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Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers renting heroes guide; a guide on how to make DUBI and real money by renting your heroes out to other players.

One major money making strategy in Clash of Streamers is the concept of renting your heroes to other players. This is an extremely effective strategy, as it turns out many players will be looking to rent your heroes for a myriad of reasons.

For one, renting heroes is extremely helpful in climbing the Arena and Campaign Tower.

In fact, renting heroes is so powerful that it has been called "overpowered" by the lead game designer of Clash of Streamers, Athene.

This makes renting heroes potentially one of the most effective ways of making money.

In this guide we will be discussing exactly how you should approach this money-making method to maximize your chances of successfully earning DUBI, and as a result, real money.

Why Rent Heroes?

Why would other players rent any of your Blockchain heroes?

Players will look to rent your Blockchain heroes for several different reasons:

  1. Rented heroes will help you progress through difficult stages of the Campaign Tower and Arena
  2. Some daily quests will require you to rent heroes.
  3. Renting a high level hero is much faster and easier than actually acquiring the hero yourself.

By default, heroes which are on the Blockchain are far more powerful than standard heroes because they can be empowered with DUBI. This allows players to have a much easier time progressing through combat stages they might have been stuck on.

Additionally, some daily quests will actually require you to rent a Blockchain hero.

The most important reason people will rent comes down to the combat potential of Blockchain heroes and how relatively cheap they are to acquire.

For example, you might have to wait more than a year or spend thousands of dollars to acquire a max-star, max-level hero.

Instead of doing this, you can rent a max-star, max-level hero for a small amount of DUBI in the Blockchain building.

This gives you extremely easy and cheap access to a hero which will help you progress much further in combat.

How Does Renting Work?

To start, you first need to export a hero to the Blockchain. Any heroes that are not on the Blockchain cannot be rented out to other players!

Take a look at the guide Blockchain wiki page and the How to Make Money in Clash of Streamers for more on that.

To make your Blockchain hero available for rent, you need to empower it with at least 0.001.

Empowering is the process of permanently attaching DUBI to your hero, thus increasing its power. The more DUBI you empower your hero with, the more power it will have.

The additional power is based on the DUBI rank of the hero relative to everybody else in the world.

A hero which is in the top 1% of all DUBI ranks will have a power increase of 100%, while a hero which is in the top 100% (any hero empowered with DUBI) will have a power increase of 20%.

Once you have a Blockchain hero which has been empowered with at least 0.001, it is now automatically listed for rent, and another player can now rent your hero!

The process for renting a hero is as follows:

  1. Another player opts to rent your hero by spending a fixed amount of DUBI. The DUBI gets added onto your hero and is now yours like all other empowered DUBI.
  2. The player who has empowered your hero with more DUBI can now use it in combat for 10 minutes.

When another player rents your hero, he is empowering your hero with more DUBI, and the amount of DUBI which is required to rent your hero is dependent on its rentscore.

What is the rentscore?

The rentscore is simply a measurement of a hero’s overall worth. A more powerful hero will cost more to rent, thus earning you more DUBI in the long run.

Eventually, you can choose to remove the empowered DUBI from your hero, sell the DUBI for Ethereum, and then cash out the Ethereum for your native currency (see the Cashing Out Guide).

This is the essence of how you make money by renting heroes out to other players! You export a hero to the Blockchain, you empower the hero with at least 0.001, other players rent your hero, and then you cash the DUBI out.

Not only do you earn money from the accumulation of DUBI on your hero, but you will also earn money based on the potentially increasing value of DUBI.

Let’s look at an example scenario...

  1. During month 1 when DUBI is worth $2, players rent your hero enough times to add an additional 50 to your empowered hero. ($100 earned)
  2. During month 2 when DUBI is worth $5, players continue to rent your hero enough times to add an additional 20 to your empowered hero. ($100 earned)
  3. You have earned $250 from the initial 50, and $100 from the 20 in the second month.
  4. You can then remove the 70 (worth $350) from your hero and cash out.

This is simply an example scenario, but you get the point. In the earlier months of Clash of Streamers, DUBI will be much cheaper, and as a result, the amount of DUBI required to rent heroes will be much greater.

In the future, as the price of DUBI goes up, you will be making a lot of money on that old empowered DUBI as well as new DUBI which is added to the hero.

This is what makes renting heroes such an incredibly good strategy for making money! In fact, renting heroes out to other players is potentially one of the best, if not the very best way to make money through the Blockchain!

If you have a good enough hero to rent to other players, you can potentially make a ridiculous amount of money from the increasing value of DUBI as well as the accumulation of DUBI on your hero.

Heroes to Rent Out

Now that we’ve outlined how you can make some money renting heroes out for other players, which heroes should you export and rent out?

People will mainly look to rent your powerful heroes to help progress through the Arena and the Campaign Tower.

With this in mind, the best idea would be to export very powerful heroes, and then empower them with DUBI to make them available for rent. A very powerful hero will allow players that are stuck in the Arena and the Campaign Tower to progress much further, which is a big deal.

A powerful hero should satisfy the following conditions:

  1. The hero should be at least 9-star level 9.
  2. The hero should have unconditional buff passive abilities which increase attack, health, armor break, or other abilities that don't need to synergize well with other heroes.
  3. The hero should come from a high damage dealing class (highest damage dealing class is Rogue, followed by Priest).

Why should the hero be at least 9-star level 9?

You need to make sure that you are catering your exported heroes to players that will actually need it. New players can usually quickly and easily get any 7-star level 7 heroes, and they likely won't be renting any heroes early on; so more often than not an exported 7-star level 7 hero won't be very useful!

You are much better off if you are catering your exported heroes to players that are stuck in the mid/late-game stages of Clash of Streamers.

Additionally, 9-star level 9 heroes have access to two passive abilities, which makes them much more effective in combat. For all of these reasons, you need to make sure that any exported heroes are a minimum of 9-star level 9 if you are looking to earn money by renting them to other players.

You can easily get a 9-star level 9 hero from finishing one of smaller Legendary Events or fully completing some Weekly Events.

While you may get a few heroes which are strong enough to export, we suggest waiting until you get a high power Rogue or Priest before exporting to the Blockchain.

The reason for this is simply due to the fact that Rogues and Priests have the highest attack and power stats, and as a result, will help other players out the most when progressing through combat.

Take a look at the Best Heroes Guide for more info on which heroes have the best stats for each category.

No matter which hero you export, it's important that you equip the right ability-set on the hero. Without a decent ability-set, your exported heroes will be far less useful to players looking to rent, and as a result, your hero probably won't get rented very often.

In most cases, the best ability-sets usually consist of the following:

  1. An ultimate ability which deals very high damage and targets as many enemies as possible.
  2. Three passive abilities which don't need to synergize with abilities of other heroes (e.g. unconditional buff abilities).

An area-of-effect ultimate ability is much more useful than a single-target ultimate ability, since you'll usually be going up against six enemies at a time. Since the goal is to make your hero the most useful for players to rent, area-of-effect ultimate abilities are the best possible options to equip on exported heroes.

At the same time, passive abilities are just as important. You don't want to equip any abilities on your exported heroes which only work well when combined with other heroes. For example, unconditional buff passive abilities are great options since they don't need to synergize well with other heroes to be useful.

It's important to keep all of this in mind when choosing the ability-set of a hero you're looking to rent to other players.

One of the best possible options for an exported hero is a Rogue or Priest with unconditional buff passive abilities.

This is for several different reasons:

  1. Rogues and Priests have the highest attack and power stats in the game, and as a result, will be much more powerful.
  2. Unconditional buff passive abilities increase the base damage an the already powerful Rogue or Priest.
  3. The higher the damage of the exported hero, the higher the power, and as a result, the higher the rentscore will be.
  4. You cannot predict the team composition of people renting your heroes, so choosing abilities which buff the base stats of a Rogue or Priest is a much safer bet.

