Pet Abilities Guide - Using Pets to Progress Faster

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers pet abilities guide; a guide on how pet abilities work and why they are useful for your account progression.

Pet abilities function completely differently than hero abilities in Clash of Streamers.

Each pet has...

  1. 1 combat ability which gets added to certain heroes in battle acting as a 4th passive ability.
  2. 3 passive abilities which (usually) grant non-combat related buffs.
  3. Up to 4 total levels which unlock a new passive ability.
  4. Up to 9 stars which increases the buff percentage of passive abilities and the percentage chance the combat ability will apply to certain heroes in battle.

It’s important to have a solid understanding of pet abilities since they can have a significant impact on your progression.

For example, they are useful in the following scenarios:

These are only some examples, but it should give you a good idea of how they can be extremely useful for many different scenarios.

In this guide, we will go over the different types of pet abilities, and how they can be activated so that you can start seeing the benefits of them.

Passive Abilities

Each pet faction has a total of 21 passive abilities to choose from.

They consist of the following:

  • 9 unique passive abilities
  • 13 shared passive abilities

Each pet faction is set apart from one another due to their unique passive abilities. This allows each faction to specialize in different areas and contribute to different game mechanics.

For example, take a look at the following short analysis of each faction’s unique abilities.

Kappa pets:

KappaPride pets:

TriHard pets:

  • Reducing Blockchain export cost and hero/pet rent cost (full guide)

PogChamp pets:

SMOrc pets:

LuL pets:

  • Increased rewards and reduced cost to complete Weekly Events (full guide)

The other 13 shared passive abilities apply to many other game aspects including Match-3 move cost reduction, passive Crypton generation, luck increases, as well as several others.

These shared passive abilities are extremely important for many different strategies.

For example, the following abilities are useful in helping generate passive Crypton:

Pet Crypto Hodler

Passive: Being a crypto hodler increases your passive Crypton generation from pet ability sets by 100%.

Streamer Crypto Hodler

Passive: Being a crypto hodler increases your passive Crypton generation from streamer ability sets by 100%.

Pet Trainer

Passive: As a skilled pet trainer, the cost to buy & swap pet ability sets is reduced by 1%.

Take a look at the Passive Crypton Guide for more info on how these abilities are used to get free Crypton.

Additionally, pet breeding is very important if you are looking to get a lot of valuable pets.

The following abilities are useful for pet breeding:

Lucky Break

Passive: You've caught a lucky break that increases your overall luck by 1%.

Luck Struck

Passive: You struck it lucky, increasing your overall luck by 1%.

Take a look at the Pet Breeding Guide for more info on how these abilities are used to help breed pets.

These are simply a couple of scenarios to show how the shared passive abilities can be extremely useful.

So how do passive abilities actually work?

Essentially, every pet passive ability will provide a buff in whatever aspect of the game it relates to, and the buff starts at 1% (with the exception of Pet Crypto Hodler and Streamer Crypto Hodler starting at 100%).

The buff percentage will increase by 0.5% (or 50% in the case of Pet Crypto Hodler and Streamer Crypto Hodler) for every additional star the pet has.

A 1-star pet will have a 1% bonus, a 2-star pet will have a 1.5% bonus, a 3-star pet will have a 2% bonus, and so on. This ends at a 9-star pet with a 5% bonus.

You can update the stars of your pets inside of the Upgrade building by sacrificing four other pets of the same faction type with the same number of stars.

On the other hand, the level of a pet will unlock a new passive ability for the pet to have enabled.

For example...

  • A level 1 pet has only the combat ability unlocked
  • A level 2 pet has the combat ability and one passive ability unlocked
  • A level 3 pet has the combat ability and two passive abilities unlocked
  • A level 4 pet has the combat ability and all three passive abilities unlocked

You can increase the level of your pets in the Level Up building by spending pet dust (which you get by upgrading pets).

Although these levels unlock the abilities, they are still not active and you will not receive the benefits from them yet.

Activating the abilities of a pet is a more complicated process, and will be discussed in the sections below.

Combat Abilities

Each pet faction has a total of 9 different combat abilities to choose from.

A pet combat ability is essentially a passive ability from one of the six classes of heroes

When a pet has its combat ability enabled and active, it is called a pet guardian.

A pet guardian does the following:

  • Adds a 4th passive ability to heroes with skins from certain streamers.
  • Applies the passive ability with a percentage based on the number of stars the pet has.

A 1-star pet will have a 10% chance of having the ability applied to heroes with certain skins, while a 9-star pet will have a 100% chance of having the ability applied to select heroes.

This all works through the Loyalty Tree as you will learn in the section below.

