KappaPride Pet Strategies - Best KappaPride Pet Abilities

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers KappaPride pet strategies guide; a guide on the best auto-skill and passive ability strategies to use on your KappaPride pets.

KappaPride pets feature a wide range of unique abilities.

The auto-skill (combat) abilities are some of the best in the game, while the passive abilities don’t have as clear cut of a strategy.

In this guide we will take a look at the different KappaPride pet abilities and determine the best abilities for certain strategies and how you should use them to maximize your account progression.

Auto-Skill Abilities

KappaPride pets have a total of 7 auto-skill (combat) abilities.

The are the following:

Sacred Armor

Auto-Skill: When you get attacked your sacred armor heals you for 45% of your attack.


Auto-Skill: After you die, you are reborn with 60% of your health.

Shadow Sprint

Auto-Skill: You step through shadows granting you 50% control immunity.

Hot Headed

Auto-Skill: You are hot headed and can take some heat, reducing the damage you take from burns by 60%.

Fire Armor

Auto-Skill: You are surrounded by fire armor, when you are attacked, the attacker gets burned, dealing (10% of attack) damage each round until death.

Mystic Presence

Auto-Skill: Deal 80% more damage against Rogues.

Holy Blessing

Auto-Skill: At the end of your turn you give a holy blessing to the ally with the lowest health, healing them by 90% of your attack.

Before unlocking the ability to use one of these auto-skills, you must first have an active KappaPride pet guardian. This only happens once you have captured the KappaPride hatchery, and have unlocked the KappaPride section in the Loyalty Tree by collecting 200K default faces.

For more information on how to setup auto-skill abilities and apply them to certain heroes, take a look at the Pet Abilities Guide.

In the sections below, we will look at some of the best strategies possible with these auto-skill abilities.

Resurrecting Mage Strategy


Auto-Skill: After you die, you are reborn with 60% of your health.

The Rebirth ability is extremely significant because it enables other classes without the Resurrect/Rebirth ability to actually come back to life after death.

The following classes do not have a resurrection ability:

  • Rogues
  • Mages
  • Priests

Since resurrection is not part of their standard arsenal, you have some very interesting strategies you can pull off.

One of these strategies is the resurrecting Mage strategy.

The Mage class has access to a ton of abilities which activate after death.

Here are some of the abilities:

  • Inferno
  • Freezing Death
  • Kamikaze
  • Death Poison
  • Sacrifice

All of these abilities trigger some sort of action after death. Kamikaze will deal 45% damage against all enemies, Inferno will burn all enemies until death; you get the point.

When you use some combination of these abilities alongside the Rebirth KappaPride pet ability, you can trigger the death effects twice during each battle - which is a huge deal!

Take a look at the following Mage ability-set:

An ability-set like this focuses on dealing a ton of damage over time, with most of it being dealt after death.

After the Mage dies, it will instantly deal 45% damage, and apply an additional 60% damage per turn from the Inferno and Death Poison abilities.

Since the Mage has the Rebirth ability from the KappaPride pet guardian, it should trigger these abilities twice.

Combinations like this have a ton of potential. Since there are other abilities which also trigger after death, you can experiment with them to see which works the best!

Passive Abilities

KappaPride pets have a total of 9 unique passive abilities.

They are the following:

The House Never Wins

Passive: When you the spin the community slot machine, you rig the machine, increasing your chance by 1% to receive free community spins.

Mark of Faith

Passive: Your faith is strong and increases your chance to receive free church spins by 1%.

Luck of the Draw

Passive: When you spin the Get Lucky wheel, you draw a lucky straw, increasing your chance to receive free spins by 1%.

Golden Ticket

Passive: When you spin the Bad Luck Jackpot, you have a 1% chance to receive a golden ticket that grants you an additional free spin.

Gem Mine Overload

Passive: Causes your Gem Mine to run at highest capacity, increasing its output by 1%.

Fools Fortune

Passive: Fortune is on your side. You have a 1% chance to gain life-immunity in Blackjack.

Shady Spectacles

Passive: You wear a pair of sunglasses at the tables, obscuring your face and giving you a 1% chance to gain life-immunity in Poker.

High Roller

Passive: As a high roller you have a 1% chance to gain life-immunity in Roulette.

Jackpot Buster

Passive: You're a jackpot buster, when you win the Bad Luck Jackpot you receive 1% more Gems.

Overall, there are not as many unique and useful strategies with regards to KappaPride unique passive abilities.

However, there are clear abilities which will be useful to keep enabled at all times.

The Best Passive Abilities

There is only one clear ability which you should have enabled at all times.

The ability is:

Gem Mine Overload

Auto-Skill: Causes your Gem Mine to run at highest capacity, increasing its output by 1%.

This ability will give you a huge increase in your Gem Mine output. In the long run, you will earn significantly more Gems.

As for the rest of the abilities, they should be chosen based on your situation each week. Certain abilities will grant you increased chance of life immunity in Poker, Blackjack and Roulette, while others will grant you free spins in the various slot machines throughout Clash of Streamers.

Since there are Weekly Events for every single resource type, every one of these abilities is beneficial at one point or another.

Because of this, you should simply choose your 2nd and 3rd abilities based on when you plan on spending specific resources.

For example, when you have saved enough Get Lucky Chips to complete the next Get Lucky Event, that would be a good time to equip the Luck of the Draw ability.

Since you should only ever be spending your Get Lucky Chips when working towards completing the Get Lucky Event, this is the perfect opportunity to bring out this ability.

Take a look at the Get Lucky Guide for tips on improving your loot from the Get Lucky building, and the Weekly Events Guide for tips on completing the Get Lucky Event.

For all other resources, unfortunately it isn’t as simple. Progress towards all of their events can be made at any time, so you can (and should) spend your resources gradually as you play.

Sometimes, you may find yourself quickly gathering up a stockpile of any of the following resources:

  • Athene Coins
  • Community Chips
  • VIP Tickets
  • Casino Chips

Whenever you do, it would be a good idea to equip the respective free spin ability before you start to use them.

Getting additional free spins or life immunity can potentially get you a ton of extra loot for free. So, if you have a little bit of patience with how you spend these resources, you can make some huge profits!

However, if your main Casino Chip minigame is Slot Bingo, then you won’t have a need for any of the life immunity abilities.

You can simply swap between the rest of the free spin abilities on an as-need basis.

While it's usually fine to spend these resources, it’s important to be aware that you should always keep some in reserve so that you can afford any Merchant deals as they come around.

For more info on how best to spend your resources, check out the Resource Management Guide.


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