If you have a hero with a higher rentscore, you will be ranked much higher and people will see your hero as much more powerful than others. As a result, you will likely get your hero rented out more often, which is a huge deal!

Additionally, since the team composition of players renting your hero cannot be predicted, your best bet is to get as much raw power on your exported hero as possible.

Priests might possibly be even better than Rogues for renting out to other players. If you are looking to export a powerful Priest to rent out to other players, one of the best potential ability-sets is the following:

Light Implosion

Ultimate: Causes an implosion that strikes all enemies dealing (110% of attack) damage.

Hymn of Might

Auto-skill: You chant a mighty hymn that increases your attack by 40%.

Hymn of Light

Auto-skill: Increases attack by 30% and health by 10%.

Hymn of Kings

Auto-skill: Increases attack and health by 20%.

This will give your Priest an additional 90% attack and 30% health (assuming it is level 11), which is a huge deal. This will increase the base power of your hero, and as a result, increase the rentscore of your Priest.

On top of that, the Light Implosion ability is the best area-of-effect ultimate ability in the game. By combining massive attack bonuses with the Light Implosion ability, you'll have a Priest that is incredibly powerful and will help other players progress very far by renting it out.

Although a Priest would be our first pick for the best type of hero to rent to other players, you can also go with a Rogue or a Warrior. Different scenarios will warrant different heroes, anyways.

For example, Rogues typically fare better against single target enemies (like bosses), Priests handle large crowds better, and Warriors are extremely good at tanking damage and allowing ally heroes to stay alive longer.

If you do export a Rogue or Warrior, the same principle applies...

Choose the best unconditional buff passive abilities which increase the attack/health/armor of your hero.

As long as you are exporting a powerful Rogue, Priest, or Warrior, you should see some success with renting (assuming the market is not too saturated with heroes).

Although Rogues, Priests, Warriors would likely give the best results and profit when renting them out, you should export every powerful hero you get and empower them with DUBI.

This will allow you to progress much further in the various combat related buildings in Clash of Streamers, as well as open you up to receive more DUBI from other players renting your heroes.

So, when should you export the heroes you want to rent?

Since exporting powerful heroes costs a significant amount of Crypton, your best bet would likely be to do this after at least one month of play. This will allow you to take advantage of the Blockchain export reduction from achievement collection.

See the guide How to Make Money in Clash of Streamers and the Selling Heroes Guide for tips on exporting powerful streamers and reducing export cost.

Retrieving Earned DUBI

If you followed the steps above, hopefully your hero turned out to be a popular renting prospect. If so, that would mean you should now have a lot of DUBI empowered on your hero.

At this point you probably want to reclaim your DUBI and cash out.

The most important thing to note is the following:

When you remove the DUBI from your hero, the hero is destroyed. You will not be able to use it anymore, you will not have the skin sent to your Face Swap building - everything is destroyed irreversibly.

This is something you need to be very aware of. Once a hero is gone, it's gone forever; you won't have any more opportunities to earn additional DUBI with that hero.

If you do want to cash out your DUBI, removing the DUBI from your hero (and destroying it) should be seen as a last resort method of retrieving your DUBI!

You can actually earn a lot more DUBI by selling the hero instead!

Our best advice regarding the whole process would be the following:

  1. When you export a hero, keep a note of the Crypton cost needed to export the hero.
  2. When your hero is being rented by other players, keep track of the total value of the DUBI added to your hero.
  3. Once the DUBI added to your hero exceeds the Crypton export cost, you can then sell the hero (or continue to rent it out to other players).

Why sell the hero instead of simply removing the DUBI?

There is a very high likelihood that you will be able to sell the hero for more DUBI than what you can remove from the hero itself.

For example...

