Auction House Guide - Free Crypton Through Trading

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers Auction House trading guide; a guide on how the Auction House works, as well as how you can earn free Crypton trading on the Auction House.

The Auction House is an advanced late-game feature that allows players to buy/sell various assets for Crypton. In fact, this will likely be one of the most profitable methods of earning free Crypton.

You can earn a ton of free Crypton by selling the following:

  • Streamer skins
  • Pet skins
  • Loot cards

In this guide we will discuss Auction House demand as well as each of these methods of earning Crypton. By the end of this guide, you should have a clear view of how you might be able to earn some Crypton by trading on the Auction House.

However, since the Auction House is a rather advanced topic, it’s important that we start right with the basics.

Auction House Basics

When opening the Auction House, you are greeted with quite a bit of information. While it may look a bit more daunting than most other buildings, it’s actually quite simple.

While this section should do a good job at explaining the basics of the Auction House, you can check out this video if you are still a bit confused or want additional information.

The section on the left with the title "Cheapest Skins" will display a queue of the cheapest streamer skins which are currently being sold on the Auction House.

If you rotate through to your pet skins and eventually to your loot cards, you will see the queue change to the cheapest pet skins, and also the cheapest loot cards.

The purpose of this section is to give players that wish to collect a ton of a achievements an easy way to find the cheapest available assets. This way, they can simply come to the Auction House and purchase as many of the cheapest assets in queue as they would like.

Buying skins and loot cards like this is actually a very effective way of gathering achievements. For more, check out the Achievement Farming Guide.

If you wish to purchase any of the cheapest assets in queue, all you need to do is choose the amount you wish to purchase (with the multiplier button), and click the button with the Crypton price. You will then receive the cheapest assets based on the amount that you chose to purchase.

As you select various streamer/pet skins and loot cards, you will see the cheapest asset queue section change.

Instead of displaying the cheapest asset queue, you will now see a list of auctions under the specific asset you have clicked.

From here, you can select any specific auction and purchase it. However, once an asset is selected, there is much more that can be done.

After selecting an asset, you can then choose to view it’s trade history and view historical prices, as well as list it on the Auction House yourself.

The first tab in the bottom menu allows you to view the historical prices for that asset.

Any trades that have happened in the past will have their prices recorded, and you can view the price history in this graph.

The second tab in the bottom menu allows you to list your own asset for sale on the Auction House.

When clicking the hammer icon, you can then see the listing menu appear on the left panel.

When clicking the "Smart" button, a default price will be set based on the previous trade history for that asset.

This is how the pricing system works:

  1. A default price is chosen for the asset based on previous trade history for an asset.
  2. If the price is kept the same and the asset is listed, the actual Auction House price will display 10x the minimum price, and slowly lower it to the minimum price over a 48 hour period.
  3. If the price is set to a custom price, the Auction House will only display that price, and it will never be sold for anything lower.

An asset should almost always be sold based on the smart pricing system since you will always get at least the minimum displayed in the price field.

For example, if the smart pricing system chooses 5+ for the price, the Auction House will initially list the asset at 50 , and it will slowly lower the price to 5 over a period of 48 hours.

This system always ensures you are getting good value for whatever you are listing on the Auction House.

The third tab in the bottom menu allows you to view your Auction House activity for any asset category.

As you switch through your streamer skins, pet skins, and loot cards, you can click on the third icon from the left to view your Auction House activity for that asset category.

Additionally, you can then click on the image of any of the assets in your Auction House activity to view its price history.

The fourth tab in the bottom menu ("My Auctions" button) allows you to view your current auctions which are available for other players to take.

As you start to list your skins and loot cards on the Auction House, you can view your currently available auctions using the "My Auctions" button.

From here, you can also choose to buy more listing slots by clicking on the green plus button at the top.

While it may cost 250K to buy 5 extra listing slots, it may be worth it for some players that are successful enough to earn a lot of free Crypton on the Auction House!

Last but not least, the menu options above your assets give you the ability to filter out specific assets so you have a better selection to look for and list.

The filter options available are fairly self-explanatory to use. As you switch between the different asset categories, you will have slightly different options, but they all serve the same purpose.

Here are some of the filter options available:

  • Show all (shows unowned skins and loot cards)
  • Search (search for specific skins and loot cards)
  • Filter by rarity (all categories)
  • Filter by buff type (streamer skins only)
  • Filter by shiny/colored/none (pet skins only)
  • Filter by used/unused (loot cards only)

You should get the gist of it when spending some time playing around with these options.

Now that we have the basics of the Auction House out of the way, we can start to discuss how you can use it to earn free Crypton. It all has to do with demand!

Auction House Pricing

It’s recommended that you use the smart pricing system the Auction House sets for you when listing any asset.

