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Updated December 15, 2019


As a streamer or content creator on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, making money is much more cut and dry than as a player.

It can be seen as a more risk-free approach to making money.

In this guide we will go over everything related to making money as a streamer or content creator, and talk about the best ways you can improve your chances at being successful.

If you’re good or if you get lucky, there is a lot of money that can be made!

What are Skins?

The main method of earning money as a streamer or content creator is by selling skins to players.

So what is a skin?

A skin is simply some image or piece of artwork created by a streamer or content creator which can be used in-game in many ways.

Other players can collect skins of streamers or content creators through ways which you decide - more on this later. But what can players actually do with your skins?

Clash of Streamers players can do the following with your skins:

  • Equip them onto heroes using the Face Swap building
  • Sell them on the Auction House for Crypton

Additionally, there are three different skin rarities:

  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Each rarity has a different aura which applies to heroes in battle. A rare skin will give heroes a blue aura, an epic skin will give heroes a purple aura, and a legendary skin will apply a golden aura to heroes in battle.

Not only that, but skins also provide buffs to the heroes they are equipped on.

Needless to say, they are quite useful - and many people will be looking to collect skins!

Why Collect Skins?

There are many reasons people will collect skins.

Some reasons include:

  1. Some people are collectors and enjoy collecting stuff from different sources.
  2. Some players will want to try to make money through the Blockchain, and good skins are vital to that.
  3. Some players will want to grant their heroes additional buffs in battle.
  4. Some players will collect skins to try to earn Crypton by selling them on the Auction House.
  5. Some players will collect skins to help earn additional achievements.
  6. Some players will collect skins for the overall aesthetics of having heroes with cool looking auras.

For starters, you can almost imagine the skins for certain streamers and content creators are similar to jerseys for favorite sports teams. People love to represent people, places, and things they really like.

Additionally, collecting valuable skins is one almost surefire way for players to make money in Clash of Streamers.

Check out the Selling Heroes Guide for more info on that.

The buffs that skins provide are also quite significant. For each skin, you can get around a 10% increase in armor, health, or attack. If you have a skin on each of your heroes in battle, the 60% overall bonus is a huge help.

Last but not least, players can potentially earn a ton of Crypton by selling collected skins on the Auction House. Since Crypton is a key to exporting heroes in the Blockchain building, many people will be going down this route.

As you can tell there are a ton of reasons why players would want to collect your skins.

In fact, this isn’t even the full extent of the thought processes behind players looking to collect skins - this is just a sample.

So how do you upload skins and try to capitalize on this demand?

Uploading Skins

If you are a streamer or content creator, then you may in fact have the opportunity to get your own skins in Clash of Streamers!

To get your own skins in Clash of Streamers, you need to satisfy one of the following conditions:

  • On Twitch, be a Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner
  • On YouTube, have at least 1,000 subscribers
  • On Facebook, have at least 1,000 likes on your page

If you happen to satisfy one of these conditions, you can have your own skins in Clash of Streamers.

So, how do you do it?

You can upload your skins in-game or on the Gaming for Good dashboard. Both of these areas give you the ability to upload your skins and set the requirements for acquiring them.

Once you have your skins uploaded and in Clash of Streamers, other players will then receive your skins after completing the different requirements.

When uploading your skins, it’s important to make sure they fit reasonably on a hero’s neck. You need to ensure the skin is large enough, and has transparency around the outer edges.

If you don’t do this, it will be far less likely that other players will actually desire your skin. Don’t neglect this!

Selling Skins

In order to make money with your skins, you need to offer them in exchange for money.

For example, if you are a Twitch streamer, you want to have your skin requirements as some of the following:

  • Cash donations
  • Subscriptions

If you offer your skins cheap enough with these methods, have high enough quality skins, or happen to be a popular streamer, you will likely get a lot of people donating and subscribing to you.

This is the core of what making money as a streamer is about!

You simply want to offer skins to players for various donation and payment methods. If you are popular enough and manage to build a community around your Clash of Streamers content, you will earn a lot of money!

High Quality Skins

You are much more likely to sell your skins if they appear to be high quality and have some value.

While playing Clash of Streamers, you will notice two different skin types:

  • Real life faces
  • Custom artwork

While a real life face or some custom artwork can both be considered high quality, it’s important you choose what fits best for your overall brand.

When should you use your real life face?

If you are already a popular icon on Twitch/YouTube/Facebook, that would be a good time to use your face as your skins.

Generally, people should be able to recognize who they are looking at. Perhaps not initially, but you should already be using your face frequently online so that your face is connected to whatever stream or channel you are advertising.

Essentially, you should only use your own face as your skins if your image is largely what is considered the brand of your stream/channel/page!