Let’s say you have 1000 attached to a hero. Since anybody can remove the 1000 from the hero, you know the hero will sell for a minimum of 1000 on the Blockchain exchange.

Since your hero is probably quite powerful, you will have a very easy time selling the hero for more than 1000. Perhaps you could sell it for 1100, maybe for 1250; the point is, you will earn more by selling it than simply by removing the DUBI!

Imagine you put the hero up for sale at a price of 1001. Another player would likely buy the hero instantly since they would be getting the hero for essentially 1 (since the 1000 can be removed and cashed out instantly).

Take a look at the Selling Heroes Guide for more info on making money by selling heroes.

Despite the fact that selling your hero is the better option, I would only look to sell the hero under the following circumstances:

  • The hero is no longer being rented
  • You no longer have any need for the hero
  • You need to cash out the DUBI for some financial help

If you get rid of the hero unnecessarily, you will be losing out on a lot of potential profit from renting it out for longer. Exactly when you decide to pull the plug is something you should think long and hard about before determining that it is the right solution!

Removing the DUBI from the hero instead of selling the hero should be seen as a last resort mechanism of receiving your DUBI.

Only if you can’t manage to sell the hero at all (very unlikely) or if you are in an extreme rush to receive your DUBI should you remove the DUBI and destroy the hero.

Once you have received your DUBI by selling the hero or by removing the DUBI, you can then choose to cash it out.

See the Cashing Out Guide for more info on the process of cashing out.

Renting Heroes from Other Players

Although this guide is about making money by renting heroes, it’s also worth mentioning the best practices involved when renting a hero of another player.

After all, you only have 10 minutes with a rented hero, so you want to get the most out of your time limit!

The best practices on renting heroes boils down to the following tips:

  1. Rent a Priest with the Light Implosion ultimate ability when you are stuck against waves of enemies.
  2. Rent a Rogue when you are stuck against a boss in the Campaign Tower.
  3. Find the weakest hero on your team, and rent a hero which has the exact same faction, allowing you to retain your best faction aura buff.
  4. ALWAYS use bulk attack while fighting with rented heroes since you don’t want to have to redo a fight and lose time.
  5. Choose the battles which are feasible and which have the largest impact on your progression. Sometimes this may be some Campaign Tower fights to reach new towers or prestiges, other times it might be Arena battles that allow you to reach higher ranks for better rewards.

These tips will help you to maximize your time spent with a rented hero.

If you plan on renting a hero to progress through the Campaign Tower, make sure you take a look at the Campaign Climbing Guide to learn about the best ways to progress through the building.


Renting heroes is a fairly straightforward process. As long as you are empowering the right heroes, you can potentially earn a ton of DUBI.

To summarize, if you are looking to make money by renting heroes to other players, you should do the following:

  1. Get a 9-star level 9 Rogue or Priest with maximum damage dealing abilities (Priest will likely be better due to the Light Implosion ultimate ability).
  2. Export the hero to the Blockchain during the 2nd month (or any later month) after reducing the Crypton export cost through achievement buffs and TriHard pet abilities.
  3. Empower your exported hero by at least 0.001 DUBI (the more DUBI the better, since it will improve the hero's power, and as a result, improve its rent score).
  4. Let your hero be rented by other players for awhile.
  5. When you are satisfied with the DUBI amount you have made from your hero, try to sell it to other players using the empowered DUBI cost as a minimum price (e.g. if you have 100 empowered on your hero, sell for 130).
  6. If you are unable to sell your hero to other players, continue to lower the sale price until you find a buyer (stay above the empowered DUBI amount).
  7. If you are still unable to sell your hero, remove the empowered DUBI from the hero (destroying the hero).
  8. Sell your DUBI for Ethereum, and then sell your Ethereum for your native currency (see the Cashing Out Guide).

Following all of the steps in this summary and the guide as a whole will give you the best possible opportunity to earn DUBI and make real money by renting your heroes out to other players.


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