Heroes Guide - What Are the Best Heroes?

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers heroes guide; a guide where we discover exactly which heroes and which hero classes are the best in the game for your combat progression.

In total, there are five different hero classes in Clash of Streamers:

  • Hunters
  • Mages
  • Priests
  • Rogues
  • Warriors

Each class has a wide array of unique ultimate abilities and auto-skill abilities. Due to the diversity of the classes, it’s difficult to figure out exactly which class is the best class out of them all.

In this guide, we’ll analyze each class and determine what its strengths and weaknesses are, determine how each class should be used, as well as finally figure out what the best class is.

Class Stats

To determine which class is the best class, we first need to figure out the stats of each hero class relative to each other.

Here are the benchmarks for each of the different hero classes:

  • Each hero is 1-star level 1, and has no passive abilities unlocked
  • Each hero has a face which is not specced in the Loyalty Tree
  • Each hero has the exact same bonus achievement buffs

So, based on these three points, all of our heroes should be on an equal playing field. To put it in other words, no class will have any benefits that other classes don’t have.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the stats of each hero.

These are the stats taken from a 1-star level 1 hero from each class. As you can tell, the stats of the heroes from each class are quite different.

Over the next few sections, we’re going to analyze each class and figure out the areas where they shine and the areas where they lack.

Every class will have its stats ranked from best (rank 1) to worst (rank 5), and then we can come to some conclusions on which class is the best.

Hunter Analysis

Hunters don’t really specialize in any particular stat. Overall, they are a fairly well balanced class stat-wise.

Here’s how they rank against the other classes:

While they don’t stand out in any particular stat, they don’t really need to. They have well balanced stats because of their versatile set of ultimate abilities.

With regards to their ultimate abilities, they also don’t stand out too much damage-wise. For example, you would deal much more area of effect damage through a different class.

That’s perfectly fine though!

Hunters usually specialize in crowd control: freezing, stunning or silencing enemies.

This is usually what makes up for their average stats.

If you have a Hunter with a crowd control ultimate ability and crowd control passive abilities equipped, you can help your team out significantly.

Take a look at the following ultimate abilities:

Freezing Arrows

Ultimate: Shoot freezing arrows at the enemy back-line dealing (90% of attack) damage with a 25% chance to freeze them for 2 rounds.


Ultimate: Cause thunder to strike your enemies, hitting 3 random targets dealing (100% of attack) damage with a 60% chance to stun Rogues.


Ultimate: All enemies get hit by a tornado dealing (70% of attack) damage with a 15% chance to silence them for 2 rounds.

Stuns and freezes lock up enemies for a number of rounds, and silences prevent enemies from using their ultimate abilities.

Hunters also feature the Stunning Arrow and Double Shot passive abilities which give you an even better opportunity to stun enemies.

You can even improve the support capabilities of a Hunter even more with pet abilities.

Take a look at the LuL Pet Strategies Guide and the TriHard Pet Strategies Guide for double stun strategies.

Overall, Hunters are usually known for supporting allies because they have a bunch of abilities which are very good at preventing enemies from doing damage.

Pros of the Hunter class:

  • Very good crowd control ultimate abilities and passive abilities
  • Decent attack and power stats

Cons of the Hunter class:

  • Lowest health stat in the game
  • No ultimate abilities which target the entire enemy team

Mage Analysis

Mages are extremely popular amongst new players. They have some great area of effect abilities which do a good job at clearing enemy teams.

So, they’re obviously very good... or are they?

Here’s how they rank against the other classes:

The obvious reaction this would probably be… WHAT? Mages are so common amongst the player base because their wide array of area of effect ultimate abilities make it easy to clear waves of enemies.

People simply don’t realize that Mages don’t have very much attack and power and don’t think there are any alternatives in terms of area of effect damage.

Since Mages have very low attack and power, they will not deal the highest area of effect damage. Therefore, they should not be used solely for their area of effect ultimate abilities!

This makes it almost seem like Mages are useless. If Mages shouldn’t be used for their area of effect ultimate abilities, why should they still be used?

Mages are still made extremely effective because of their auto-skill abilities that activate after death.

Take a look at the following Mage auto-skill abilities:


Auto-skill: Your death causes an inferno that burns all enemies for (25% of attack) damage each round until their death.

Freezing Death

Auto-skill: Your death leads to a sudden drop in temperature that has a 10% chance to freeze all enemies for 2 rounds.


Auto-skill: Your death deals 45% damage against all enemies.

Death Poison

Auto-skill: Your death releases poison that infects all enemies and deals (35% of attack) damage for 3 rounds.


Auto-skill: Your death is a sacrifice for all your allies, granting them with 30% attack for 3 rounds.

These abilities all activate after a Mage has been killed. Overall, these abilities are what makes Mages shine; not their area of effect ultimate abilities!

Since some of these abilities have the potential to deal a ton of additional damage after a Mage has been killed, it makes sense that the Mage’s attack stat had to be lowered to compensate.

One of the best strategies to capitalize on these post-death abilities is the Suicide Mage Strategy.

A suicide Mage will be placed in the very first position with the intent of dying quickly to activate its post-death abilities.

This strategy is made even better through the help of the KappaPride pet guardian ability, Rebirth! Take a look at the KappaPride Pet Strategies Guide for more info on the best suicide Mage strategy.

Overall, Mages may not be the best at dealing a ton of area of effect damage with their ultimate abilities, but it certainly doesn’t make them bad!

Pros of the Mage class:

  • Highest armor stat in the game
  • Many ultimate abilities that target the entire enemy team
  • Very good post-death abilities
  • Very good damage-over-time abilities 

Cons of the Mage class:

  • Lowest power, attack, and health stats in the game
  • Highest armor stat in the game is not needed on a class which is primarily meant for dealing damage
  • Area-of-effect ultimate abilities are significantly outclassed by other heroes which deal more damage

Priest Analysis

Priests are often left out or forgotten by most players. Perhaps it has to do with the misconception that, since they are Priests, they really only work for healing allies.

That could not be further from the truth!

Here’s how they rank against other classes:

Up until this point, Priests seem to have the best stats out of any of the classes. Because of this, they can actually deal quite a bit of damage.

If you’re looking for a strong area of effect ultimate ability to clear enemy waves easily, Priests are the best option.

This is because Priests feature the best area of effect ultimate ability in Clash of Streamers.

The ability is the following:

Light Implosion

Ultimate: Causes an implosion that strikes all enemies dealing (110% of attack) damage.

Since Priests have such high attack by default, an ultimate ability that deals 110% of attack against all enemies is absolutely insane.

This is - by far - the best ultimate ability to use for maximum area of effect damage. There is no other class that has a better area of effect ultimate ability than Priests.

This is what makes Priests one of the most versatile classes in Clash of Streamers; they can be extreme healers, and they can also be extreme damage dealers.

It all comes down to which abilities you choose to equip on them.

Overall, