Resource Management - Best Ways to Spend Resources

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers resource management guide; a guide on the best ways to manage and spend your resources when playing Clash of Streamers.

Managing your resources intelligently is the key to fast progression in Clash of Streamers.

In fact, if you manage your resources well as a free-to-play player, you can potentially progress way faster than somebody who spends money and uses their resources poorly.

This means that, for the most part, you should not be actively spending your resources all the time. There is a proper time and place to spend your resources, so it’s important that you read this guide and understand the best ways to manage everything.

In this guide, we will discuss the many resources of Clash of Streamers and talk about how they should be spent.


Gems are the primary currency in Clash of Streamers, and they can be used in virtually every area of the game. They can be used to swap ability-sets, list auctions on the Auction House, buy more Auction House slots, purchase goods in the Marketplace... the list goes on.

When choosing to spend Gems, there are purchases that are clear winners and others that are clear losers.

So, what should you avoid spending Gems on?

For starters, spending Gems on most slot machines or minigames is oftentimes a complete waste. You can get much better value for each building’s respective resource in many different ways.

For example, you should NEVER spend Gems to spin, play mini-games, or get loot in the following areas:

  • Community Hub
  • Athene's Church
  • Bad Luck Jackpot
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Slot Bingo

Spending Gems in these scenarios is a complete waste! This is the worst possible Gem value you can get for Community Chips, Athene Coins, VIP Tickets, and Casino Chips.

You are much better off simply purchasing these resources in the Marketplace and Merchant, in addition to earning them naturally throughout play.

You should also avoid refreshing the loot on the Get Lucky wheel for Gems!

This is really not worth the cost at all. You are given 3 free refreshes every 8 hours, which is oftentimes enough to help you get the best loot in the Get Lucky building.

Take a look at the Get Lucky Guide for maximizing your loot from the Get Lucky building.

In most cases, refreshing the Marketplace is the same - you shouldn’t refresh for Gems. However, in late-game scenarios when working towards completing the Gem Event, it could potentially be beneficial.

Take a look at the Weekly Events Guide for more info on completing the Gem Event.

These are some of the biggest missteps when spending Gems in Clash of Streamers. If you can avoid spending Gems in the scenarios listed above, you are already way ahead of the curve.

So, what should you spend Gems on?

On a regular basis, Gems should only really be spent when you are doing one of the following things:

  • Completing Weekly Events (Gem Event & Treasure Event)
  • Purchasing Marketplace loot

We'll start by looking at the Marketplace.

The Marketplace has the best offers for you to regularly spend Gems on. This is because every purchase made in the Marketplace will give you loot at a 5% better price than the default loot value.

Any additional discounts found on loot in the Marketplace are bonus discounts on top of the already 5% discounted price.

For the most part, you should follow these rules for Marketplace purchases:

  • Always buy any heroes for sale (helps get good initial team and improve Loyalty TreeLoyalty Tree)
  • Always buy TriHard ScrollTriHard Scrolls (helps work towards completing Upgrade Event on a regular basis)
  • Always buy any seasonal currencies for sale (during seasonal events)
  • Buy any other deals when they are discounted (10% off or better)

While these MarketplaceMarketplace rules should apply for the majority of scenarios, there are other scenarios where you might want to make different purchases in the MarketplaceMarketplace.

Check out the full Marketplace Guide for a more in-depth walkthrough of the MarketplaceMarketplace.

Overall, the Marketplace is one of the best, if not the best place to spend your Gems.

Additionally, you will find that the Treasure Event is another great place to spend your Gems.

Of course, if you are going to spend Gems on Treasure Event purchases, you need to ensure you have at least 26M to allow you to complete the whole Treasure Event.

This will allow you to claim the additional legendary stars from the Treasure Event, which is a great help in allowing you to claim additional rewards from the Seasonal Challenge as well as help progress towards the next stage of the Legendary Event.

This makes the Treasure Event a great place to spend Gems.

However, you should only ever spend Gems to complete the Treasure Event when you are also actively working on completing the Gem Event.

Since the full Treasure Event costs a ton of Gems to complete, it’s a huge waste to spend those Gems without also being able to complete the whole Gem Event.

Where else should you spend Gems?

Since Gems are the primary currency in Clash of Streamers, you’ll find they have a lot more uses than just what has been listed above. You can use them in pretty much any area of the game.

In most cases, it is okay to spend Gems in areas which have simple one-time purchases. For example, it is obviously fine to list an asset on the Auction House for Gems, or swap ability-sets in the Spellbook for Gems.

As long as you are not constantly spending Gems in these areas, your account won't be impacted negatively.

