Seasonal Events Guide - A Beginner's Guide to Seasonal Events

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers Seasonal Event guide; a beginner's guide explaining everything related to the seasonal events in Clash of Streamers, as well as some tips on how to collect seasonal currencies, and the best ways to spend them.

Seasonal events are one of the special event types found in Clash of Streamers.

The other two special event types being the following:

  • Currency Events
  • Treasure Events

If you don't know what a special event is, it's recommended that you first check out the Weekly Events Beginner's Guide. This guide will give you all of the basic information you need to understand special events, and to move forward learning specifically about seasonal events.

If you know what you're doing, seasonal events offer a great opportunity to boost your account progression by significant magnitudes. In this guide, we're going to discuss everything related to seasonal events; what they are, when they appear, how to collect currencies for them, and more.

What Is a Seasonal Event?

So, what exactly is a seasonal event?

A seasonal event is simply a special event occurring around special holidays of the year. The seasonal event allows players to collect a seasonal currency throughout the week, and use the seasonal currency to purchase rewards from the seasonal shop.

It's actually extremely simple. When a seasonal event is active, you collect seasonal currencies, and then trade the seasonal currencies for other rewards in the seasonal shop.

At the end of the week, any leftover seasonal currencies that you have will be converted back into Gems.

When a seasonal event is active, your primary goal should be to collect as much of the seasonal currency as possible.

The rewards in the seasonal shop are very good. You can find anything from PogChamp Orbs, Kappa Scrolls, Legendary Stars, high level heroes, and much more. Due to the wide variety and flexibility of the rewards, your ability to collect seasonal currencies can have a huge impact on your account progression.

For example, if you don't have enough Get Lucky Chips to complete the Get Lucky Event in the week following the seasonal event, the extra Get Lucky Chips from the seasonal shop can be a huge help.

While this is just one example, it should give you an idea of the importance of the seasonal event and the seasonal shop.

Now that you have a good idea of what a seasonal event is, it's time to move on and discuss the different seasonal event types!

Seasonal Event Types

Pretty much every seasonal event is the same. Every seasonal event will give you a random seasonal currency that you need to collect, and you can trade that seasonal currency in the seasonal shop for rewards.

With that being said, there are a ton of different seasonal events which all occur at different times of the year. Some of these holidays are extremely obscure, so it's a good that we list them out for you to see.

In the table below, you can find all of the currently discovered seasonal events. As more are discovered, they will be added to this table.

New Year Event iconNew Year EventJanuary 1st
Chinese New Year Event iconChinese New Year EventJanuary 25th
Valentine's Day Event iconValentine's EventFebruary 14th
May Day Event iconMay Day EventMay 1st
Athene's Birthday Event iconAthene's Birthday EventJune 9th
Father's Day Event iconFather's Day EventJune 21st
Moon Landing Event iconMoon Landing EventJuly 20th
Humanitarian Day Event iconHumanitarian Day EventAugust 19th
Halloween Event iconHalloween EventOctober 31st
Thanksgiving Event iconThanksgiving EventLast Thursday of November
Black Friday Event iconBlack Friday EventLast Friday of November
Saint Nicholas Event iconSaint Nicholas EventDecember 6th
Christmas Event iconChristmas EventDecember 25th

This table contains all of the currently discovered seasonal events as well as the dates they occur. Essentially, the special event will become one of these seasonal events when the seasonal event day happens to fall during one of the weeks in Clash of Streamers.

For example, when the weekly reset happens on Friday, December 19th, 2019, you know you will see the Christmas Event because Christmas falls on December 25th.

By looking at these dates to anticipate upcoming seasonal events like this, you can prepare and strategize ahead of time how you plan on progressing throughout the month.

For example, Athene's Birthday is on June 9th - 9 days after the monthly reset. On the monthly reset, you have the opportunity to progress through the Arena again. However, instead of progressing through the Arena on June 1st, it might be a better idea to wait until the Athene's Birthday seasonal event is active.

If you wait until a seasonal event is active before progressing through the Arena, you will earn a ton of extra seasonal currencies, allowing you to use them to boost your account progression like crazy.

While this is just one example, you should understand where I am going with this. Knowing the different seasonal events and the dates they occur can be extremely good in helping you progress faster in Clash of Streamers!

Collecting Seasonal Currencies

When a seasonal event is active, collecting as many seasonal currencies as possible should be your number one priority. So, how should you collect your seasonal currencies?

