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Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers Get Lucky guide; a guide on improving your loot and account progression from the Get Lucky building.

While the Get Lucky building may seem very simple at a quick glance, there is quite a bit of depth to it.

The depth is implemented through the following mechanics:

  • Locking
  • Refreshing

While the ability to lock items and refresh the loot table might seem quite simple, it dictates your overall loot output when spinning the wheel.

In this guide, we will go over every bit of information you need to know to optimize your loot output from the Get Lucky building.

Get Lucky Loot Table

The Get Lucky loot table can be seen as the loot inside of the wheel, and the loot inside the wheel dictates exactly what you can get by spinning the wheel.

With a good loot table, you will increase your progression from the Get Lucky building by a significant margin.

What constitutes a good loot table?

A good loot table is a loot table that contains a variety of upgraded loot.

Throughout Clash of Streamers, you will encounter loot in different areas which have orange banners with stars in the top right corner. This indicates that the loot is improved.

The Get Lucky building is no different - loot can appear upgraded on the wheel.

For example, the common Gem drop slot has the following options:

  • 150 (1/2 chance)
  • 250 (9/20 chance)
  • 500 (1/20 chance)

250 would have an orange banner with one star, while 500 would have an orange banner with two stars.

Obviously, the 500 option is the best out of the three. However, you only have a 1/20 chance of encountering this loot after a refresh! You can see more info on the Get Lucky odds in the Avatar.

So, the essence of this strategy comes down to the following:

  1. Getting the best upgraded loot on the loot table, and locking it.
  2. Spinning the wheel with your Get Lucky Chips for loot.

This will give you the best overall progression with regards to the Get Lucky building.

Refreshing and Locking

In the Get Lucky building, you have the ability to lock some loot on the wheel.

Locking loot prevents it from changing after a refresh.

By default, you can only have one item locked at a time. However, at higher VIP levels you can lock even more items.

You get additional locks at the following VIP levels:

  • VIP 4
  • VIP 9

From these VIP levels, you can get up to three item locks; meaning you can have up to three items locked at the same time. However, most players will likely only have one lock available.

So, why is any of this important?

The ability to lock loot in the Get Lucky building acts as a kind of progression system.

The more often you refresh, the more likely you are to see better loot appear on the wheel. As you continue to refresh, you can lock certain loot and gradually change the locked loot to even better loot.

Therefore, the clear steps to take in the Get Lucky building are as follows:

  1. Refresh the wheel using free refreshes (every 8 hours).
  2. Lock the best loot on the loot table.
  3. Continue to refresh, and unlock the old loot for new improved loot as it appears.
  4. Once you have run out of locks and have the best possible loot on the loot table already, stop refreshing.

If you have multiple locks, you want to lock the best 2-3 items on the wheel. Otherwise, you simply want to lock the best available item on the wheel.

Once you are out of locks and have the best possible loot, you simply want to continue refreshing until you have the next best loot on the wheel. Whenever you get the next best loot to appear on the wheel, you want to stop refreshing indefinitely.

Doing this will allow you to have one more valuable item on the wheel than you have locks for.

Since the wheel does not refresh unless you refresh manually, this is an easy way to earn extra loot.

For example, if you have only 1 lock...

  1. Refresh the loot table until you lock the best possible loot option.
  2. Continue to refresh the loot table until you get the second best possible loot option.
  3. Leave the wheel and do not refresh.

With that being said...

What is the best loot to lock?

What to Lock

Before we begin, the loot on the Get Lucky wheel can be split into two primary categories:

  • No limit loot
  • One time loot

Loot with a limit of one will automatically be swapped out when you receive the loot. This means, even though you have locked the loot, when you spin and land on it, it will be swapped out for something else.

Loot with a limit of one is usually considered the more rare and difficult to get loot.

On the other hand, you can get loot with no limit an infinite number of times. This means that once you have this loot locked on the wheel, you will permanently be receiving more loot from the Get Lucky building.

Additionally, loot with no limit is considered the more common and less difficult to get loot.

This is an important concept to understand, because it really narrows down our options as to what we should be locking.

In the above image, the following loot has no limit:

  • 1 Casino Chip
  • 150 Gems
  • 1 TriHard Scroll

The rest of the loot all have a limit of one. This means that when you land on the upgraded hero during a spin, it will be swapped out for a different hero.

So, what should we be locking?

The best loot we can possibly lock is loot that does not disappear after landing on it during a spin. Therefore, our best loot will be some loot with no limit.

The best no limit loot is the 500.

You have a 81.1% chance to land on the common Gem drop when spinning the wheel, so it makes a lot of sense that this would be our #1 pick.

