How to Make Money in Clash of Streamers

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers money-making guide; a guide on exactly how you can make real money playing Clash of Streamers.

So, can you actually make real money playing Clash of Streamers?

The short answer is: yes, you can in fact make real money playing Clash of Streamers!

This guide will outline all essential information that you need to know before you try your hand at making money through Clash of Streamers.

If you have a good understanding of Clash of Streamers and do your best to follow a money-making strategy that is best suited for you, there is a very good chance that you can earn some real money.

Before you read exactly how you might be able to make money, it's important that you understand the following:

You are not guaranteed to make money, and there is an element of risk involved with the entire process. If you are smart about how you progress and play the game, the chances are higher that you will make money. In this guide we outline exactly how you can potentially make money in Clash of Streamers. Make sure you read every money-making guide to gain a full understanding.

The following is not financial advice, nor is it trading advice. This guide is simply a set of instructions in how a profit can potentially be made while playing Clash of Streamers. Nothing is guaranteed, and we are not responsible for any potential losses you might incur.

The Methods

Through Clash of Streamers, you can make money as both a normal player and as a streamer or content creator. However, a normal player will make money in a completely different way than a streamer or content creator.

Overall, there are two primary money-making methods in Clash of Streamers; one for normal players, and one for streamers or content creators.

You can make money in the following ways:

  1. By selling skins to players (works as a streamer or content creator).
  2. By earning DUBI from the Blockchain (works as a player).

In the following sections we will discuss the essential information needed for both of these money-making methods.

Making Money by Selling Skins

It's important to note that not all streamers or content creators can actually make money by selling skins to players. There is a minimum benchmark that you first need to hit before you qualify for the ability to have your own custom skins.

To make money by selling skins, you first need to have satisfied one of the following conditions:

  • Be a Twitch Partner or Twitch Affiliate
  • Have 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel
  • Have 1000 followers on your Facebook page

If you have satisfied one of the following conditions, you can sell skins via your Twitch/YouTube/Facebook account.

Basically, the selling skins process works like this:

  1. You upload your own custom skins to Clash of Streamers (through the Gaming for Good dashboard).
  2. You set the requirements for players to receive those skins (donations, likes/follows/subscriptions, etc).
  3. Players that meet your skin requirements will receive your skins in-game.

Basically, after uploading your skins to Clash of Streamers, other players can donate to you to receive your skins. They can then attach those skins to their heroes in Clash of Streamers through the Face Swap building.

That is the essence of making money as a streamer or content creator in Clash of Streamers. If you are very popular or price your skins well, you can potentially make a ton of money and build a huge community through your skins.

For an in-depth guide on selling skins, check out the Selling Skins Guide.

Making Money Through the Blockchain

The ability to make money through the Blockchain is open to everybody who plays Clash of Streamers.

As long as you play the game well and try your best to understand the underlying mechanics of why certain strategies work, you have a high probability of making money playing Clash of Streamers.

You can make money through the Blockchain using any of the following methods:

To make money in Clash of Streamers as a player, it all works through the Blockchain. Specifically, you can potentially make money with the cryptocurrencies PRPS & DUBI (mainly DUBI).

Within the context of making money, all you need to understand about the Blockchain building is the following:

  • You export heroes/pets to the Ethereum Blockchain by paying a Crypton fee
  • You sell your heroes/pets to other players for DUBI
  • You rent your heroes/pets to other players for DUBI

DUBI (Decentralized Universal Basic Income), is a cryptocurrency. Specifically, it is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is the primary component of how money is made within Clash of Streamers; every bit of profit is directly linked to this token.

For in-depth information on cryptocurrencies PRPS and DUBI, see the PRPS & DUBI Guide.

If your goal is to make money, your primary goal with the Blockchain will likely be to earn as much DUBI as possible. You can earn DUBI by selling your heroes and pets, or by renting them out to other players. Overall, there are several different methods of earning DUBI.

Your DUBI can then be sold for ETH (Ethereum), another cryptocurrency, which can then be cashed out for USD, CAD, EUR, etc (see the Cashing Out Guide for specific details).

