Free-To-Play Guide - Progress Quickly for Free

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers free-to-play guide; a guide on the best way to progress and play Clash of Streamers as a free-to-play player!

Although it’s possible to get hundreds of dollars worth of account progression for as little as a dollar, some players will always stay free-to-play - which is perfectly okay!

You can still progress extremely quickly as a free-to-play player if you know what you are doing.

In this guide, we’re going to go over every bit of information you need to know to maximize your account progression as a free-to-play player.

Free-To-Play Basics

Before we begin, it’s extremely important that you first read the Beginner's Guide.

Without a good amount of knowledge about the core aspects of Clash of Streamers, you aren’t in a very good position to apply some of the knowledge found in this guide.

Once you have read and understood the Beginner’s Guide, you can continue through with this guide.

As a free-to-play player, it’s essential that you do the following:

  • Connect to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, or Discord for improved loot
  • Connect to Facebook and invite your friends to gain tons of Gem Min benefits
  • Complete daily activities every day (includes daily quests, free charges in each building, watch ads, login bonus, etc.)
  • Enable notifications in the Settings for free pet attracts
  • Get a free trial to each subscription (and cancel before payment)
  • Complete as many Easter Eggs as possible (follow the Easter Eggs Guide)
  • Regularly complete the rare weekly event each week (follow the Weekly Events Guide)
  • Spend your resources efficiently and purchase Merchant deals (follow the Resource Management Guide)
  • Buy the best Marketplace deals (follow the Marketplace Guide)

Everything in this list is essential for pretty much every player, but it’s even more important as a free-to-play player.

If you want to be able to keep up with pay-to-play players (which is entirely possible), it’s extremely important that you are optimizing your account progression in every area of the game.

If you follow this list closely, you will be earning a ton of progress on a regular basis!


The best way to earn a ton of extra loot as a free-to-play player is through referrals. In fact, by referring players, you can earn hundreds of dollars worth of loot - potentially even thousands!

To refer other players, you need to do the following:

  1. Connect to Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook (can be done in the Settings).
  2. Head to the Go Live building, and add an image for your account by clicking add face (can be an image of your actual face or some art that you own).
  3. Click on the Magic Link icon (on the left side-bar), and then copy your referral link or qr code.
  4. Send your referral link to other people.

Other players that download the game using your referral link will start the game with your face (or artwork) on their heroes. As they reach certain milestones in the game or make purchases, you will receive a ton of additional loot.

The extra loot can come from three different sources:

  1. Direct referrals.
  2. Referral leaderboard.
  3. Community purchase bonuses.

By referring players directly, you will earn extra loot as they reach different account power levels. For each account power level reached, you will earn some extra loot.

If enough people get to account power level 5, you can get some extra sale points which is a huge deal!

In addition to the loot you’ll get from direct referrals, you’ll also get loot based on your position in the referral leaderboard!

The way the leaderboard works is the following:

  1. You refer a player to download and play the game.
  2. That player refers two other players using his referral link.
  3. The player you directly referred has two points on the referral leaderboard, and you have three points.
  4. The number of referred players (both direct referrals and indirect referrals) that are active during the week will determine your position on the referral leaderboard.

Basically, you earn extra points towards the referral leaderboard through direct referrals and indirect referrals!

The more direct and indirect referrals you have, the higher your position will be. Based on the number of referred players that were active in Clash of Streamers for the week, you will receive some additional PogChamp Orbs! For example, if you have more than 100 people referred (directly and indirectly), you will receive an additional 6 per week!

To find your position on the referral leaderboard, click on the referral button on the left side menu, navigate to the rewards panel, and then click on the VS icon next to your face.

You can also get extra loot when people you refer make in-game purchases!

When you refer other players, they will start off in your community by default.

One benefit of having community members is that when they make purchases, you will receive extra Gems, Crypton, VIP experience,  and potentially sale points as a result.

Of course other players can always leave your community, but the option of potentially earning a ton of extra loot from community members is still extremely significant!

Overall, all of this loot can be absolutely incredible if you refer the right people.

So, make sure to tell your friends about Clash of Streamers and get them to play; you will be earning huge rewards because of it!

This is a huge deal if you are a free-to-play player! Don’t neglect the referral system!

Earning Free Crypton

Crypton is a very important aspect to Clash of Streamers. It’s normally restricted to players that pay money, but you can also get a ton of free Crypton if you are smart!