Activating Passive Abilities

To activate the passive abilities of a pet from each faction, you first need to capture each faction’s hatchery in Geopet GO.

For example...

  • To have a KappaPride pet’s abilities enabled, you need to capture the KappaPride hatchery.

The same applies to every other faction.

This means you can only ever have the abilities of 6 pets active at the same time (one from each faction).

After capturing each hatchery by spending 100K or simply walking up to your nearest hatchery location, you open yourself up to receive the benefits of that pet faction’s passive abilities.

You can find your active pets inside of the Achievements building: 

  1. Navigate to the Achievements building.
  2. Switch to a different achievement category.
  3. Click on the pet icons at the top to see the different pets which are active.

The pets that have their images and abilities brightened are the ones currently active and enabled. Clicking on each tab will give you information on the active pet and enabled abilities of each faction.

The abilities that are grayed out are not enabled simply because the active pet isn’t a high enough level. As you improve your active pet’s level, you will gain the effects of those locked abilities.

You can also switch the active pet by clicking the pet on the right. When changing a pet, the new pet will not have its abilities enabled until the next weekly reset which happens every Friday at approximately 12AM GMT.

To summarize, here are the steps to getting a pet’s passive abilities enabled:

  1. Capture the hatchery of the pet faction you want to enable the passive abilities for.
  2. Navigate to the pet menu in the Achievements building.
  3. Click the active pet of the faction until you find your desired pet.
  4. Wait until the weekly reset (Friday, 12AM GMT) to see your pet abilities enabled.

Activating Combat Abilities

In order to activate the combat abilities of a pet, you first need to follow the steps to activate a pet’s passive abilities.

The steps are:

  1. Capture a hatchery of the faction type of the pet you wish to use.
  2. Navigate to the pet menu in the Achievements building.
  3. Switch an active faction’s pet to the pet with the combat ability you wish to use.
  4. Wait until the weekly reset (Friday, 12AM GMT).

Once you have completed the above steps, you will have the passive abilities on a pet active and enabled.

However, in order to activate the combat ability of a pet you need to unlock each faction section within the Loyalty Tree.

Once a section is unlocked in the Loyalty Tree, the pet guardian’s combat ability will be applied to all heroes with that streamer skin. Since the LuL section in the Loyalty Tree is unlocked right away, you will immediately have access to the the LuL guardian's additional ability.

Which pet is the pet guardian?

The pet guardian is simply your active pet inside of the faction’s hatchery. If you have the faction's hatchery captured, the pet inside of the hatchery will become the pet guardian and have both its passive abilities and combat ability enabled.

For example, here are the steps for unlocking the LuL pet guardian and having a LuL pet’s combat ability activated:

  1. Capture the LuL hatchery.
  2. Navigate to the pet menu in the Achievements building.
  3. Change the active pet inside of the LuL pet section to your desired pet of choice.
  4. Wait until the weekly reset (Friday, 12AM GMT).

Once you have done the steps above, you will have the LuL pet guardian’s combat ability applied to your streamers with a percent chance based on the number of stars your pet has.

For instance, if you chose AtheneLive as the streamer in the LuL Loyalty Tree section and have a LuL pet guardian that is 7-stars, you will have a 79% chance of applying the ability to each of your AtheneLive heroes during battle.

This applies to every other faction as well. However, to unlock each additional section in the Loyalty Tree you need to collect tons of skins.

For full information regarding how many skins you need to unlock each section, check out the Loyalty Tree Wiki page.

As you unlock each additional Loyalty Tree section, you work towards enabling your SMOrc, PogChamp, TriHard, Kappa, and KappaPride pet guardians.

This can be an extremely significant way to improve your team and progress further in combat.

Check out the Advanced Combat Guide for more on improving your team through the Loyalty Tree.

Progress Faster with Pet Abilities

Overall, pet passive abilities and combat abilities give you the ability to progress much faster in Clash of Streamers.

Once you've learned how to use pet abilities, a ton of strategies can be used to improve your account progression:

  • Use the Weekly Event strategy to have an easier time completing Weekly Events and get better rewards from them (found in LuL Strategies)
  • Use the money-making strategy to improve your chances of making money in Clash of Streamers (found in TriHard Strategies)
  • Use the highest loot output strategy on a regular basis to improve your loot from various in-game areas (found in Best Pet Strategies)
  • Use the late-game combat strategy (found in TriHard Strategies) and standard combat strategy (found in SMOrc Strategies) to help improve combat progression

While these are just a few examples, it should give you a good starting point to get you progressing faster through the use of pet abilities.

In the long run, using pet abilities will give you the ability to progress much faster in Clash of Streamers and improve your account progression significantly.


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