Some of the best ways to collect seasonal currencies are the following:

  • Progress through the Campaign Tower
  • Progress through the Arena
  • Always purchase seasonal currencies in the Marketplace

The Campaign Tower and Arena will allow you to accumulate a ton of extra seasonal currencies. Due to how lucrative they can be at producing seasonal currencies, it's a good idea to hold off on progressing through these buildings until you are in an active seasonal event.

If you manage to progress through 1-2 prestige levels in the Campaign Tower, or if you manage to climb from Bronze to Diamond rank in the Arena, you'll earn a ton of seasonal currencies in the process.

Take a look at the Campaign Climbing guide for more tips on progressing through the Campaign Tower.

In addition to combat building progression, you should also be purchasing any seasonal currencies you find in the Marketplace. This means that they should be purchased both when discounted, and undiscounted.

Having more seasonal currencies has pretty much no drawbacks. All it does is give you the flexibility to make purchases in the seasonal shop that fit your needs the best. One time the best purchases might be TriHard Scrolls, other times it might be some heroes. 

At the end of the day, it does not matter. If you don't spend any of the seasonal currencies purchased, you will end up being refunded all of the original Gems you spent when the next weekly reset happens.

Overall, these are some of the best ways to collect seasonal currencies when you are in the middle of a seasonal event.

Buying Seasonal Currencies

In addition to collecting seasonal currencies through the in-game methods mentioned above, it's actually possible to potentially pay for seasonal currencies. So, how does this work?

In order to buy seasonal currencies, you need to do the following:

  1. Purchase Crypton on the Gaming for Good shop or through some other in-game purchase (Gaming for Good shop offers the best deals, check the Pay-To-Play Guide for more info).
  2. Use your Crypton to purchase additional seasonal currencies in the seasonal shop.

The seasonal shop actually gives you the ability to purchase additional seasonal currencies with Crypton. This can be a great idea to allow you to get an extremely powerful hero, or to purchase a ton of other resources for a different Weekly Event.

However, it's not only possible for people that spend money - it's possible for free-to-play players as well! There are several different free-to-play methods of getting Crypton in Clash of Streamers.

Check out the Passive Crypton Guide and the Auction House Trading Guide to learn more about how to earn free Crypton.

If you have Crypton, the seasonal shop can be a very good place to spend some of it!

Spending Seasonal Currencies

Now that you've acquired as much of the seasonal currency as possible, you need to spend it! Well, you don't need to spend it, but it's definitely a good idea in most cases.

You should focus on spending your seasonal currencies in the following ways:

  • Spend them on powerful heroes which will improve your combat progression drastically
  • Spend them on resources for different Weekly Event completion

While you could make a case for purchasing other loot at different times, these tips are likely the best purchase tips out of them all.

Powerful heroes can be hugely impactful. If they allow you to progress much further in the Campaign Tower or the Arena, they can have a large impact on your account progression.

For example, if you have a team full of 8-star heroes or lower, and can afford to purchase the 9-star level 9 hero for 50K of the seasonal currency, this can be a great purchase. You could likely use that additional hero to push for several additional prestiges in the Campaign Tower, and perhaps a couple of additional ranks in the Arena.

The purchase is even better if the hero also happens to be from one of the better hero classes in the game. For example, we consider Priests one of the best classes in Clash of Streamers (if not the very best). If the 9-star level 9 hero happens to be a Priest, you can expect to progress much, much further than you were previously at in the Campaign Tower and the Arena.

Take a look at the Best Heroes guide to learn more about what we consider the best hero classes in Clash of Streamers.

Other than purchasing powerful heroes, spending your seasonal currencies on different Weekly Event resources is a great idea. 

In most cases, by following each individual Weekly Event guide, you should be able to save up enough resources to complete the rare Weekly Event each week. However if you don't, the seasonal event allows you to purchase additional resources which will help you collect enough to complete the different Weekly Events.

For example, if you don't have enough Get Lucky Chips for the upcoming Get Lucky Event, purchasing some in the seasonal shop can be a great move. The same applies to any of the other Weekly Events. If you aren't in dire need of any Weekly Event resources, purchasing TriHard Scrolls is likely the best default purchase you can make.

TriHard Scrolls are extremely good at allowing you to collect additional heroes. With additional heroes, you'll be unlocking new sections in the Loyalty Tree, improving the buffs you get from the already unlocked sections, as well as improving your ability to complete the upcoming Upgrade Event.

Take a look at the Advanced Combat Guide to learn about how the Loyalty Tree impacts your combat progression.

Overall, that about sums up seasonal events. If you are following this guide to the best of your ability, you should be earning a ton of loot from the seasonal event, improving your account progression significantly.


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