Best Pet Strategies - Max Progression with Pets

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers best pet strategies guide; a guide where we discuss different pet ability strategies that you can use to help maximize your account progression.

In Clash of Streamers, there are a bunch of effective strategies that you can use with your pets to help you progress much further in one aspect or another.

In this guide, we will discuss the following strategies:

Since these are likely some of the most common and effective strategies you can employ with your pet passive abilities, they are extremely important to understand.

This guide will break down each of these different pet passive ability strategies. Afterwards, you will be free to choose any of these strategies which fits your goals in Clash of Streamers.

Passive Crypton Strategy

The ability to generate passive Crypton is extremely important.

Crypton has many uses; a few of them include the following:

  • Exporting heroes/pets to the Blockchain
  • Buying hero/pet skins and loot cards in the Auction House
  • Buying ability-sets in the Spellbook

Take a look at the Crypton Guide for the full list of Crypton uses in Clash of Streamers.

For this guide, all you really need to know is that it's extremely important to get your hands on someCrypton. The more that you have, the better your account progression will be.

One of the best ways to earn Crypton is by earning it passively. A full guide for this can be found in the Passive Crypton Guide.

Something you'll learn in the Passive Crypton Guide is that pet passive abilities are one of the best ways to help increase your passive Crypton generation.

Therefore, the primary goal of this strategy is to increase your passive Crypton generation by as much as possible.

To do so, you want to equip one (or both) of the following abilities on each of your active pets:

Pet Crypto Hodler

Passive: Being a crypto hodler increases your passive Crypton generation from pet ability sets by 100%.

Streamer Crypto Hodler

Passive: Being a crypto hodler increases your passive Crypton generation from Streamer ability sets by 100%.

If you have six 9-star pets with both the Pet Crypto Hodler and Streamer Crypto Hodler abilities equipped, you'll increase your passive Crypton generation by more than 6,000%.

This is extremely significant if you are looking to make money. In fact, this strategy should be directly combined with the money making strategy you will learn in the next section.

Money-Making Strategy

When playing Clash of Streamers, you can potentially make money by selling or renting your account progress (heroes & pets) to other players.

In fact, this is one of the most significant ways that Clash of Streamers differentiates itself from most mobile games.

To learn about how money can be made, check out the guide How to Make Money in Clash of Streamers.

In order to make money, you need to start by exporting your heroes or pets to the Blockchain. This costs Crypton... quite a bit of Crypton.

This strategy will help improve your chances of making money by doing two things:

  • Reducing Crypton cost for exporting to the Blockchain
  • Increasing passive Crypton generation

Essentially, by increasing the amount of Crypton you receive as well as reducing the cost to export to the Blockchain, you will have a better chance of earning money.

Since it will be much cheaper to export, and since you will get a ton of free Crypton, your expenses will be reduced significantly. As a result, you can export far more heroes and pets, and then sell or rent them to other players for cheap prices.

To improve your chances of making money, you want to equip one (or both) of the following abilities on your active TriHard pet:

Pet Exporter

Passive: Being a pet exporter reduces the cost of exporting pets to the blockchain by 1%.

Hero Trader

Passive: Being a hero trader reduces the cost of exporting streamers to the blockchain by 1%.

If you are only interested in exporting pets, you can simply equip the Pet Exporter ability instead of Hero Trader, and vice versa.

Additionally, on all of your other active pets and your free TriHard pet ability slots, you should equip the Pet Crypto Hodler and Streamer Crypto Hodler abilities.

If you can't equip both, equipping one of the two will still help you earn a lot more Crypton passively. Since having a ton of Crypton is the very essence of practically every money-making strategy in Clash of Streamers, the more Crypton you can get, the better.

As a result of doing this, every single one of your active pets should be able to generate you passive Crypton.

On top of that, your active TriHard pet will reduce the Crypton cost to export heroes and pets to the Blockchain.

With the export cost reduced, you will be able to export more heroes and pets. This is a huge step in the right direction if your goal is to earn money by playing Clash of Streamers!

As you start to earn Crypton passively, continue to export heroes and pets to the Blockchain while following the Selling Heroes, Renting Heroes, and Selling/Renting Pets guides.

Pet Breeding Strategy

Pet breeding is a huge part of Clash of Streamers for a ton of different reasons.

If you do a good job breeding pets, you'll likely see the following benefits:

  • More Crypton earned trading on the Auction House (see the Auction House Trading Guide)
  • More money (DUBI) earned through the Blockchain building
  • More achievements, which is vital for account progression

These benefits are a big deal, and it all comes down to exactly how you are breeding your pets.

The essence of pet breeding comes down to two different types of pets:

  • Shiny pets
  • Colored pets

Even if you aren't interested in making money or earning freeCrypton, shiny and colored pets still help a lot in terms of pushing your account progression forward.

On top of that, they are quite visually pleasing to look at; showing off your shiny and colored pets to other players and decorating your base with them can be a lot of fun!

Therefore, this strategy focuses primarily on improving your ability to acquire shiny and colored pets.

Luckily, every pet has abilities which improve your chances of getting shiny and colored pets!

