Campaign Climbing - Campaign Tower Tips & Strategies

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers campaign climbing guide; a guide on the best way to progress through the Campaign Tower to maximize your account progression.

The Campaign Tower is the most important combat related building in Clash of Streamers by far. It has the most significant impact on your account progression out of all combat related buildings.

Ensuring you are progressing correctly through the Campaign Tower is extremely vital to your account progression.

If you do things correctly, you can gain a ton of account progression easily, but if you do things incorrectly, you can waste a ton of Gems for nothing.

This guide will go over the best way to progress through the Campaign Tower, discuss team composition strategies, and anything else you need to be aware of when fighting in the Campaign Tower!

Campaign Progression

The most important part of fighting in the Campaign Tower is figuring out exactly how you are going to fight.

You have two options for how to progress through each stage of the Campaign Tower:

  • Skip to boss
  • Fight each floor

In the early stages of the Campaign Tower, you can get away with skipping to boss to help you progress further at a faster rate.

However, you should never skip to boss when fighting in the Campaign Tower!

If you skip to boss, you will be missing out on a ton of extra progression from Achievements. Since there are a multitude of different fighting achievements, and since it becomes more difficult to collect these achievements later on in the Campaign Tower, you need to ensure you are collecting them as soon as possible.

While you might be losing a bit of Gems early on by fighting each individual level of the Campaign Tower, the extra achievements will more than make up for the loss.

Since achievements are such an important component to your account progression, ensuring you are maximizing fighting achievements from the Campaign Tower is essential to maximizing your account progression!

Check out the Achievement Farming Guide for more tips on collecting a ton of achievements.

Bulk Attack

In addition to fighting each individual level in the Campaign Tower, you should also fight using a 50x bulk attack at all times.

What is a bulk attack?

A bulk attack is simply a consecutive attack, with the best battle being replayed back to you. For example, a 50x bulk attack would simply attack 50 times in succession, and the last victory would be replayed back to you.

Since you are paying for multiple attacks at once, you will find yourself paying a lot more Gems up front. However, any Gems that are not used to battle (if a victory is achieved sooner than expected) will be refunded back to you.

To put it simply, a bulk attack allows you to clear a ton of stages in the Campaign Tower quickly and easily by attacking many times in succession.

A 50x bulk attack should be used at all times when fighting in the Campaign Tower.

You can simply press the number next to the battle button, and set it to x50. Once it is set to x50, you will be doing up to 50 battles at a time.

Doing this will be extremely beneficial to your Campaign Tower progression for many reasons.

A 50x bulk attack has several advantages:

  • You will clear floors faster
  • You will get stuck less frequently
  • You can clear more difficult stages

In addition to being able to clear every single floor below the boss in one click, you will find that a 50x bulk attack allows you to clear more difficult stages and get stuck less frequently.

If you use a simple 1x attack, you may get unlucky and lose to a team that you should normally be able to beat. Fighting with a 50x bulk attack will ensure that you continue to progress even when you might get stuck due to poor luck.

This will help you rack up a ton of Campaign Tower loot at a quick pace without incurring much of a cost.

Getting Stuck

Eventually you will get stuck and be unable to progress; even with a 50x bulk attack.

When you get stuck, stop fighting in the Campaign Tower!

In fact, you should stop long before you completely get stuck. You should stop fighting with a 50x bulk attack when you start to progress only by 1-2 floors per bulk attack.

When you are progressing at such a slow rate even with a 50x bulk attack, you are losing a ton of Gems on lost battles.

It’s not worth losing this many battles when you can just wait a few days/weeks to improve your team significantly, and then continue to progress easily and without trouble!

So, whenever you get stuck and start to lose a lot more battles, don’t try to force your way forward; it’s simply not worth the cost to fight.

After you have improved your team in every way possible, you can then continue to progress through the Campaign Tower.

Team Improvements

There are many ways that you can improve your team to get yourself unstuck in the Campaign Tower.

Make sure you are doing the following:

  • Leveling up heroes in the Level Up building, and upgrading them in the Upgrade building
  • Completing Weekly Events to get powerful heroes and event artifacts
  • Buffing your best heroes in the Loyalty Tree
  • Equipping proper abilities on your heroes, and ensuring your heroes are leveled up to the different passive ability enabling levels (lvl 7, lvl 9, & lvl 11)
  • Using the faction stars system to improve the best heroes in your lineup

While these are just a few examples, they account for a large portion of your team’s combat potential.

As long as you are gradually improving your team, you shouldn’t be stuck in the Campaign Tower for too long.

Whenever you are stuck, make sure to refer to the Beginner's Combat Guide and Advanced Combat Guide for more in-depth information on the best ways to improve your team.

The heroes that you choose can also heavily impact your overall progress in the Campaign Tower. For example, Priests are usually much better than Mages as offensive heroes because they have a higher attack stat and better abilities for more damage.