If you fall under this category, it’s important that you have extremely high quality pictures to use as your skins. If you do have high quality pictures, people will be much more likely to give you money for your skins!

You can get high quality skins of your face in the following ways:

  • Take photos with a high quality camera
  • Use expressive facial expressions to evoke emotions
  • Use props to enhance the photos
  • Use iconic shots of your face which fans recognize
  • Enhance photos with image effects (using Photoshop or some other editing tool)

If you take pictures with the above advice in mind, you will likely have a lot more success selling your skins to players.

Every photo was taken using a high quality camera, props are used, expressive facial expressions are used, some image effects are applied, and some iconic images of Athene are used.

Because of this, AtheneLive fans who really want to support him will be much more likely to actually purchase his skins.

When should you use some custom artwork as your skins?

If your brand does not include your personal image, then you should use custom artwork as your skins.

The skins can be in the form of cartoon artwork, pixel artwork, or any other type of custom artwork.

If you use the strategy of custom artwork, you won’t really need an already established brand to help you sell your skins.

As long as you manage to have extremely high quality skins in a unique style of artwork which fits well in Clash of Streamers and has some sort of an audience, you will likely find success selling skins.

Here are some examples of some skins which we would consider high quality artwork:

As you can see by these three examples, they all have their own unique style of artwork. The artwork is high quality, and each appeals to a different audience.

If you have artwork like this, you are much more likely to have success selling these skins than you might by simply trying to sell images of your face.

The higher the quality of your skins, the better the chance you have at standing out from the rest of the competition!

Set of Skins

Whether you choose to upload images of your face or some custom artwork as your skins, you need to have a strategy with your full set of skins.

To start, you want to ensure you upload a full set of skins. This includes the default skin, three rare skins, one epic skin and one legendary skin.

The higher the rarity of the skin, the more unique or valuable the skin should appear.

For example, your legendary skin should appear much more epic than the epic skin, and the epic skin should look much better than the rare skins.

When combined with higher prices, this helps to create the image of skins which are much more valuable than the rest.

Additionally, you need to upload a completely new, completely unique set of skins each month.

The primary purpose of this is to keep things fresh and unique for viewers who watch your stream or other content you produce.

Beyond that, having a unique set of skins highly encourages people to export heroes with your skins to the Blockchain.

This will attract people who will be looking to make money through the Blockchain building, which is a huge deal.

Invest your time and energy into creating and uploading a new set of 6 skins each month - it will definitely pay off!

Pricing Strategies

The pricing is a huge factor at play when it comes down to how well your skins can sell.

To start, it’s important that you don’t give away your skins for cheap!

Players who will be looking to export heroes to the Blockchain will be looking for valuable skins.

If the price of your best skin (your legendary skin) is too cheap, then it is extremely easy for many people to get.

If too many people get your skin, it loses its rarity, therefore becoming undesirable for other players to acquire if they are looking to export heroes with your skin to the Blockchain.

This is something you need to keep in mind when determining the price of your skins. Your legendary skin should never be sold for a cheap price!

Another great tool to use when setting the requirements of your skins is the "at least x amount donation."

For example, let’s imagine your skins have the following requirements set:

  • Rare 3: At least $5 donation
  • Epic: At least $10 donation
  • Legendary: At least $20 donation

If a player donates $20, they will get the rare 3 skin, the epic skin, and the legendary skin. This is extremely useful as it allows players to feel like they are getting more value for their money.

Another great strategy to take advantage of are Gem giveaways.

On Twitch, for every subscriber you have each month, you will receive $5 worth of Gems. With those Gems, you can send them to your account or give them away to other players.

As a result, it’s a great idea to have one of your best skins set to your subscription skin. This will allow you to get a lot more Gems for free, and with those Gems, you can give them away to players that donate for your more expensive skins.

To summarize, when pricing your skins, you want to focus on the following:

  1. Price your legendary skin quite expensive relative to the other skins. This will create a strong incentive for players interested in the Blockchain to come collect your skin.
  2. Take advantage of the Gem giveaway ability, and set a high quality skin to the requirement which gives you additional Gems. On Twitch, this is a subscription.
  3. Use the “at least X donation” instead of "exactly X donation" for the skin requirements. This will allow players to get multiple skins at a time, which will encourage more people to spend money.

What prices should you set your skins around?

If you are an already established streamer or content creator, you already have a good idea of how much people donate to you on a regular basis. You can price your skins around those values.

If you are a new streamer or content creator, you want to start your skin pricing relatively cheap. Eventually, as you get more donations and figure out how much people donate to you on a regular basis, you can price your future skins accordingly.


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