Weekly Events Guide - A Beginner's Guide to Weekly Events

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers Weekly Events Beginner's guide; a guide explaining everything related to Weekly Events, as well as some basic beginner tips to get you completing them quicker and more efficiently.

In terms of your overall account progression, there is almost nothing more important than Weekly Events.

If you are completing Weekly Events regularly, you will be miles ahead of somebody else who does not.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at everything Weekly Event related. We'll talk about what Weekly Events are, how they work, why they are important, what the different Weekly Event types are, and more.

What Is a Weekly Event

So, let's start off with something simple. What exactly is a Weekly Event?

At its core, a Weekly Event is simply an in-game event which rewards you for achieving certain goals.

While this is a bit of a simplification, it captures the essence of what a Weekly Event is. As you play Clash of Streamers and achieve certain goals, you will be progressing through Weekly Events, earning a bunch of loot in the process.

For example, here are some different Weekly Events:

  • Gem Event (rewards players for spending Gems)
  • Legendary Event (rewards players for collecting large numbers of Legendary Stars)
  • Pet Event (rewards players for collecting pets)

While these are just a few examples, it should help you understand the point of Weekly Events.

As you spend Gems, you'll be completing the various milestones of the Gem Event. As you collect Legendary Stars, you'll be unlocking different high level heroes and event artifacts, and as you collect pets, you'll be earning rewards from the different milestones of the Pet Event.

Although each of these events seem rather similar, they actually have quite a few differences. Throughout this guide, we'll be looking at these differences more closely as we take a look at the events themselves.

The Weekly Event Rotation

Every week, there is a specific Weekly Event rotation. The Weekly Event rotation contains a set of Weekly Events which will change to a different set of Weekly Events after the weekly reset (Friday, 12AM GMT).

A Weekly Event rotation consists of the following events:

  • A special event
  • The pet event
  • Four standard events which swap between different rarities (rare, epic, legendary, shiny legendary)
  • An achievement event
  • The legendary event

This is the Weekly Event rotation pretty much every week. The only changes you will see on a regular basis are the changes to the special event, the achievement event, and the different rarity changes of the standard events.

Throughout the next few sections, you'll learn about each individual event type, as well as learn about some different tips you can employ to have an easier time to complete the event.

Special Events

One of the different types of Weekly Events are special events. Each week, there will be one unique special event in the Weekly Event rotation. The next week, you will have a completely different special event in the Weekly Event rotation.

Due to the unique nature of special events, it will take a long time for the same special event to reappear in the Weekly Event rotation.

In Clash of Streamers, there are three different types of special events:

  • Treasure Events
  • Seasonal Events
  • Currency Events

The Treasure Event is rather simple - it allows you to purchase treasure chests for Gems. If you manage to purchase every treasure chest, you will be awarded with an extra 100 Legendary Stars.

Seasonal events occur on random holidays of the year. When a seasonal event is active, you can collect a specific seasonal currency and trade that seasonal currency for rewards in the seasonal shop.

Take a look at the Seasonal Events Guide to learn about the different types of seasonal events, as well as some tips for how to collect more seasonal currencies and the best purchases to make in the seasonal shop.

Currency events are more similar to your standard Weekly Events than anything else. You are rewarded for spending your non-standard Weekly Event resources. Whenever you spend your currency event resources, you will always be progressing through the respective currency event. 

When a currency event appears as the active special event, you will be rewarded for the amount of resources you have used. For example, if you spent 300 Athene Coins, when the Athene Coin Event appears as the active special event, you will be rewarded for reaching the first two milestones in the event.

To learn all about the currency events - including the different types, tips on how to complete them, and more - check out the Currency Events Guide.

Overall, that's all there is to special events. Each week, there will be one special event. It may be a seasonal event, a currency event, or it could be the Treasure Event.

If the week happens during Halloween, you'll find the Halloween Event; during Christmas, you'll find the Christmas Event - you get the picture. As for the weeks which don't contain holidays, they will be chosen at random.

Now that you have a good understanding of how the special event system works, you should check out the individual guides for more tips on the best ways to complete them!

Pet Event

The Pet Event is a regularly occuring Weekly Event which rewards you for acquiring pets through Geopet GO or Match-3 Pets. Overall, the Pet Event is likely the easiest event to complete on a regular basis.

To complete the Pet Event, you need acquire 200 pets.

However, you have to acquire 200 pets during the week the event is active. At the end of the week, the Pet Event progress will be reset back to 0, and you will have to restart the process. This is great because it means you have the opportunity to collect the Pet Event loot every week! 

Since the Pet Event is likely the easiest Weekly Event to complete, it's important that you do in fact complete the Pet Event each week. If you skip the event, you will be missing out on quite a bit of additional progress in the long run.

To complete the Pet Event, one of the best strategies is to do the following:

  1. Capture hatcheries in Geopet GO and start earning eggs passively.
  2. When the next Pet Event starts, hatch all of your eggs in Geopet GO or Match-3 Pets to quickly acquire the 200 pets needed to complete the event.
  3. If you do not have enough eggs to complete the Pet Event by hatching eggs, simply acquire pets normally through Geopet GO or Match-3 Pets.