While this may sound rather strange, it's completely true - which is why it's a good idea to learn the pros and cons of each class in Clash of Streamers.

Take a look at the Heroes Guide to learn about what we think are the best heroes in Clash of Streamers.


Climbing through the Campaign Tower can quickly become a very expensive, but very rewarding process. You will end up spending a ton of Gems, but as long as you are not stuck, you will be getting back insane rewards as a result.

Ensuring that you are progressing at the right time can be a huge help in improving your rewards even further.

This is why you should only progress during one of two scenarios:

  • During a completable Gem Event
  • During a Seasonal Event

If you are progressing through the Campaign Tower when working on completing the Gem Event, you will have a ton of Gems going towards the event completion.

However, before you start progressing through the Campaign Tower, it's important that you know beforehand whether or not you can complete the Gem Event.

If you have enough Gems to complete the Gem Event no matter what, then you should go ahead and progress through the Campaign Tower. If not, it’s a risky decision to start progressing through the Campaign Tower since you don't know if you can complete the Gem Event.

Completing the Gem Event in its entirety is extremely important for the following reasons:

  • You get a powerful hero
  • You get a very good shiny pet
  • You get an event artifact

For these reasons, you need to ensure you are completing the whole Gem Event or else you are missing out on a ton of extra rewards.

Take a look at the Weekly Events Guide for tips on completing the Gem Event.

While it’s a great idea to progress through the Campaign Tower when working on completing the Gem Event, it’s an even better idea to progress through the Campaign Tower during a seasonal event.

When progressing through the Campaign Tower during a seasonal event, you will get an absolutely incredible amount of seasonal currencies.

With these seasonal currencies, you can buy extremely powerful heroes, other Weekly Event resources, or whatever else suits your needs at the time. The point is, you get so much more value out of Campaign Tower progression when you are also gaining seasonal currencies.

In the best case scenario, you will have an active seasonal event while also working towards completing the Gem Event.

If you run into a scenario like this, you will be getting an absolute ton of value for your Campaign Tower fights.

No matter what, until you can progress through the Campaign Tower with the intent on progressing through the Gem Event or an active seasonal event, then you should simply only use your free battles on a daily basis.

Renting Heroes for Maximum Progress

Every day, you'll be able to claim some rewards in the Campaign Tower based on your current progress. The higher your prestige and the higher your current stage is, the more you will receive from this daily reward.

This is why it's extremely important that you are progressing as far as you can in the Campaign Tower.

Eventually, when you are progressing through the Campaign Tower during the Gem Event or a seasonal event, you'll run into a wall. 

At this point, you should look to try renting a hero from some other player to progress even further!

By renting another player's Blockchain hero, you will see the following benefits:

  • More progress towards the Gem Event or more seasonal event currencies earned
  • More daily rewards since you are now at a much higher Campaign Tower stage

If the hero you rent is very good, it can be used to help you progress much further. As a result, you will earn a ton of extra rewards at very little cost to you.

Of course, this is optional and depends entirely on your view on spending money in-game. However, if you do choose to rent out other heroes, it can be incredibly impactful towards your account progression if you do it at the right time!

How do you rent another player's hero?

To rent a hero, you need to do the following:

  1. Setup your wallet in the Blockchain building.
  2. Transfer Ethereum & DUBI to your wallet in the Blockchain building.
  3. Find a hero that you want to rent, click on it, and rent it by paying a small amount of DUBI.

It's as simple as that! After you rent a hero, you'll have access to it for 10 minutes and can use it to progress as far as possible within the Campaign Tower.

When choosing a hero to rent, it's important that you choose one that will have the biggest impact on your combat progression. Usually, this will be a Priest with the Light Implosion ability seeing as this type of Priest has the highest area-of-effect damage in the game.

If you want an in-depth guide on how renting works and all the factors that come into play when deciding which hero to rent, take a look at the Renting Heroes Guide.

Overall, if you rent the right heroes and rent them once you've hit a wall and are in the midst of progressing through the Gem Event or a seasonal event, you can impact your combat progression by a great deal.

You'll earn tons of extra rewards from the additional progress and also from the increased daily rewards!


To summarize, when progressing through the Campaign Tower, you want to take the following steps:

  1. Never skip to boss.
  2. Always use 50x bulk attack.
  3. On a regular basis, only progress through the Campaign Tower using daily free battles.
  4. Only spend Gems to progress really far into the Campaign Tower when a seasonal event is active, or when working towards completing the Gem Event.
  5. When stuck, do not waste Gems trying to force your way to higher stages.
  6. Constantly improve your team using tips found in the Beginner's Combat Guide and Advanced Combat Guide.
  7. Rent heroes from other players when you run into a wall when trying to complete the Gem Event or when a seasonal event is active.

If you follow the advice found in this guide, you will find yourself progressing very far in combat, earning tons of rewards, while minimizing the Gem cost to progress and maximizing the loot gained.


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