Make sure you refer to the guidelines outlined in this section whenever you have a ton of Gems to spend and are wondering what to do with them!


Crypton is the premium currency found in Clash of Streamers. It can be acquired passively (see the Passive Crypton Guide), it can be acquired through purchases (see the Pay-To-Play Guide), as well as several other methods

It has a variety of different uses in Clash of Streamers:

  • Exporting heroes and shiny pets to the Blockchain
  • Buying new ability-sets in the Spellbook building
  • Buying seasonal currencies during seasonal events
  • Trading streamer skins, pet skins, and loot cards inside of the Auction House
  • Crypton donations (to other players or to charity)
  • Crypton challenges (when visiting other players)

Take a look at the Crypton Guide for a full list of uses in Clash of Streamers.

In terms of account progression, Crypton can be very useful since it opens up doors to several late-game features that you may otherwise not be able to interact with.

To maximize account progression, Crypton should be used in the following ways:

  • Purchasing duplicate ability-sets (to generate passive Crypton)
  • Exporting heroes and shiny pets to the Blockchain (to improve combat potential or make money selling/renting your heroes/pets to other players)
  • Purchasing seasonal currencies inside of the seasonal shop (during seasonal events)

With regards to Crypton, the bulk of your account progression will likely come from these three areas.

Why purchase duplicate ability-sets?

Purchasing duplicate ability-sets allows you to earn more Crypton passively. The more duplicate ability-sets you have for both streamers and pets, the higher your passive Crypton generation percentage will be.

This is the first step, and likely the most important step to take since it will gradually give you a higher pool of Crypton to use later in the game.

Take a look at the Duplicate Ability-Sets Guide and Passive Crypton Guide for more info on how this works.

Once you have a ton of Crypton, you should then look to export heroes to the Blockchain. When you have a hero on the Blockchain, you can do many different things with it.

You can...

  • Sell it to other players for DUBI
  • Rent it to other players for DUBI
  • Empower it with DUBI

Take a look at the Blockchain Section for more guides on this topic.

Empowering your exported hero with at least 0.001 will grant it a minimum of 20% additional power. This power is based on the DUBI rank of the hero relative to other players that have also empowered their heroes with DUBI.

Exporting heroes and empowering them with DUBI is an absolute necessity if you are looking to progress far in Clash of Streamers.

As combat gradually gets more and more difficult, you will need any help you can get. Since you can get your heroes an additional 20-100% power from DUBI empowerment, it is absolutely necessary that you eventually export your powerful heroes to the Blockchain.

Even if your goal is not to make money by selling or renting your heroes, your progression through the Campaign Tower and Arena is an extremely significant contributing factor to your overall account progression.

If your heroes are buffed with DUBI, then you will be able to progress further inside the various combat related buildings.

On top of exporting heroes to the Blockchain, purchasing seasonal currencies is another great way to spend your Crypton.

Seasonal currencies give you a ton of flexibility when it comes down to purchases within the seasonal shop. You can purchase heroes, legendary stars, as well as a ton of different resources.

You should only purchase some seasonal currencies with Crypton if you know you will gain a ton of value back from the purchases. This means that the seasonal currencies need to contribute a great deal to your account progression.

Take a look at the Seasonal Currencies section for more info on the best ways to use your seasonal currencies.

To summarize, this is how you should be spending your Crypton:

  1. Buy duplicate ability-sets to increase your passive Crypton generation.
  2. Export heroes to the blockchain, and sell/rent them for DUBI or empower them with DUBI to improve your combat progression.
  3. Purchase seasonal currencies in the seasonal shop on certain occasions (getting powerful heroes and resources for Weekly Events and Merchant deals).

For more info on Crypton and how to get the currency, see the Crypton Guides section.

Seasonal Currencies

During seasonal events, you will find yourself collecting a bunch of seasonal currencies throughout gameplay. So, what exactly should you do with these seasonal currencies?

Seasonal currencies should be used in the following ways:

  • Spend them on powerful heroes in the seasonal shop (for combat progression)
  • Spend them on different resources in the seasonal shop (for Weekly Event completion)
  • Spend them on legendary stars (for Legendary Event and Seasonal Challenge completion)

Outlined above are the three primary ways that you should use your seasonal currencies.

When should you purchase heroes in the seasonal shop?

Heroes should be purchased when they will significantly improve your combat progression in one way or another.

It’s often difficult to get powerful heroes during the early-game stages of Clash of Streamers. The seasonal shop makes it possible to get some extremely powerful heroes rather easily.

If you have the option to purchase a powerful hero from the seasonal shop, and if the powerful hero will significantly improve your current team, then the purchase has a ton of value.

