Crypton Guide - A Beginner's Guide to Crypton

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers Crypton guide; a guide on how the Clash of Streamers premium currency Crypton is used, how it can be acquired, and why it's so important.

While most players can go on playing the game without ever knowing or understanding what Crypton is or how it is used, the currency has some very important functions related to some advanced or late-game aspects of Clash of Streamers.

Overall, Crypton has the following uses:

  • Crypton can be used to purchase streamer skins, pet skins, and loot cards on the Auction House
  • Crypton can be used to export heroes and pets to the Blockchain
  • Crypton can be used to purchase ability-sets in the Spellbook
  • Crypton can be used to purchase seasonal currencies in the seasonal shop (during seasonal events)
  • Crypton can be donated to other players when visiting them
  • Crypton can be used to challenge other players to do certain tasks when visiting them
  • Crypton can be used to send to streams via the chat (functions similarly to Twitch bits)
  • Crypton can be gifted to other players for certain posts in Hot Stories (functions similarly to Reddit gold)
  • Crypton can be donated to charity (to Save the Children)

In the next few sections we will go over each of these functions in detail as well as discuss exactly how you can get Crypton.

Auction House Trading

In the Auction House, players can buy/sell streamer skins, pet skins, and loot cards all in exchange for Crypton.

This means that while you can spend Crypton in the Auction House and buy skins or loot cards that you are interested in, you can also sell skins or loot cards and earn a ton of Crypton in the process.

This makes the Auction House one of the best places to earn Crypton.

There will be an almost endless demand for skins and loot cards because of their function in other areas of the game.

For more info on how you can earn Crypton trading in the Auction House, see the Auction House Trading Guide.

Exporting to the Blockchain

This is probably one of the most important, if not the most important use for Crypton. Crypton allows you to export your heroes and shiny pets to the Blockchain, allowing you to potentially monetize them.

Take a look at the guide How to Make Money in Clash of Streamers for more information on exporting and how money can be made through the Blockchain.


In the Spellbook, you can purchase an ability-set for any hero class or pet faction by spending some Crypton.

This is useful for several reasons:

  • It allows you to quickly get a custom ability-set for a hero or pet
  • It allows you to generate Crypton passively through duplicate ability-sets

By purchasing ability-sets in the Spellbook, you can quickly and easily customize and adapt your team composition for different scenarios. This can be helpful if you run into trouble during late-game stages of the Campaign Tower and Arena.

Additionally, if you want to be able to use Crypton on a regular basis, you need to generate Crypton passively so that you have a constant supply at all times.

Take a look at the Duplicate Ability-Sets Guide and Passive Crypton Guide for more information on how passive Crypton generation works.

Seasonal Currencies

Throughout the year, there are many notable events and holidays. During these notable events and holidays, a seasonal event will occur.

Some seasonal events include:

  • Father’s day event during the week of father’s day
  • Valentine event during the week of valentine’s day
  • Christmas event during the week of Christmas

While these are only a few examples, there are many more seasonal events. During each of these seasonal events, you can find the seasonal event shop in the Weekly Events category.

In the seasonal event shop, you can buy the seasonal event currency for Crypton. It turns out that this can potentially be a great idea.

Spending your Crypton on seasonal event currencies is good in the following cases:

  1. If it allows you to afford the very powerful heroes which will improve your team (and combat progression) like crazy.
  2. If any of the Weekly Event resource purchases (Kappa Scrolls, TriHard Scrolls, Get Lucky Chips) allow you to finish higher rarity Weekly Events (e.g. legendary).

While you might think it isn’t the best idea to spend Crypton in the seasonal shop, it can have insane impact in your account progression.

For example, if a powerful hero from the shop will allow you to progress several prestiges further in the Campaign Tower or if some event resources will allow you to complete an epic or legendary Weekly Event, then these seasonal currencies are extremely valuable.

Visiting Players

Inside of the Community Building you can visit other players by clicking on the “Visit” button.

When visiting another player, you have a couple different options for how you can use your Crypton:

  • You can donate Crypton to the other player
  • You can challenge the other player to perform certain tasks, and if they succeed, they will receive some Crypton from you

This functionality allows the possibility for quite a bit of fun between players.

You can have a bit of a rivalry and fun with your friends or other players by challenging them to do impossible tasks, or you can simply gift them Crypton if you are feeling kind.

How do donations work?

You can donate by clicking the “Gift Crypton” button below a player’s avatar. When clicking on the button, you will see several different gift options as well as a Crypton leaderboard.

You can select any gift option or custom option and view the Crypton donations from other players.

How do challenges work?

Challenges are simply different tasks that you ask other players to perform. If another player does any of the tasks, they are rewarded with Crypton that you have assigned as a reward for completing that task.

Crypton challenges are located in every building when visiting another player.

In every building, you will see the Crypton challenge icon.

