Easter Eggs Guide - Collect 35+ Easter Eggs

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers Easter Eggs guide; a guide on how to collect various Easter Eggs for tons of free Gems and other in-game loot.

Scattered throughout Clash of Streamers are 150 unique Easter Eggs.

What are Easter Eggs?

Easter Eggs are simply undocumented achievements that players can get for performing certain in-game tasks. Any of these tasks can range from spam clicking a certain area in Clash of Streamers, battling with certain heroes, and so on. 

If you find an Easter Egg, you are rewarded with the following:

  • A minimum of 135K Gems as an instant reward
  • An achievement, granting you an achievement chest and a Legendary Star

When Easter Eggs are collected in large quantities, the impact on your progression can be tremendous.

Since there are so many Easter Eggs in Clash of Streamers, Easter Egg hunting can be a great way to collect a ton of achievements (see the Achievement Farming Guide) and improve your account progression significantly as a result.

This is the current list of all discovered Easter Eggs with info on exactly how they can be acquired. As more are found, this list will be updated to reflect these discoveries.

If you have found an Easter Egg that is not on this list, please let us know by email ([email protected]) or by leaving a comment in the discussion at the bottom.

List of Easter Eggs

Currently, 35 out of 150 Easter Eggs have been discovered.

DISCLAIMER: Clash of Streamers is currently in closed beta, and only a total of 25 Easter Eggs have been enabled. As a result, some of these Easter Eggs may not work until release!

Easter EggTrigger
1. UpvotePress & hold the Upgrade building (keep holding even when the pet selection opens).
2. ColumbusOn the main screen, scroll and continue dragging to the right until no buildings are visible, past the water.
3. Humble DefeatLose a battle in the Arena with a team of 1-star level 1 heroes.
4. The New MetaWin any battle with a full Athene team.
5. Mail AddictWhen you have no mail to claim in your Mailbox, spam-click your pet.
6. Shredded MailmanWhen you have at least 15 pieces of uncollected mail in the Mailbox, spam-click the claim button.
7. Ultimate SacrificeAuto-upgrade enough streamers to reach 3000 upgrade points in one go.
8. ADDSpam-cick the Gem Mine (inside the building).
9. ADHDKeep spam-clicking the Gem Mine after getting “ADD” twice.
10. Idle ExpertOn the main screen, spam-click the water in the same place.
11. Idle ChampionAfter unlocking “Idle Expert”, spam-click the water in the same place for longer.
12. Idle Grand ChampionAfter unlocking “Idle Champion”, spam-click the water in the same place for even longer.
13. Gem DestroyerIn the Arena, spam-refresh the opponent for 15K.
15. Easter Egg Meta MasterUnlock “Easter Egg Master” 3 times in a row for different Easter Eggs (Easy to use: “Mail Addict”, “Elevator” and “Schizophrenic”).
16. ElevatorIn the Campaign Tower, spam-click the button to go from stage to boss.
17. DisbelieverEnter and leave Athene's Church 5 times in a row.
18. SchizophrenicIn the Avatar menu, change your avatar 4 times in a row (make sure the avatars are different each time, and you don't repeat any).
19. Suicide MissionIn the Campaign Tower, go into a battle with a full faction team that is weak against the opposing faction (example: LuL vs. SMOrc, see the Faction page to learn more).
20. Counter CounterpickIn the Campaign Tower, go into a battle with a full faction team that is strong against the opposing faction (example: PogChamp vs. SMOrc, see the Faction page to learn more).
21. Merciless GladiatorLose a certain number of battles in the Arena with a full Athene team.
22. Plastic SurgeonSwap the face of a hero 4 times in a row.
23. Many-Faced GodSwap a certain number of faces.
24. StalkerIn the Community Hub, tap the face of a member multiple times in quick succession.
25. Bad CompanyBattle with a team of five 1-star heroes, and one 6-star hero or better.
26. Rock and RollSpam-click a rocky surface in the main menu.
27. Post Traumatic Fight DisorderIn any battle, press your aura and the enemy aura back and forth multiple times.
28. HustlerIn the Marketplace, go to buy an item, then press no. Repeat this 5 times in rapid succession.
29. NPC NegotiatorIn the Merchant, press on an item, and spam the lock button quickly.
30. High NoonWhile inspecting a Kappa hero or pet, spam-click the “Kappa sun” that hovers near the top of the screen (easiest when you wait for it to drift to the right of the screen because of all the buttons on the left).
31. SurpriseWhile inspecting a KappaPride priest (The jack-in-the-box hero) and tap and hold the character for more than 6 seconds, then release.
32. Level Up NoobsLevel up 10 level 1 streamers in a row.
33. Disco PartyIn the Summon building, spam-click the Kreygasm and EleGiggle buttons for awhile, then do a Trihard or Kappa summon.
34. SlackerComplete at least 7 Daily Quests by going to the Best Game building, then tapping “Go” on each Daily Quest.
35. SenileWhen selecting your team for a battle, tap the “smart” button, delesect all the heroes, then reselect the exact same heroes.

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