The 7-star and 8-star heroes from the seasonal shop are more likely to improve your team early-game. However, if you happen to spend money in order to afford the extremely powerful 9-star level 9 hero from the seasonal shop, then that purchase is always worth it.

When should you purchase resources in the seasonal shop?

You should purchase resources in a couple different cases:

  • When the resources purchased will allow you to complete a different Weekly Event
  • When the resources purchased will allow you to complete an insane Merchant deal

If you happen to be close to completing a current Weekly Event, and if you have enough seasonal currencies to purchase enough of the Weekly Event resource, then you should definitely do so.

Since Weekly Events offer a ton of progression from the full completion rewards, you will gain a ton of value from this.

On the other hand, some Merchant deals are extremely significant. For example, you may find a deal for a Madness Chip that is going to expire shortly. If purchasing a few resources from the seasonal shop will allow you to complete a Merchant deal like this, then it’s completely worth it.

The value earned from some Merchant deals are incredible!

When should you purchase legendary stars from the seasonal shop?

If you happen to be extremely close to completing one of Legendary Event milestones, then you should purchase some legendary stars to help you complete the event. This is even more true if you are also close to completing the Seasonal Challenge and have the Seasonal Gold Pass.

The loot that you can get from completing both the Legendary Event as well as the Seasonal Challenge is incredibly valuable, so speeding up progress towards both of these things is incredibly impactful on your account progression.

Last but not least, you could always hold your seasonal currencies and turn them into Gems at the end of the event.

By default, any remaining seasonal currencies will be turned into Gems and sent to your mailbox once the event concludes. If you are in need of a lot of Gems, then this option could be incredibly useful.

Summon Scrolls

Your summon scrolls are some of the most valuable resources in the game for your overall progression, since a huge part of your account progression comes from the various combat buildings (Campaign Tower, Boss Tower, Arena, Attack Streamer).

Because of this, it is vital that you are managing and spending your TriHard Scrolls, Kappa Scrolls, and Pogchamp Orbs effectively.

How should you spend TriHard Scrolls and Kappa Scrolls?

You should only be spending your TriHard Scrolls and Kappa Scrolls in the following scenarios:

  • After completing the tutorial (to get your initial team of heroes)
  • Working on completing the Upgrade Event
  • Working on completing the Summon Event
  • Trades in the Merchant building

When the tutorial is completed, you should work to get a decent team of heroes so that you can progress in the various combat buildings.

Once you have your initial team of heroes and find yourself a bit stuck in combat, you should then focus on accumulating your TriHard and Kappa Scrolls in order to complete the Upgrade Event and Summon Event.

Since Weekly Events have a huge impact on your overall progress, your priorities with these summon scrolls should be to help complete these events.

You will always get more rewards for completing the entire event, so always make sure you have enough Kappa Scrolls for the entire Summon Event, and enough heroes to upgrade for the entire Upgrade Event!

Take a look at the Weekly Events Guide for more tips on completing the Summon Event and Upgrade Event.

How should you spend PogChamp Orbs?

PogChamp Orbs are insanely valuable because they are extremely rare; much more so than TriHard Scrolls and Kappa Scrolls, and they give extremely powerful heroes. Despite the fact, the rules are a bit more lenient for how you should be using them.

Whenever you get any PogChamp Orbs, you have two options on how to use them:

  • Spend them in the Summon building
  • Trade them for other resources in the Merchant

Since PogChamp Orbs give you the best heroes out of all the summon-based resources, these should primarily be used to summon yourself some very high level heroes.

This is especially important after the tutorial phase when most of your heroes are only around 4-star level 4. Even when out of the tutorial phase, you can freely spend most of your PogChamp Orbs summoning in the Summon building since each PogChamp Orb used will contribute to your PogChamp Orb Event progress (even when the event is not active).

Despite the rules for these resources, you need to make sure you always have some TriHard Scrolls, Kappa Scrolls, and PogChamp Orbs available to allow you to complete any Merchant deals.

Merchant deals are extremely significant. They allow you to trade in one type of resource for another, netting you increased value on the resource gained.

Despite the fact that summon scrolls are so significant to your account progression, you should always keep some TriHard Scrolls, Kappa Scrolls, and PogChamp Orbs in reserve. This way, you can afford any Merchant deals when they come along.

For example, you could potentially find a trade which costs 1-2 PogChamp Orbs and gives you 3-4 PogChamp Orbs back, which is a trade worth millions of Gems.

Keeping a reserve of these resources makes you much more flexible and adaptable to all scenarios, and will improve your overall account progression like crazy in the long run.

