Selling/Renting Pets - Make Money with Your Pets

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers selling and renting pets guide; a guide on how to earn DUBI and make real money by selling and renting your pets to other players.

Similarly to how you can make money selling and renting your heroes out to other players, you can also make money by selling and renting your shiny pets out to other players!

In Clash of Streamers, you can potentially make money with two different types of pets:

  • High level pets
  • Shiny legendary pets

In this guide we'll take a look at both types of pets, determine exactly what makes them valuable, and how you can potentially make money with them.

High Level Pets

Before we start, it's important to understand that before you can sell or rent a pet, it needs to be exported to the Blockchain.

When you export a pet to the Blockchain, you are exporting everything; the faction of the pet, the level, and the number of stars. Because of this, people can quickly and easily get very powerful buffs by purchasing pets with high levels and high star counts.

This is one major distinction between trading pets on the Blockchain and trading pet skins on the Auction House.

On the Auction House, you are simply trading the skin of a pet - no levels or stars are included!

A pet can go up to 9-stars and have a total of 4 levels. As these numbers increase, it becomes harder and harder for normal players to get pets with these stats.

This is one of the main reasons some players will look to buy these pets from other players.

Exported pets which are 9-star level 4 will be extremely powerful and useful to a wide variety of players.

They will be useful in the following aspects:

  • The pet passive abilities will provide at a 5% buff to different areas of the game
  • The pet combat ability will have a 100% chance of applying to heroes if the pet is a pet guardian in the Loyalty Tree

Check out the Pet Abilities Guide for more information on how pet passive abilities and combat abilities work.

Whether these pets will be the most valuable, it is hard to say. They will definitely have some utility and there will definitely be players looking to buy pets with these stats.

Which faction pet and which abilities should you equip on a high level pet?

At this point, it’s hard to know exactly what will be the most useful. There is such a wide variety of strategies with regards to pet abilities, so it's extremely hard to predict exactly what people might want.

For example...

  • SMOrc pets have strong combat related passive abilities
  • TriHard pets have good Blockchain related passive abilities
  • LuL pets have good Weekly Event related passive abilities
  • PogChamp pets have good shop and chest improving passive abilities
  • Kappa pets have good passive abilities which grant you free summons
  • KappaPride pets have good minigame improving abilities

As you can tell, each pet faction has its own unique specialty, and they are all useful for very different reasons.

Take a look at the Pets section for different guides related to each pet faction’s abilities.

Whatever pet abilities you find useful, other players likely will as well. A high level pet with very good abilities could be very valuable to other players and might bring you some success in selling them!

Shiny Legendary Pets

In Clash of Streamers, you have several different pet rarities:

  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Each pet has a 1% chance of being a Shiny variant. This makes a Shiny Legendary pet the rarest type of pet in the game.

In fact, the odds of running into a Shiny Legendary pet while simply catching them in Geopet GO is 1 in 10,000.

The fact that these pets are so rare will give them a ton of value. However, there are other reasons as well.

Why would people want Shiny Legendary pets?

There are several reasons people might want Shiny Legendary pets:

  • They are very aesthetically pleasing and unique looking
  • They can be used in Match-3 Pets to create colored pets
  • They are extremely rare

When a pet is Shiny, it's usually given a random color which is different than its non-Shiny variant, and has additional sparkle effects surrounding the pet. Since pets can be equipped on your buildings, some players will be looking to fill their base with the best looking Shiny Legendary pets.

Simply put, a Shiny Legendary pet is the best pet to show off to other players.

Additionally, when you match a Shiny Legendary, Shiny Epic or Shiny Rare pet with another pet, there is a chance that you pass on the unique color to the child pet, and if the Shiny pet has no unique color, then a random color can be passed on to the child pet.

Because of this, some people will be looking to collect Shiny Legendary pets since they have the best odds of passing on a unique color to child pets.

In fact, matching a Shiny Legendary pet with a non-shiny pet has a 50% chance to pass the color, and matching two Shiny Legendary pets has a 75% chance to pass a color to the child pet (see the Pet Breeding Guide).

All of these reasons put together make Shiny Legendary pets the most valuable pets in the game.

So, what’s better then? Shiny Legendary pets or high level pets?

The Most Valuable Pets

It is quite difficult to predict the demand for pets, and as a result, it’s hard to say whether Shiny Legendary pets will be better than high level pets or vice versa.