This is the essence of making money through the Blockchain! You want to earn as much DUBI as possible, and then cash that DUBI out by selling it for Ethereum, and then selling that Ethereum.

So, why would people want to export heroes and pets to the Ethereum Blockchain in the first place? What are the advantages of doing so?

Exporting heroes and pets to the Ethereum Blockchain separates them from your account.

This essentially means you can transfer your progress from one account to another. This can be hugely beneficial if you lost your main account credentials or you have a second account that you want to quickly progress through.

For example...

  1. You export a hero to the Blockchain under the Ethereum wallet of your current account.
  2. You can increase the power of your hero by empowering it with DUBI.
  3. You can sell the hero or rent the hero to other players for DUBI.
  4. If you have a second account, you could import the same Ethereum wallet into the Blockchain building of the second account and use the same hero on both accounts.

This should be a clear example of how significant the Blockchain is and how important it is to eventually have heroes that are exported to the Blockchain.

Being aware of the Blockchain and having a good understanding of it will not only help you progress faster in Clash of Streamers, but also potentially make money.

In addition to the obvious methods of making money through selling/renting heroes, you can also potentially make money by speculating on the prices of PRPS and DUBI.

Since these cryptocurrencies are closely linked to Clash of Streamers, as long as there is constant demand for these tokens, they will likely continuously increase in value.

For example, PRPS and DUBI can both be used to make purchases on the Gaming for Good shop. It turns out these purchases are extremely good value; about 4x better value than the in-game counterparts, in fact.

Take a look at the Pay-To-Play Guide for an in-depth look at Gaming for Good shop purchases as well as some other great value purchases.

If Clash of Streamers is successful, it's very likely that PRPS and DUBI will rise in price due to the demand from players looking to purchase Gems and Crypton with PRPS or DUBI.

This is something to keep in mind and be aware of while playing Clash of Streamers!

To sum it all up, if you want to make money as a Clash of Streamers player, you should do the following:

  1. Export heroes/pets to the Blockchain.
  2. Sell/rent them to other players, and earn DUBI (follow one of the in-depth guides seen in the Blockchain section).
  3. Sell any DUBI you earn for Ethereum, and then sell that Ethereum for your native fiat currency (follow the Cashing Out Guide).
  4. OPTIONAL: Purchase PRPS or DUBI and potentially earn money off of the increasing prices due to Clash of Streamers demand.

If you follow all of these points and follow each of the in-depth guides directly, you have a very good chance of making money playing Clash of Streamers.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed; but in our opinion, the odds are in your favor!

Exporting Heroes & Pets

In order to actually earn yourself some DUBI from the Blockchain, you first need to export your heroes or pets to the Blockchain.

To export your heroes or pets to the Blockchain, you need to do the following:

  1. Fully set up your Blockchain wallet by heading into the Blockchain building and following all required steps.
  2. Press the export button in the Blockchain building, OR, view a hero/pet in your collection, click on the extra shortcuts, and then click the export button.
  3. Click on the hero or pet that you wish to export, pay the Crypton fee, and then export it to the Blockchain!

That's it! As you can tell, exporting heroes and pets to the Blockchain is a fairly trivial process.

The most difficult part about exporting is paying the Crypton cost.

Unfortunately, it's rather expensive exporting to the Blockchain. The main reason for this is to prevent the Ethereum network from being spammed by too many exports from new Clash of Streamers Players.

The good news is that the Crypton cost of exporting to the Blockchain is not fixed - it can fluctuate based on several different factors.

The Crypton export cost adjusts in the following ways:

  • The Crypton price will increase based on the star count and levels of heroes/pets
  • The Crypton price will decrease based on the number of achievements collected as well as through some pet abilities

By default, exporting a 1-star level 1 hero costs 10K, while exporting a 12-star level 12 hero costs 1M.

10K comes out to around $100, and 1M comes out to around $10,000… So exporting to the Blockchain is clearly EXTREMELY expensive.

However, the longer you play the game, the easier and cheaper it will be for you to export your heroes to the Blockchain.

So, how exactly can you reduce the export cost?

Reducing Export Cost

Reducing your cost to export is hugely important. If you can reduce your cost to export to the Blockchain, you can export much more frequently, and you can also sell your exported heroes/pets for much cheaper without worrying about losing money.