To summarize, these are your goals with your TriHard Scrolls, Kappa Scrolls, and PogChamp Orbs:

  1. Get a good team of heroes after the tutorial.
  2. Spend TriHard Scrolls when trying to accumulate a ton of heroes to complete the Upgrade Event, while keeping some in reserve for Merchant deals.
  3. Spend Kappa Scrolls when working towards completing the Summon Event, while keeping some in reserve for Merchant deals.
  4. Spend PogChamp Orbs whenever you want, while keeping a few in reserve for Merchant deals.
  5. Complete Merchant deals whenever possible using TriHard Scrolls, Kappa Scrolls, and PogChamp Orbs.

If you follow these steps with your summon scrolls, you'll find yourself gradually improving your team and progressing at a very good pace.

Get Lucky Chips

Get Lucky Chips are very valuable. Although you could take a look at the Get Lucky building and assume that the loot you might get is very useless, the building offers the potential to get some incredible loot. So, it’s important you are using your Get Lucky Chips wisely!

Only spend your Get Lucky Chips in one of two cases:

  1. You have an upgraded loot table on your Get Lucky wheel and are working on completing the Get Lucky Event.
  2. You are trading Get Lucky Chips for other resources in the Merchant.

The default wheel in the Get Lucky building does not provide very good loot. Therefore, you should only be spending your Get Lucky Chips once you have a good loot table which will produce a lot of upgraded loot.

To get a good loot table, you need to lock items on the wheel after a refresh. If you do this for long enough, and if you lock the right loot, you will receive much more value from the building in the long run.

You can take a look at the Get Lucky Guide for more info on the best loot to lock.

In addition to only spending your Get Lucky Chips after having a good loot table, you also want to ensure you are only spending your Get Lucky Chips when working on completing the Get Lucky Event.

Since it may take a decent amount of time to get a good loot table in the Get Lucky building, you could potentially be waiting a long time before you start spending your Get Lucky Chips. However, this is perfectly okay!

If you end up waiting a very long time, you will have a ton of Get Lucky Chips which you can use to spend towards completing the...

  • Epic Get Lucky Event
  • Legendary Get Lucky Event

Whatever the event may be, it’s safe to say you will have a ton of Get Lucky Chips, which is why they should be used towards one of the event rarities above.

No matter what, it’s extremely important that you only spend Get Lucky Chips is after you have your high quality loot table. This requires a bit of patience, but the loot you will get out of the Get Lucky building in the long run will make it all worth it!

Take a look at the Weekly Events Guide for more tips on completing the Get Lucky Event.

Additionally, similarly to summon scrolls, you should always keep a reserve of Get Lucky Chips. This will allow you to afford any Merchant deals that require you to spend some Get Lucky Chips.

Other Resources

While Gems, Get Lucky Chips, TriHard Scrolls, and Summon Scrolls are the main resources used to complete the main rotation of Weekly Events, there are several others that contribute to their own special events.

The resources are the following:

VIP Ticket
Athene Coin
Casino Chip
Community Chip
Mega Chip

These resources all contribute to their own special events. This means that you can spend them at any time and will always be progressing towards the completion of their special events.

Despite that fact, your primary focus should be to complete Merchant deals with these resources.

Since Merchant deals have a huge impact on your overall account progression in the long run, ensuring that you have a large reserve of these resources is absolutely essential. If you do not have a large reserve of these resources, you should not be spending them at all!

Every single time you see a deal in the Merchant which requires any number of these resources, you should instantly complete the deal.

By doing this, you should have a constant feedback loop of trades, and as a result, you will likely have a difficult time ever running out of these resources.

To summarize, with these resources, you should do the following:

  1. Collect an abundance of these resources from Marketplace purchases as well as throughout gameplay.
  2. Spend them mainly on Merchant deals.
  3. Once you have an extremely large amount of each resource type, you can freely spend them in their respective buildings.

This is the best way you can collect and spend your VIP Tickets, Athene Coins, Casino Chips, Community Chips, and Mega Chips.

Extremely Rare Resources

When playing Clash of Streamers, you may be lucky enough to get your hands on an extremely rare resource.

The extremely rare resources are the following:

Madness Chip
Insanity Chip
Ascendance Chip

Most players will only ever get a few Madness Chips throughout many months of play. On the other hand, Insanity Chips and Ascendance Chips are so difficult to come by that most players will never get one in their entire lives.

If you ever get any of these resources, there is only one thing that you can do: spend them.

These resources cannot be traded for any Merchant deals or anything like that. They are simply meant to be spent in the Community building as soon as you get them.

These are the top 3 most valuable resources in the game. If you’re lucky enough, you might get a ton of really insane loot by spinning them!


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