This is why it’s important to consistently monitor the Blockchain for pet trades.

  • If you start seeing greater success with people exporting and selling/renting Shiny Legendary pets, then you should follow that strategy.
  • If you see better success with people exporting high level pets and selling them, then you should follow that strategy.

This will require you to constantly monitor the Blockchain for trades, and respond to the scenario which produces the best results.

Once you see what the best avenue is for making money with pets, you should export a pet to start earning some DUBI.

For some people this advice may not seem very definitive. So, we will try to make some predictions for the future of pets on the Blockchain.

It’s more likely that Shiny Legendary pets will have the best future on the Blockchain and reap the most rewards.

This is simply due to the wide range of uses that a Shiny Legendary pet has.

It can be...

  • Collected (for aesthetics)
  • Matched (to create colored pets)

On the other hand, a high level pet only sees use for its stats. While these high level pets are still extremely useful, it is hard to say if they will prove to be more valuable than a Shiny Legendary pet.

While these stats are extremely useful, you could always improve the stats of a Shiny Legendary pet later on!

However, you cannot change the rarity or shiny status of a high level pet.

So, that high level pet will only ever have use as a high level pet, while a Shiny Legendary pet has much more working for it.

Once you have decided what pet to try to make money off of, you need to export it to the Blockchain.

How should that be done?

Exporting Pets

To start, make sure you have read the guide How to Make Money in Clash of Streamers for the basics on exporting.

Unlike exporting heroes, there isn’t really a fixed timeframe where it would be best to export a pet.

Since there are no seasons with pets like there are with streamer skins, your best bet would be to focus on exporting your heroes first.

In our opinion, we believe it's much more likely that players will have success making money off of exported heroes than pets.

However, it’s important that you continue to watch the pet trades which take place on the Blockchain. This will give you a good idea of the current pet demand which you can then respond accordingly to.

While you can only export shiny pets to the Blockchain, we believe you would have the best chance of making money if you wait until you acquire a Shiny Legendary pet instead of simply exporting a Shiny Epic or Shiny Rare pet.

You should use the following rough outline to plan your pet exports:

  1. Continuously catch pets & hatch eggs to eventually acquire a Shiny Legendary pet and continuously improve your strongest pets.
  2. Constantly scan the Blockchain for new pets and see if any trades take place.
  3. Export heroes following the Selling Heroes and Renting Heroes guides.
  4. If you see sales for pets which are worth more than the cost to export your pet, you should export your high level or Shiny Legendary pet.

We expect that Shiny Legendary pets will have a lot of value early on since they are so rare.

So, make sure you are paying attention to the Blockchain and doing your best to acquire one in the meantime!

Additionally, if your Shiny Legendary pet happens to be high level as well, this will help out a lot. You can get a high level Shiny Legendary pet by completing the Legendary Weekly Event.

If you decide you want to export a pet, it’s important that you first reduce the export cost by as much as possible.

This can be done in the following ways:

  • By collecting achievements
  • By equipping a TriHard pet with the Pet Exporter ability

Once you have done so, you are free to export your pet to the Blockchain at a reduced Crypton cost.

In addition, check out the Passive Crypton and Auction House Trading guides for more info on earning Crypton.

Selling & Renting Pets

So, how do you sell and rent pets to other players?

To sell or rent a pet to another player, you need to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. You need a shiny pet.
  2. You need to export the shiny pet to the Blockchain.

Once a shiny pet has been exported to the Blockchain, you can then freely sell it and rent it to other players. The way selling and renting pets works is similar to selling and renting heroes.

  1. Once you have a pet on the Blockchain, you can sell it to other players for DUBI and then cash out.
  2. To make a pet available to rent to other players, you simply need to empower it with at least 0.001 DUBI.

Take a look at the Selling Heroes Guide and Renting Heroes Guide for more detailed info on how the selling and renting process works.

When another player buys your pet, they will have complete access to the pet and you will receive DUBI in return.

This means you will no longer be able to do anything with the pet.

When other players rent your pet, they will be adding DUBI onto your pet in exchange for the ability to use the pet for 10 minutes. During this 10 minute period, players will likely use your pet inside of the Match-3 Pets building to breed other colored pets.

Once you have some DUBI from selling a pet or renting it to other players, you can then sell that DUBI for Ethereum and then cash out the Ethereum by selling it for your native currency.

Take a look at the Cashing Out Guide for more info on how to cash out DUBI.


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