Duplicate Ability-Sets - Earning Achievements & Crypton

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers duplicate ability-sets guide; a guide on duplicate ability-sets and why they are so important for your account progression.

Duplicate ability-sets give you the opportunity to collect a ton of extra loot in Clash of Streamers.

This is why they should not be ignored. Overall, duplicate ability-sets allow you to collect a ton of extra Gems, free Crypton, Legendary Stars, and much more.

Over the next few sections, we're going to discuss duplicate ability-sets, talk about exactly how they impact your account progression, and how you can collect them.

What Is an Ability-Set?

To start, what exactly is an ability-set?

An ability-set is the combination of four abilities that are found on heroes/streamers and pets.

You can find the ability-set of both your heroes and pets when viewing them in your collection.

Although heroes and pets both have ability-sets, they function completely differently.

Each hero has one ability-set which consists of the following:

  • One ultimate ability
  • Three auto-skill abilities

Essentially, the ability-set of a hero dictates its combat potential.

On the other hand, each pet has one ability-set which consists of the following:

  • One auto-skill ability
  • Three passive abilities

The ability-set of a pet dictates the additional auto-skill ability that can be applied to heroes in combat, and the passive abilities determine the extra game related buffs that you can gain if the pet is active.

For an explanation of how pet abilities work, see the Pet Abilities Guide.

Overall, it's as simple as that. As you collect additional pets and heroes, you will be collecting additional ability-sets. Once a hero or pet is destroyed through the upgrade process in the Upgrade building, the ability-set is added to your collection.

You can then swap any of the ability-sets in your collection onto any other heroes or pets by using the Spellbook.

While this may be a simple concept to understand, it's extremely important that you understand the fundamentals of this before you can understand the importance of duplicate ability-sets.

What Are Duplicate Ability-Sets?

Duplicate ability-sets are simply ability-sets that you have collected multiple times.

As you collect more heroes and pets, you will start to encounter heroes and pets with ability-sets that you have already collected. This is a duplicate ability-set!

Why are duplicate ability-sets important?

Well, for starters, not all duplicate ability-sets are important.

The only duplicate ability-sets that matter are the following duplicate ability-sets:

  • Your streamer ability-set with the most duplicates
  • Your pet ability-set with the most duplicates

If you had one streamer ability-set collected three times, and a different one collected two times, only the ability-set collected three times will matter. 

The same thing goes for pets.

Your streamer and pet ability-sets with the most duplicates are important for the following reasons:

  • Your streamer ability-set with the most duplicates will grant you an achievement; giving you an achievement chest, Legendary Star, and increased passive Crypton generation
  • Your pet ability-set with the most duplicates will grant you an achievement; giving you an achievement chest, Legendary Star, and increased passive Crypton generation

You can find your duplicate ability-set achievements in the streamer and pet sections of the Achievements building.

This is why duplicate ability-sets are so important! The more of them you collect, the more achievements you will collect. As a result, you will earn more Crypton passively, collect a ton of easy loot, and complete the Legendary Event quicker due to the number of Legendary Stars collected.

In total, you can collect up to 2,000 duplicate ability-set achievements; 1,000 for streamer duplicates, and 1,000 for pet duplicates.

This is an absolutely insane number of achievements. If you manage to collect the full 2,000, it will have an enormous impact on your account progression.

Now that we've established the importance of duplicate ability-sets, your goal should be to get as many duplicate ability-sets as possible.

Buying Duplicate Ability-Sets

The best way to get more duplicate ability-sets is by purchasing them in the Spellbook.

In the Spellbook, you can actually buy any ability-set by paying 100.

To purchase duplicate ability-sets, you should follow these steps:

  1. Open the Spellbook.
  2. Click on the Crypton book icon (very first slot) in either the streamers/pets section of the Spellbook.
  3. Click the "Invest" button.
  4. Purchase the ability-set for Crypton.

By doing this, you'll be collecting an additional achievement for every additional ability-set you buy. As a result, you'll be increasing your passive Crypton generation, as well as gathering a ton of loot and Legendary Stars.

It just turns out that purchasing duplicate ability-sets is absolutely key to generating passive Crypton.

With 50 duplicate ability-sets, your passive Crypton generation from achievements will be at about 500%, which is pretty significant.

Take a look at the Passive Crypton Guide for more info on how the passive Crypton system works as well as the best ways to approach passive Crypton.

Other Ways to Get Ability-Sets

Although spending Crypton to get duplicate ability-sets is by far the quickest and best way to increase your passive Crypton generation, it is not the only way.

The next best way you can get more duplicate ability-sets is simply by playing the game.

If you play the game regularly, you will be gaining pets and streamers on a daily basis..

You can get streamers in the following ways:

  • Claim them in the Loyalty Tree
  • Claim them in the Community Hub
  • Summoning
  • Rewards from chests, slots, etc

You can gain pets by doing the following:

  • Catch them in Geopet GO
  • Match pets in Match-3 Pets
  • Hatch eggs

Although this is a simple and easy way to collect more ability-sets, there is no guarantee that you will get additional duplicate ability-sets.

This is why your best bet is to simply purchase additional duplicate ability-sets if you wish to collect more duplicate ability-sets for tons of loot, Legendary Stars, or increased passive Crypton generation.


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