The Auction House pricing system works like this:

The Auction House chooses a default price based on the most recent purchase of an asset.

The asset will be listed at 10x the base price, and over the course of 48 hours it will count down to the minimum listed price.

Since the Auction House displays the cheapest skins/pets/loot cards on the front page, the cheaper your listed assets, the better.

However, this does not mean you should list price your assets at 1 or any other extremely tiny price.

Doing this has no benefits for you, and for the market as a whole. Your listed assets will be purchased, given enough time.

If you have some patience, you will earn a lot more Crypton through the Auction House using the smart pricing system than if you lacked patience and decided to drastically underprice your assets.

Streamer Skin Demand

Collecting a ton of streamer skins is important for your progression in many areas in the game.

Streamer skins are important in the following ways:

  1. Collected skins grant skin points, which give achievements that increase the strength of skin buffs.
  2. The Loyalty Tree requires 350 duplicate skins of the same streamer to fill the tree of each individual faction.

The Loyalty Tree is one of the most significant areas in the game when it comes down to combat progression. Since the Auction House gives players the ability to purchase any skin, it becomes extremely easy to collect 350 skins and get the maximum power buff on a Loyalty Tree specced streamer.

In addition, the achievement from streamer skin points allows skin buff percentages to reach into the hundreds, drastically increasing combat potential.

While the skin buffs percentages start at very small amounts like 5% and 10%, they can grow to extremely high percentages. For players that are looking to maximize their team's damage and combat potential, the Auction House allows them to purchase a ton of skins extremely easily.

For these reasons you will see many players looking to purchase streamer skins in the Auction House to reach these goals quicker.

Selling Streamer Skins

When looking to sell streamer skins on the Auction House, you should do the following:

  1. Find Twitch streamers and YouTube/Facebook content creators that play Clash of Streamers and have skins available for free (check the Gaming for Good skins page).
  2. Collect as many of their free skins as possible.
  3. Sell the free skins on the Auction House at the cheapest prices possible (use the smart pricing system).

The more streamers and content creators that you collect free skins from, the more free Crypton you will likely earn.

The best part is it costs you virtually nothing! After you spend a bit of time doing this, you can probably earn quite a bit of Crypton.

Pet Skin Demand

Before discussing demand, the distinction should be made between both pets, and pet skins.

A pet is the whole pet. This includes the pet’s level, star count, and abilities. On the other hand, pet skins are simply the empty shell of a pet which only really have the looks of the original pet.

While pets can be acquired through Geopet GO and Match-3 Pets, pet skins are acquired by destroying pets through the upgrade process in the Upgrade building.

Although pet skins do not have levels, stars, or abilities, they can still be used in the following ways:

  • Pet skins can be placed in buildings
  • Pet skins can be matched with other pets or pet skins in Match-3 Pets
  • Pet skins can be converted into pets with levels and stars

Overall, pet skin demand will be a bit more ambiguous than streamer skins simply because the areas that do require pet skins are not exactly essential to account progression. Most players will simply be looking to get pets for cosmetic reasons.

Despite this, pet skins are still useful in the following ways:

  • They allow you to collect achievements which give luck bonuses (both colored and regular pets)
  • They allow you to collect achievements which grant legendary effects on certain buildings
  • They increase the luck score of different pet factions, allowing you to breed and hatch better pets (see the Pet Breeding Guide).

One of the largest factors for collecting pet skins has to do with the building achievements. Once you collect all unique pets on a building, you unlock a legendary effect for that building.

The legendary effect is quite impressive looking, and many people will be interested in getting these effects to show off to their friends.

Purchasing pet skins on the Auction House is a quick way to gain these effects.

Additionally, people will likely be looking to collect colored pet skins to get a collection of pets which have the same color, in addition to all of the achievements that come with collecting colored pets.

Although this is no guarantee, history shows that people like to make their games aesthetically pleasing to match a certain theme.

Many players seriously value cosmetics and aesthetics in games. In Clash of Streamers, shiny pets and colored pets are the pinnacle of cosmetics and aesthetics!

For all of these reasons, you will see many people looking to purchase pet skins off of the Auction House.

Selling Pet Skins

Whenever you acquire a pet skin, you should look to see if you can get some free Crypton from it.

However, it’s important to know that not all pets are made equal. Some pet skins will have a much easier time selling than others.

The following pets will likely be the most valuable on the Auction House:

  • Shiny pets
  • Colored pets

This is simply because they are more more rare and unique than their standard looking versions, and they help players earn a lot more achievements than regular pets.

Your primary goal when selling pet skins should be to acquire shiny and colored pets.

These pets have the most value by far. Shiny pets can be used to create colored pets, and they both contribute towards achievements and are often very unique looking.

