of your hero by a significant margin.

Keep this in mind as you play Clash of Streamers and begin to export your heroes to the Blockchain!

Additionally, you should empower your exported hero with at least 0.001 DUBI to increase its power by at least 20%.

Since an empowered Blockchain hero is more powerful, this will only increase your chances of selling it in the future.

The more DUBI you empower your powerful hero with, the more power it will gain. As a result, it will likely be much more appealing to any potential buyers.

By combining all of these strategies together, you have the best possible odds of making money with a powerful Blockchain hero!


Exporting Powerful Heroes

Exporting heroes which are a high level and have a high number of stars can get quite expensive.

So how should you export powerful heroes to the Blockchain?

For starters, in the case of rare heroes, you would be exporting them as 1-star level 1 heroes in the early seasons. This allows you to take advantage of the early season rarity as well as get a ton of them exported to the Blockchain quickly and cheaply.

In the case of powerful heroes, we want to do the complete opposite and export them after a minimum of one month of play.

The primary advantage of this is to take advantage of the Blockchain export cost reduction that comes from collecting a ton of achievements. Once you have collected a ton of achievements and reduced your export cost significantly, you can export your powerful hero for a lot less Crypton.

So, the final steps for exporting a powerful hero are as follows:

  1. Get an extremely powerful hero from your first month of play. This will likely be at least a 9-star level 9 hero.
  2. Collect a ton of achievements using the various strategies found in the Achievement Farming Guide.
  3. Equip your TriHard pet with Hero Trader ability and set it as your active TriHard pet.
  4. Export your 9-star level 9 hero.
  5. (BONUS) Empower the hero with at least 0.001 to buff your hero with at least 20% additional power, and earn DUBI by renting it to other players.

See the Renting Heroes Guide for more info on making money by renting heroes.

This is a clear cut strategy on how to export a powerful hero and ensure it is valuable enough to sell in the future.

By waiting a couple of months, you will be reducing the cost to export to the Blockchain, therefore increasing your chances of making money from the hero in the future.

If you don’t mind the expensive cost to export to the Blockchain during the early game, you can also export your powerful hero very early on.

This scenario applies to high spenders who may be looking to spend a ton of money without caring about optimizing money spent. If you are trying to save money and don’t have a lot to spend on Clash of Streamers, it’s still recommended that you follow the strategy above.

For most players, exporting a powerful hero when it is cheap enough to do so will likely give you a better chance of earning some money with it.

If you do decide to export your powerful hero during the first seasons without caring about the export cost, you should ensure the hero has a valuable skin.

This will allow you to take advantage of the value of both the rare Blockchain hero and powerful Blockchain hero.

Additionally, ensuring you are earning free passive Crypton is a huge help when working on exporting powerful Blockchain heroes. Check out the Passive Crypton Guide for more info on setting up a steady passive Crypton stream.


I'm sure you can agree that this guide contained quite a lot of information. However, it's definitely necessary! If you truly want to make money selling your heroes to other players, you need to understand everything about the process.

You need to understand why players want to buy heroes, what types of heroes you should export, and so on.

While it's necessary to understand everything about the process, it can still be summed up into a few different steps for you to easily refer back to, whenever you may need it.

In order to make money by selling heroes to other players, you should do the following:

  1. When looking to make money off of rare heroes, export a season 1 (or other early season) hero with a valuable skin to the Blockchain as a 1-star level 1 hero, and sell it months into the future.
  2. When looking to make money off of powerful heroes, export a powerful hero (preferrably a Rogue or Priest with good abilities) to the Blockchain, improve its power by 20% by empowering it with at least 0.001, and then sell it to other players who may need it.
  3. Sell any earned DUBI for Ethereum, and then cash out that Ethereum for your native currency (see the Cashing Out Guide).

While these three points grossly oversimplify the whole process, it should do a good job at touching on the main points of what makes rare and powerful heroes valuable. 

If you do a good job at capitalizing on the demand for heroes, you should be able to earn money and monetize your progress in Clash of Streamers by selling your Blockchain heroes to other players!


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