When clicking this challenge icon, you can request another player to perform a certain task and determine the Crypton reward they will receive if they complete the task.

Challenges are broken into three categories:

  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Rare challenges are relatively easy to complete and as a result, the Crypton rewards are usually much smaller. Epic challenges are more difficult to complete and the Crypton rewards are better. Legendary challenges are usually very difficult to complete, but the Crypton rewards gained by completing the challenges make it all worth it.

While challenges are not an essential feature by any means, they open you up a ton of fun opportunities.

For example...

  • Give your friends a Legendary challenge on their least favourite mini-game (e.g. reach 10 stars in Roulette)
  • Challenge your friends to talk to a popular streamer for 10 minutes in voice chat (Epic challenge in Hot Stories)
  • Challenge your friends to climb 2 prestige levels when they are stuck in the Campaign Tower (Legendary challenge in the Campaign Tower)

You can have a ton of fun by challenging your friends or other players, so definitely keep this aspect in mind when playing Clash of Streamers!

Stream Bits

If you’re not familiar with Twitch bits, they are simply rewards that viewers can give other streamers. These bits can be exchanged for a fixed dollar amount for the streamers, allowing them to earn some money.

In Clash of Streamers, you can use Crypton to donate to other streams you are watching.

The streamer will then receive your Crypton and he/she can use it for whatever they like!

You can donate Crypton to streamers by doing the following:

  1. Open the chat of any streamer or content creator that plays Clash of Streamers.
  2. Click the Crypton icon next to the message box.
  3. Choose the donation amount.

This may be a good way to get some good recognition from popular streamers or content creators playing Clash of Streamers!

Crypton Gold

If you aren’t familiar with Reddit, users can “gild” other posts or comments. This essentially acts as a sort of appreciation and recognition that a post or comment was especially good or entertaining.

In Hot Stories, you can give Crypton to your favourite posts!

If you ever find a post which is extremely cool, entertaining, good, or anything you deem worthy of an award, you can gift Crypton to the original poster!

You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Open the Hot Stories building.
  2. Find a comment/post that you like, and click the “gift” button.
  3. Choose the amount of Crypton you want to gift the poster/commenter.

This is a very nice way to give players some recognition and awards for providing entertaining or good content in the Hot Stories building.

Charity Donations

You can actually gift Crypton directly to charity; specifically, Save the Children.

To gift Crypton to Save the Children, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Best Game building.
  2. Click the Save the Children button in the top left.
  3. Click the Gift for Charity button in the top left.
  4. Choose the gift amount, and gift Crypton to charity!

It's as simple as that! As a result of gifting Crypton to Save the Children, you will receive 5 VIP exp for every 1000 gifted.

Players can also choose to match Crypton charity donations with DUBI (check out the PRPS & DUBI Guide for more info on DUBI).

This is a nice way for other players to thank Crypton donors for their charitable contributions.

You might wonder, what does it mean to gift Crypton to charity? How does Save the Children actually benefit from these Crypton donations?

The gifting process works as follows:

  1. You donate 1000 to Save the Children.
  2. Somebody subscribes to AtheneLive on Twitch with a tier 3 subscription ($25).
  3. The player that subscribed with a tier 3 subscription will receive an epic Save the Children loot card, containing 2M Gems and 1000 (the same Crypton that was originally gifted).

Essentially, the Crypton that was gifted to Save the Children will be given to people that support Save the Children by subscribing to AtheneLive on Twitch (since all subscription money goes directly to Save the Children).

By gifting Crypton to charity, you are helping support a good cause, while potentially earning some good rewards back in the form of VIP exp and DUBI donation matching.

How to Get Crypton

Crypton can be acquired in many ways, some of which have already been mentioned in this guide.

For the most part, you'll get the majority of your Crypton in the following ways:

  • Selling streamer skins, pet skins, and loot cards on the Auction House
  • Passive Crypton generation
  • In-game purchases and Gaming for Good shop purchases

These are the primary methods that will allow you to get Crypton.

Take a look at the Auction House Trading Guide for more info on earning Crypton from the Auction House, and the Passive Crypton Guide for info on earning Crypton passively.

In addition to these free-to-play methods of earning Crypton, you can also purchase as much Crypton as you want from in-game and Gaming for Good shop purchases.

If you are ever looking to purchase Crypton, you should definitely do so on the Gaming for Good shop using cryptocurrencies PRPS and DUBI.

The reason for this is simple: you will save a lot more money by making purchases through the Gaming for Good shop.

The purchases on the Gaming for Good shop simply provide a much bigger bang for your buck than the in-game shop purchases. On average, you are getting almost 4x the value for your money through Gaming for Good shop purchases versus the simple in-game purchases.

Take a look at the Pay-to-Play Guide for more in-depth info on the best purchases, as well as the Buying PRPS & DUBI Guide for more info on how to get PRPS or DUBI to make Gaming for Good shop purchases.


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