Whenever you have a shiny pet, you should do the following:

  1. If the shiny pet is rare (blue stone), or epic (purple stone), try selling it directly on the Auction House.
  2. If the shiny pet is legendary (gold stone), use it to create colored pets, and then sell those colored pets on the Auction House.

Whenever you match a shiny pet with another pet, you have a chance of creating a colored pet. Since shiny legendary pets have at least a 50% chance of creating a colored pet, you should look to use your shiny legendary pets to create colored pets first.

After creating some colored pets, you can try to sell them on the Auction House. If you don't have any luck with that, you can then try to sell the shiny legendary pets themselves.

If players buy your colored pets, you could have a potential Crypton business where you constantly create colored pets using your shiny pets and then sell them on the Auction House.

Take a look at the Pet Breeding Guide for a guide on the best ways of breeding colored pets.

Ultimately, you will have the best chance of earning Crypton from pet skins through shiny and colored pets. However, you can still definitely earn some Crypton by selling normal pets.

Your best chance of earning Crypton selling normal pets would be to list random legendary pets as well as extremely cheap rare pets.

Since some players will be looking to collect some legendary pets to get a legendary effect on certain buildings, there will likely be random legendary pets purchased at random times. On the other hand, some other players will likely be purchasing the cheapest pets off of the Auction House to get themselves more achievements.

Unfortunately, by selling pet skins this way, it's a complete game of chance.

The best possible thing you can do is take a look at the Auction House, see which pets have been traded most often, and then try selling those specific pets as well!

Loot Card Demand

In the Auction House, you can sell loot cards which have already been claimed, as well as others which have not.

Unclaimed loot cards will be sold for one obvious reason:

Players will want unclaimed loot cards simply to claim the loot contained in the loot card.

Loot cards can contain a ton of cool loot. It can be some real world goods, or simply some in-game loot.

Imagine a player was selling an unclaimed loot card which had a promotion code for a free laptop. You can only imagine how much people would spend for that loot card!

On the other hand, claimed loot cards provide your streamers with various buffs through achievements:

As you can see, these buffs are quite significant.

For example, each shiny legendary loot card gives a permanent extra 1% power to your streamers. Because of this, these loot cards will be extremely sought after for the buffs they provide in battle.

When the Campaign Tower, Boss Tower, and Arena get difficult, these buffs will completely change the tide of battle.

Selling Loot Cards

Unfortunately, it will be very difficult to make a business out of selling loot cards simply because most are given as random drops throughout the game, while others cost money to get.

In fact, for as long as you play Clash of Streamers, you may not get one single loot card other than the Death Train loot card dropped during the tutorial.

If you are willing to spend money, there are some good ways to get loot cards in Clash of Streamers.

You can do the following:

Subscribe to AtheneLive on Twitch with a Tier 1 subscription to receive a rare Save the Children Loot Card each month (1M).

Subscribe to AtheneLive on Twitch with a Tier 3 subscription to receive an epic Save the Children Loot Card each month (2M Gems & 1000).

By selling these loot cards on the Auction House, you will earn a ton of extra Crypton.

By default, subscribing to AtheneLive on Twitch is one of the best purchases that can be made in Clash of Streamers as it also grants you a Community Card. See the Pay-To-Play Guide for more on the best purchases.

Whenever you get a loot card, you need to make the choice between claiming it yourself and then selling the loot card, or selling the loot card unclaimed.

If you decide you want to sell the loot card unclaimed, you have more potential Crypton to gain, but only if there is already some demand for the rewards gained by scratching the loot card.

It is up to you to determine if the reward gained by scratching the loot card is something other players would want!

For example, your best bet would be to sell the following loot cards under these conditions:

  • Rare Death Train Loot Card: Sell CLAIMED
  • Rare Save the Children Loot Card: Sell UNCLAIMED
  • Epic Save the Children Loot Card: Sell UNCLAIMED

This is the most likely scenario where you will find success selling these loot cards.

If you are unsure if other players will want a loot card claimed/unclaimed, try to sell it unclaimed first.

At the very least, you can try to sell a loot card unclaimed at the start. If you have no luck finding a buyer, then you can claim the loot card and try to sell it as a claimed loot card.

At this point, you will likely find buyers who are looking to collect claimed loot cards for achievement completion.


To earn Crypton by trading on the Auction House, you can employ many different strategies.

To summarize Auction House trading, you want to do the following:

  1. Collect free skins from streamers and other content creators and sell them on the Auction House.
  2. Attempt to sell any pet skins you have, with the priority placed on shiny/colored pet skins.
  3. Attempt to sell any loot cards unclaimed for more Crypton, and if unsuccessful, try to sell them after claiming them.

If these three steps are followed, it should be very easy to acquire a decent amount of free Crypton from the Auction House.


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