Why should you want to earn Crypton as a free-to-play player?

  • Crypton is the primary component used to export your heroes to the Blockchain (extremely important late-game method of improving your team and improving your combat progression).
  • Crypton allows you to purchase ability-sets, allowing you to earn a ton of achievements from duplicate ability-sets (take a look at the Duplicate Ability-Sets Guide for why this is important).
  • Crypton allows you to purchase seasonal currencies, allowing you to get some extremely powerful heroes from the seasonal shop (only during an active seasonal event).

These are simply a few examples of why Crypton matters. Overall, it’s extremely important that you get some Crypton eventually. In fact, your progression in the late-game really depends on it!

Take a look at the full Crypton Guide to learn about every use that Crypton has.

As a free-to-play player, you don’t have the luxury of getting Crypton through purchases. Therefore, you have to be very strategic with how you go about getting free Crypton.

There are two primary methods of earning free Crypton as a free-to-play player:

  1. Passive Crypton generation.
  2. Auction House trading.

Both of these methods allow you to earn Crypton for free, so you should definitely look to take advantage of them and use these strategies to the best of your ability!

Take a look at the Passive Crypton Guide and Auction House Trading Guide for in-depth guides on how to earn Crypton as a free-to-play player.

Once you’ve earned Crypton, your best bet would be to use it to reinvest into the passive Crypton system.

After completely maxing out your duplicate ability-set count, you should then eventually look to export your heroes to the Blockchain and potentially try to make money with them.

Take a look at How to Make Money in Clash of Streamers and the Selling Heroes Guide to learn how you can make money with your heroes.

While not every player will be interested in trying to monetize their progress in Clash of Streamers, it’s always an option.

Even if you’re not interested in making money, exporting your heroes is still extremely important for late-game combat progression. Once your heroes are on the Blockchain, you can improve them with DUBI empowerment!

This is one extremely good way of improving your heroes, allowing you to progress further in combat.

Take a look at the Advanced Combat Guide to learn all about how DUBI empowerment works.

Exporting your heroes to the Blockchain should be your end goal with Crypton. Although Crypton may not be essential, it will certainly improve your account progression like crazy if you are earning a ton of it for free and are using it wisely.

Single Account Strategy

When you’re only using one account, it’s extremely important that you’re making the most of it.

This means you have to be doing the following:

Following these three tips will get you the most progress as a free-to-play player with only one account.

Make sure you are playing the game intelligently, referring as many players as possible, and earning as much free Crypton as possible!

Of course, if you have multiple accounts, you will have a much easier time getting referrals and free Crypton - which brings us to the next section.

Multiple Account Strategy

It’s actually not against the rules to have multiple accounts in Clash of Streamers.

If you use multiple accounts, you will be multiplying your account progression by several magnitudes.

So, if you have the option to do so, it’s recommended that you use multiple accounts. How many depends entirely on how much free time you have and how much time you really want to invest in boosting your main account.

Six total accounts is a very good number to aim for, but it’s entirely up to you!

How does the multiple account strategy work?

The multiple account strategy works through the following steps:

  1. Create a main account.
  2. Refer as many alt accounts as possible (up to five) with the main account.
  3. Progress through each of the accounts on a regular basis, earning a ton of referral loot on your main account.
  4. Collect free Crypton on each account using the passive Crypton system and Auction House trading.
  5. Whenever you earn Crypton on your alt accounts, transfer the Crypton to the main account (by visiting the main account and donating to it).
  6. Use any free Crypton on your main account to invest in more duplicate ability-sets, further improving your chances of getting even more free Crypton.

It’s as simple as that! Essentially, you want to take advantage of the referral system and give your main account a ton of extra loot, and you want to earn as much free Crypton as possible with each of your accounts.

If you do this, you can quickly pool up an absolute ton of loot onto your main account. You’ll earn a lot of extra Crypton, PogChamp Orbs, Madness Chips, and much more. In the end, it makes a world of a difference on your account progression!

Depending on how many accounts you use with this strategy, you can turn your free-to-play account into an account that looks like a pay-to-play account!

This is probably the best way to maximize your account progression as a free-to-play player.

In addition to referring your alt accounts using your main account, it’s also advised that you try to refer friends to the game using your main account. There’s absolutely no downside to doing this; the more referrals you get, the better!


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