You can reduce your Blockchain export cost using two primary game features:

  • Achievement buffs
  • TriHard Pet abilities

For every 65 achievements you collect, the Blockchain export cost will be reduced by 0.1%.

Additionally, the more Crypton you spend exporting heroes and pets to the Blockchain, the more you will be reducing the cost to export.

Although you will naturally collect a lot of achievements, there are methods which you can use to collect a ton of achievements quickly. See the Achievement Farming Guide for more.

One significant way to reduce the cost to export heroes and pets to the Blockchain is through TriHard pet abilities.

It works through the following two abilities:

Hero Trader

Passive: Being a hero trader reduces the cost of exporting Streamers to the blockchain by 1%.

Pet Exporter

Passive: Being a pet exporter reduces the cost of exporting pets to the blockchain by 1%.

If you are looking to export heroes, you should have an active TriHard pet with the Hero Trader ability, while if you are looking to export pets, you should have an active TriHard pet with the Pet Exporter ability.

Take a look at the Pet Abilities Guide for an explanation on how pet abilities work and how to activate them.

So, the best practice to export your heroes/pets to the Blockchain would be the following:

  1. Collect tons of achievements.
  2. Swap the Hero Trader or Pet Exporter ability onto your TriHard pet which has the highest number of stars.
  3. Capture the TriHard hatchery and set that TriHard pet as the active pet.
  4. Wait until the weekly reset, and then export your heroes/pets to the Blockchain with the newly reduced cost.

By taking these steps you will be drastically reducing the cost to export to the Blockchain, which is huge. There are also ways to acquire Crypton for free in Clash of Streamers.

In order to make money, you need to ensure you are spending as little as possible to export to the Blockchain.

On top of reducing your Blockchain export cost, you need to ensure you are getting a ton of Crypton using the best possible methods. So how can that be done?


Even after reducing the Blockchain export cost, it's still quite an expensive process. This is why it’s best that you have a ton of Crypton at your disposal. The more Crypton you have, the more frequently you can export; as a result, you'll have a better opportunity to make money.

Earning passive Crypton is probably the most significant way of earning Crypton as it will bring a steady flow of Crypton to your account. You can potentially earn a ton of passive Crypton both as a free-to-play player and as a pay-to-play player.

Check out the Passive Crypton Guide for an in-depth guide on earning passive Crypton.

You can also earn a lot of Crypton by selling streamer skins, pet skins, and loot cards on the Auction House. This is another great way to earn free Crypton, so it's an excellent option if you are a free-to-play player.

Check out the Auction House Trading Guide for an in-depth guide on Auction House trading.

Although the methods listed above are free methods of earning Crypton, you can spend money in many places to get Crypton.

The best place to buy Crypton is on the Gaming for Good shop. The Gem packages provide you both Gems and Crypton with an overall value that is far better than the in-game counterparts.

Check out the Pay-to-Play Guide for more info on the best purchases in Clash of Streamers.

Since you need PRPS or DUBI to make any purchases on the Gaming for Good shop, you need to know how to get these cryptocurrencies.

Check out the Buying PRPS & DUBI Guide for a walkthrough of the process of buying these cryptocurrencies.

Overall, by ensuring you are getting as much free Crypton as possible and by purchasing it for the best value possible, you are increasing the chances that you successfully profit off of your Blockchain endeavors.

Blockchain Transaction Fees

Every transaction made in the Blockchain building requires you to pay a small transaction fee in the form of Ethereum.

Whether you are trying to sell a hero or pet, whether you are looking to rent a hero or pet - every transaction requires a fee to be paid.

By default, you will likely have enough Ethereum to pay these fees. However, if you don’t have enough Ethereum to pay the fees, you can buy some Ethereum and transfer it to your in-game wallet.

Take a look at the Buying PRPS & DUBI Guide for an explanation on how you can get Ethereum.

Usually you won't need much Ethereum - a few dollars worth is probably fine. If you end up interacting with the Blockchain related features quite often, you may need to get more Ethereum in the future.

Refer back to this guide if you ever need help!


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