On each of your active pets, you want to equip the following abilities:

Lucky Break

Passive: You've caught a lucky break that increases your overall luck by 1%.

Luck Struck

Passive: You struck it lucky, increasing your overall luck by 1%.

Hatching with Love

Passive: Increases your chance to hatch pets of higher rarity by 1%.

These abilities will increase your luck for all pet related activities. As a result, you will have a better chance of getting colored pets, shiny pets, as well as higher rarity pets. After all, a shiny legendary pet will be a lot more valuable than a shiny rare pet!

This is a great strategy to employ if you have several hundred eggs which you plan on hatching all at once.

Take a look at the Pet Breeding Guide for more in-depth information on breeding pets!

Highest Loot Output Strategy

Ensuring you are consistently receiving a ton of loot is likely the most important part of Clash of Streamers.

Without a good stream of Gems, heroes, and other resources, you simply cannot progress!

The goal of this strategy is to increase your overall loot gain using as many pet passive abilities as possible.

This strategy involves multiple pet factions since there are many different abilities which increase your overall loot output.

The following pet factions should be prioritized in this strategy:

  • KappaPride
  • Kappa
  • PogChamp

Within each faction, there are several abilities which would work the best to optimize your overall loot output.

Equip the following ability on your active KappaPride pet:

Gem Mine Overload

Passive: Causes your Gem Mine to run at highest capacity, increasing its output by 1%.

Equip the following abilities on your active Kappa pet:

Special Delivery

Passive: Grants you the mark of Kappa which increases your chance to receive free Kappa summons by 1%.

Adblock Plus

Passive: Disables adblock causing you to receive 1% more Gems from watching in-game advertisements.

Mark of the Explorer

Passive: Gives you the courage to explore the unfamiliar, increasing the number of Gems earned from expeditions by 1%.

Equip the following abilities on your active PogChamp pet:

Deal Specialist

Passive: Trying to cut a two for one deal your chance to earn free rebuys in the Marketplace increases by 1%.

Uncanny Luck

Passive: You become extremely lucky, increasing your chance to upgrade chests by 1%.

Trade Master

Passive: Your tough bargaining tactics increases your chance to receive better deals from the Merchant by 1%.

As a result of equipping all of these abilities on your active KappaPride, Kappa, and PogChamp pets, you will see a ton of benefits.

The benefits include the following:

  • Improved Gem output from mail, expeditions and the Gem Mine
  • Improved loot output from chests
  • Improved deals in the Merchant
  • Improved chance of free Kappa summons
  • Improved chance of free rebuys in the Marketplace

These abilities contribute to likely the highest potential loot output that you can receive on a regular basis from pet abilities. As a result of having all of these abilities equipped on their respective pets, you will likely see a huge difference in your account progression in the long run.

With regards to the Kappa pet abilities, there's a very good reason to incorporate the Mark of Kappa ability. Since you have one free Kappa summon each day, and since Kappa Scrolls are worth so many Gems, improving your chances of getting a free Kappa summon is extremely valuable.

If you manage to also get the additional 9 free TriHard summons a day from VIP 2, and potentially even a free daily PogChamp summon, you should switch the other Kappa pet abilities to the Mark of TriHard and Mark of PogChamp abilities.

Free summons are extremely valuable; you simply need to make sure you are getting enough value from the Mark of TriHard and Mark of PogChamp abilities on a regular basis before using them as your active Kappa pet abilities!

With regards any other empty ability slots as well as active pets from other factions, you can equip any abilities which might be useful for different strategies.

For example...

Additionally, you could equip some passive Crypton increasing abilities on any of your pets since added Crypton is always a great bonus.

Overall this is likely one of the best, if not the best potential pet strategy to employ on a regular basis. You will earn a ton of additional loot, which will have a monumental impact on your account progression in the long run.

The Best Strategy

To start, a point should be made that there is no single best strategy. There are a ton of potential strategies which should be employed at different times.

  • Use the Easter Eggs strategy (found in PogChamp Strategies) when looking to collect a ton of Easter Eggs
  • Use the free summon strategy (found in Kappa Strategies) when looking to summon a ton of heroes, or if you have a lot of free daily summons
  • Use the chest opening strategy (found in PogChamp Strategies) when looking to open a ton of achievement chests
  • Use the late-game combat strategy (found in TriHard Strategies) and standard combat strategy (found in SMOrc Strategies) when having difficulty progressing in combat
  • Use the money making strategy (found above) and blockchain strategy (found in TriHard Strategies) when looking to export heroes/pets and make money
  • Use the Weekly Event strategy (found in LuL Strategies) when looking to complete Weekly Events
  • Use the pet breeding strategy (found above) when looking to breed a lot of pets and hopefully receive shiny, colored, or other rare pets

Overall, there simply is no clear strategy! Different strategies should be swapped in and out of your active pets at different times.

When you aren't in a situation where you need any of the select strategies above, you should use the following strategy:

This strategy will net you the most loot in the long run, and is very well optimized for regular use.

Additionally, you can never go wrong equipping some passive Crypton abilities on the remainder of your active pets to increase your passive Crypton generation.


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