Currency Events Guide - A Beginner's Guide to Currency Events

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers Currency Event guide; a beginner's guide explaining everything related to the currency events in Clash of Streamers as well as some tips on how to complete them.

Currency events are one of the special event types found in Clash of Streamers. 

The other two special event types being the following:

  • Seasonal Events
  • Treasure Events

If you don't know what a special event is, it's recommended that you first check out the Weekly Events Beginner's Guide. This guide will give you all of the basic information you need to understand special events, and to move forward learning specifically about currency events.

While currency events are fairly simple, there are some things you can do to improve the account progression you get from them, and there are ways you can collect more currencies to complete these events faster.

In this guide, we're going to discuss everything related to currency events; what they are, how often they appear, how to complete them, and more.

What Is a Currency Event?

So, before we get into the meat of things, it's important to talk about exactly what a currency event is. So, what is a currency event?

At its core, a currency event is an Weekly Event that you will complete by spending any of your non-standard Weekly Event resources.

The standard rotation of Weekly Events includes the Gem Event, Summon Event, Get Lucky Event, and the Upgrade Event. These events essentially reward you for spending Gems, Kappa Scrolls, Get Lucky Chips, and TriHard Scrolls.

Unlike your standard Weekly Events, the currency events reward you for spending most of the other resource types in Clash of Streamers. For example, by spending Athene Coins, you will be progressing through the Athene Coin Event.

However, there is one primary difference between the standard Weekly Events and currency events: unlike a standard Weekly Event which needs to be completed during the week it is active, you can spend any of your currency event resources at any time and you will always be progressing through the respective currency event.

Essentially, you can still spend your Athene Coins even when the Athene Coin Event is not active. When the Athene Coin Event appears in the special event rotation, you will be rewarded for how many Athene Coins you ended up spending.

For example, if you spent a total of 300 Athene Coins, you will receive the rewards for the first two tiers of the event.

The currency event (like the Athene Coin Event) will only ever reset once you have fully completed it.

You can never miss out when it comes down to the currency events! If you play Clash of Streamers long enough, you will eventually complete each currency event and receive the final rewards of a legendary event artifact, shiny legendary pet, and high level hero. Once you have completed a currency event, it will have its progress reset back to 0, and you can begin the process again.

This is the essence of how currency events work. You spend different currencies, and gradually earn progress towards the respective currency event.

However like I mentioned above, not every currency has its own currency event. The standard Weekly Event resources do not have their own currency events. So, the question becomes, what currencies do have their own currency events?

Currency Event Types

In Clash of Streamers, there 6 different currency events. 

The different currency events are the following:

  • PogChamp Orb Event (spend PogChamp Orbs)
  • Athene Coin Event (spend Athene Coins)
  • VIP Ticket Event (spend VIP Tickets)
  • Casino Chip Event (spend Casino Chips)
  • Community Chip Event (spend Community Chips)
  • Mega Chip Event (spend Mega Chips)

All of these currency events will appear at random in the special event slot of the current week. One week you may have a seasonal event, and the next week you may have the PogChamp Orb Event. After another couple of weeks you may see the VIP Ticket Event, or even the Casino Chip Event - you get the point.

Eventually, all of these events will be rotated into the special event slot for the current week, and you will receive a ton of rewards based on your progress.

Collecting Currencies

For the most part, you'll be collecting the majority of these currencies throughout regular play. All you need to do is ensure that you are playing through the game at a good pace regularly, and you'll find yourself collecting a lot of these currencies.

Do all of your daily activities, fight in the Boss Tower, progress in the Campaign Tower and Arena, and you'll be collecting a lot of these resources passively.

In addition to these regular activities, you should also be doing the following:

  • Regularly trade and take deals in the Merchant
  • Regularly purchase these currencies when offered at discounted prices in the Marketplace

The Merchant can be a great place to trade your resources in for other resources. Whenever you make a trade, the resources you receive will always be worth more than what you spend to get them. Basically, you are pretty much always gaining value from your trades.

This is what makes the Merchant a great place to earn the different currency event resources. So, every day you should always make sure to do your trades in the Merchant. In the end, you'll have a lot more resources to spend and progress through the different currency events.

Take a look at the Resource Management Guide to learn a bit more about the Merchant as well as how to manage your resources.

In addition to Merchant trades, you should always purchase any of these currencies when you see them offered at discounted prices in the Marketplace.

By default, the Marketplace offers loot at a 5% better value than the default price. When something is discounted beyond that, it has incredible value, which is why any discounted currencies should be instant purchases.

Take a look at the Marketplace Guide to learn about different Marketplace purchase strategies.

Overall, as long as you are playing the game every day and aren't skipping any daily activities, while at the same time making trades in the Merchant and purchases in the Marketplace, you will accumulate all of these resources at a good pace.

Once you have a bunch of resources, you need to spend them in the most optimal way possible. While it's not a huge deal in the short term, spending them optimally can save you a ton of resources in the long run, earning you more loot as a result.

Spending Currencies

You might wonder... what else can you do with the currencies other than spend them? For the most part, you can spend them instantly without suffering any consequences.

However, if you equip the right abilities on certain pets before spending the resources, you can potentially earn a lot of additional progress in the long run.

Pet abilities are an extremely significant way to improve your account progression. In terms of Weekly Event progression, they are extremely important (see the Pet Abilities Guide to learn about how pet abilities work).

Essentially, almost every currency which has its own currency event also has its own pet ability which will allow you to earn free spins or additional loot. If you equip the proper pet abilities before spending these currencies, you can save a bunch of resources while earning additional progress towards the event completion.

For example, the here are some examples of pet abilities which will improve your progression on different currency events:

  • Kappa pet ability: Mark of PogChamp (increases your chance of free PogChamp summons when spending PogChamp Orbs)
  • KappaPride pet ability: Mark of Faith (increases your chance of free spins when spending Athene Coins)
  • KappaPride pet ability: The House Never Wins (increases your chance of free spins when spending Community Chips)
  • KappaPride pet abilities: Golden Ticket & Jackpot Buster (increases your chance of free spins and increases jackpot loot when spending VIP Tickets)

All of these abilities are extremely useful. They will allow you to save resources, earning you more progress towards the currency events. While this may not be a big deal in the short term, it can make a huge impact if you play Clash of Streamers for awhile.

After accumulating a ton of resources, you should then equip the proper pet abilities which work well with the resource type. Once the weekly reset arrives, you can then spend your resources; you will be earning free spins, and extra progress on the respective currency event for free!

When spending your currencies to complete the currency events, you always need to make sure to keep a little bit left over in reserve. Do not spend all of your currencies!

The primary reason for this has to do with the Merchant building. If you spend all of your currencies, you won't have any left over to make any trades in the Merchant. This is why you need to make sure you always keep a little bit left in reserve!

As long as you are following the tips outlined throughout this guide, you should be collecting the currency event resources at the fastest pace, while earning the most loot back when spending them.


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