This is an extremely simple strategy that you can apply to easily complete the Pet Event each week.

If you do this each week, you will never lose control of your hatcheries since the full Pet Event completion grants you a buff which gives you full hatchery immunity. With hatchery immunity, your hatcheries will never expire and you will always receive eggs passively from them.

Even though this strategy is a great way to complete the Pet Event, you should still be earning your maximum of 50 pets a day. This can be done simply by acquiring pets in Geopet GO or by matching pets in Match-3 Pets.

Pets are an extremely important part of Clash of Streamers. Their abilities allow you to buff your account; improving combat potential, Weekly Event progression, reducing Blockchain export cost, and much more.

To learn more about the significance of pets as well as how their abilities work, take a look at the Pet Abilities Guide.

That about sums it up for the Pet Event! It's an extremely simple event which rewards you for collecting pets. Due to the fact that it's so simple, it's important that you don't neglect it and follow the strategy above to complete it every week!

Standard Weekly Events

The four standard Weekly Events occupy most of the space in the Weekly Event rotation. So, what are the standard Weekly Events?

The four standard Weekly Events consist of the following:

  • Gem Event (spend Gems)
  • Get Lucky Event (spin the Get Lucky wheel)
  • Summon Event (use Kappa Scrolls to summon heroes)
  • Upgrade Event (get upgrade points by upgrading heroes)

All four of these events will reward you for reaching reaching certain milestones throughout the event. For example, as you summon heroes using your Kappa Scrolls, you will be progressing through the Summon Event. If you upgrade heroes in the Upgrade building, you will be progressing through the Upgrade Event.

In this sense, these events are rather similar to the Pet Event. You reach certain milestones by accomplishing certain goals, and by reaching the final milestone, you will be rewarded with some extremely good loot. 

Also similarly to the Pet Event, these events must be completed the week they are active. Any progress you have gained towards an event during one week will be lost after the weekly reset (Friday, 12AM GMT). Because of this, you need to make sure you are regularly saving your resources in order to complete the entire event in one week!

The main difference between the Pet Event and the standard events is that the standard events will have one of four rarities:

  • Rare (blue)
  • Epic (purple)
  • Legendary (gold)
  • Shiny Legendary (red)

The rarity of each of these standard events determines how difficult they will be to complete. A rare event is the easiest to complete, while a shiny legendary event is extremely difficult. Of course, you will get more rewards from a shiny legendary event than a rare event, but it is extremely difficult to complete.

Each week, one of these four events will be rare, one will be epic, and so on. If the Gem Event is rare one week, it will be epic the next week, legendary the week after that, followed by shiny legendary. After that, it will return back to a rare rarity.

In order to help you complete these events, you have a locking mechanic!

Similar to locking deals in the Merchant or Marketplace, or locking items in the Get Lucky building, you can lock any of the standard Weekly Events. When a Weekly Event is locked, it will not have its progress reset until it is completed or unlocked again.

This can be a great way to help complete events that you may not initially have the resources to complete!

For the most part, you want to focus on completing the rare event each week. When the rare Gem Event comes along, you want to complete that, followed by the rare Upgrade Event, and so on. If you can regularly do this, you will be progressing at a very good pace.

To learn about the best ways to complete each of the standard Weekly Events, take a look at their guides:

That's pretty much everything you need to know about the standard Weekly Events!

Every week, you will see all four of these events in the Weekly Event rotation as one of the four rarities listed above. Since these events appear so frequently, it's extremely important that you are regularly saving resources to complete them. 

Whenever you get close to the upcoming rare event, be sure to refer back to the standard Weekly Event guides to learn about the best ways to complete them to maximize your account progression!

Legendary Event

The Legendary Event is a Weekly Event which rewards you for collecting Legendary Stars. The more Legendary Stars you collect, the more powerful heroes, pets, and event artifacts you will unlock.

Unlike the Pet Event and the standard Weekly Events, your progress in the Legendary Event will never be reset. This means that you will always have the opportunity to collect Legendary Stars and claim the rewards from the Legendary Event.

For every 1500 Legendary Stars collected, you will unlock a 9-star level 9 hero, a shiny epic pet, and an epic event artifact. After collecting the 1500 Legendary Star reward 5 times, (7500 Legendary Stars), the next 1500 Legendary Stars will grant you an 11-star level 11 hero, a shiny legendary pet, and a legendary event artifact.

Once you have collected each of these rewards, the Legendary Event will be reset, and you can collect all of the rewards over again.

Overall, the Legendary Event rewards are extremely significant at boosting your overall account progression. The heroes you get will help you immensely when it comes down to your combat progression. Due to how strong the heroes are, it's extremely important that you are selecting the right class when you customize your hero.

Take a look at the Best Heroes guide to learn about what we consider to be the best heroes in Clash of Streamers.

Legendary Stars are also extremely useful in allowing you to complete the Seasonal Challenge - another hugely important mechanic in Clash of Streamers.

Now that you understand how the Legendary Event works, how exactly do you collect Legendary Stars?