Since we want 500 to appear on the loot table, it’s important that we don’t ever lock anything in that slot. If the common Gem drop slot is locked, then the refresh will never change the loot on that slot, inhibiting our ability to receive the 500.

Therefore, you should never lock the following:

  • 150
  • 250

You have a 1/20 chance of receiving the 500 on the loot table after a refresh. While it might take a long time to get, it is extremely important that you wait for the 500 instead of locking one of the above options.

What are the next best options to lock?

There are several other options for your potential 2nd or 3rd lock (or to just keep in the wheel without refreshing).

They are the following:

  • 2 Casino Chips
  • 2 TriHard Scrolls
  • Upgraded PogChamp hero

2 Casino Chips and 2 TriHard Scrolls are both no limit type loot.

It would likely be better to prioritize Casino Chips above TriHard Scrolls since you have a 5% chance of getting Casino Chips on a spin and only a 0.5% chance of getting TriHard Scrolls.

The PogChamp hero can be seen as the hero in the top right of the Get Lucky wheel. In fact, each hero on the wheel can be seen as a typical hero which comes from a different summon stone.

For example...

  • Bottom left hero: TriHard stone
  • Bottom right hero: Kappa stone
  • Top right hero: PogChamp stone

So, it is entirely possible that you run into a very powerful and very high level PogChamp hero. If you do, it would be a better option to lock this instead of the 2 TriHard Scrolls or 2 Casino Chips.

How strong does the PogChamp hero need to be?

If you remember earlier in this guide, we discussed the upgraded loot with the orange banners with stars.

With regards to an upgraded PogChamp hero, you should look for an upgraded banner with at least 3 stars.

This will ensure you that the hero is sufficiently strong enough to justify locking it instead of 2 TriHard Scrolls or 2 Casino Chips.

If you’re lucky enough, it’s entirely possible that you might run into a 12-star hero after a refresh!

After you end up getting the hero from a spin, you can lock your next 2 TriHard Scrolls or 2 Casino Chips.

Therefore, your locking priorities can be seen in the following order:

  1. 500 (1/20 chance).
  2. Upgraded PogChamp hero (has at least 3 upgraded stars).
  3. 2 TriHard Scrolls or 2 Casino Chips.

Following this strategy will ensure you have the best possible loot table in the Get Lucky building at all times.

Get Lucky Event

The Get Lucky Event is a very important part of your progression. Similarly to most events, you will amass a large number of Get Lucky Chips with the goal of completing the whole event all at once.

However, unlike the other events, there is much more potential loot that can be gained if you take another precaution.

Before working towards completing the Get Lucky Event, ensure you have satisfied both of the following conditions:

  • You have enough Get Lucky Chips to complete the Get Lucky Event
  • You have a fully upgraded loot table in the Get Lucky building

Depending on how many locks you have, this could take a very long time. For example, you have no idea how long it might take before you get 500 in the loot table.

However, despite how long it may take, it is likely much more worth it to hold onto your Get Lucky Chips until your loot table is complete.

By the time you have a complete loot table with 2-4 upgraded pieces of loot, you will likely have enough Get Lucky Chips to complete the epic, or even the legendary Get Lucky Event.

While this may be a long time, you will not regret it as you will get an absolute ton of loot as a result.

Take a look at the Weekly Events Guide for more tips on completing the Get Lucky Event.

Further Improvements

Having a loot table with upgraded loot is a good start since it allows you to get the best possible value for each individual spin. However, the ability to do a 10x spin on the Get Lucky wheel allows you to improve your loot potential like crazy.

The way this is done is by reducing your cost to spin 10x on the Get Lucky wheel.

If you reduce your cost to spin 10x on the Get Lucky wheel, you will be spending fewer Gems per spin, improving the overall value gained from the wheel on each spin.

You can reduce your 10x spin cost by doing the following:

  • Reach VIP level 6
  • Complete the Get Lucky Event and get a buff that reduces 10x spin cost by 1 (lasts for the rest of the week and continues through to the next week)

In total, by reaching VIP level 6 and completing the Get Lucky Event, you can spin the Get Lucky wheel 10x for only 7 Get Lucky Chips (or the equivalent Gem cost).

This is hugely important if your goal is to maximize your progression from the Get Lucky building!

If you do have the 10x spin cost reduced, it’s important that you don’t ever waste it by doing 1x spins. Every time you do a 1x spin after having the 10x spin cost reduced, you are wasting anywhere from 180K to 540K per spin.

By combining all of these improvements, you will be increasing your overall loot gained by massive proportions.

In fact, if you manage to have an improved loot table as well as have your 10x spin cost reduced, this potentially becomes the best, if not one of the best buildings in Clash of Streamers to spend your Gems!


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