You can collect Legendary Stars in the following ways:

  • Weekly Event completion
  • Achievement completion
  • Daily quests
  • Leaderboards (e.g. account power leaderboard)

While these are just a few examples of where you can get Legendary Stars, it’s important to understand that it all adds up.

As long as you are regularly playing the game and completing Weekly Events, you’ll earn a bunch of Legendary Stars, and eventually unlock the rewards from the Legendary Event.

To collect Legendary Stars more frequently, you can go achievement hunting!

Since you get one Legendary Star for each achievement you collect, achievement collection can be a great way to speed up the process.

Take a look at the Achievement Farming Guide for the best ways to farm a ton of achievements easily.

One of the best ways to collect a ton of achievements is through duplicate ability-set purchases. The more often you purchase your streamer and pet ability-sets with the most duplicates, the more achievements you will get.

This also happens to be a great way to earn free Crypton!

Take a look at the Duplicate Ability-Sets Guide to learn how duplicate ability-sets work as well as the Passive Crypton Guide to learn more about how free Crypton can be earned.

Overall, there’s not a lot that you need to do to improve your chances of completing the Legendary Event. The Legendary Event will never reset your progress or disappear (until you complete each tier), so you will eventually earn your high level heroes, pets, and event artifacts from the event completion.

If you do choose to collect a ton of achievements, you will only speed up the inevitable. Although not fully necessary, it’s a great idea if you want to speed up your account progression!

Important Weekly Event Tips

If you want to maximize your account progression, you need to ensure you are getting the most out of your Weekly Events.

Here are some general Weekly Event tips that you should follow:

  1. Regularly collect and accumulate tons of Weekly Event resources (by progressing through combat, as well as Merchant and Marketplace purchases).
  2. Always complete the entire Weekly Event and not just a small portion of it.
  3. Whenever you are planning to complete a future standard Weekly Event, equip the proper LuL pet abilities beforehand.
  4. When you complete a standard Weekly Event, stop spending the resources needed for the event and wait until the next completable event comes along.

Let’s explain some of these points in a bit more detail.

The first point is fairly self explanatory. In order for you to regularly complete Weekly Events, you need to ensure that you are gradually collecting and accumulating tons of Weekly Event resources.

A lot of this will come from combat progression, but a lot more will likely come from Merchant and Marketplace deals.

Take a look at the Resource Management Guide for more on the Merchant and the Marketplace Guide to learn more about the best Marketplace purchases.

If you regularly purchase resources in the Merchant and Marketplace, you’ll quickly accumulate the necessary requirements to complete an entire Weekly Event.

Whenever you are looking to complete either the Gem Event, Upgrade Event, Summon Event, or Get Lucky Event, you need to ensure that you can complete the entire Weekly Event!

The rewards you get for the full Weekly Event completion vastly outweigh the rewards for completing a small portion.

Make sure you refer to the specific standard Weekly Event guides to learn about the most optimal ways to complete them. 

The standard Weekly Event guides are the following:

By completing the entire Weekly Events, you will be gaining much more progress - extra heroes, shiny pets, and event artifacts all add up in the end. They will allow you to progress further in combat, gather more achievements, gain additional account power, and more.

Don't try to complete an event unless you can complete the whole thing!

You can see if you have enough resources to complete an event by looking at the dimmed out progress bar of a Weekly Event. If you can see the dimmed out progress bar all the way through each milestone, you know the event can be completed. If not, wait until the next time it comes around!

To improve your chances of completing a Weekly Event, make sure to equip the proper abilities on your active LuL pet to gain (and save) a ton of extra resources!

For every each standard Weekly Event event, there are LuL pet abilities which will reduce the cost to complete the Weekly Event in addition to increasing the rewards from it.

It’s absolutely necessary that you equip these abilities on your active LuL pet before you intend on completing a Weekly Event. If you do so, you will earn a ton of extra loot and save a ton of resources in the process.

For example, take a look at the following scenario:

  1. You have more than 30M, which is enough to complete next week’s rare Gem Event.
  2. Before the weekly reset (Friday, 12AM GMT), equip the Gem Bargain and Gemcutter abilities on your active LuL pet.
  3. When the rare Gem Event is active, you work to complete it in the most efficient way possible (see the Gem Event Guide).

By doing this, you can save hundreds of thousands of Gems (in completion requirements) and earn a lot more loot in return.

Take a look at the Pet Abilities Guide to learn about how pet abilities work, as well as how to enable an active pet with passive ability bonuses.

The last point is fairly obvious. Once you’ve completed the Weekly Event, you should stop (or slow down, in the case of Gems) your resource spending.

For example, if you spent a ton of Kappa Scrolls and completed the Summon Event, stop spending your Kappa Scrolls! Wait until you have enough Kappa Scrolls to complete a different Summon Event in the future, and spend the Kappa Scrolls then!

This is some of the most important advice that applies to pretty much every single standard Weekly Event. If you follow all of these tips, you will already be much better off than most other players.

To learn more Weekly Event tips, check out the following guides:

If you follow the tips outlined in these guides as well as some of the other ones found in the sections above, you will have a good chance of regularly completing Weekly Events, which will have a huge impact on your account progression.


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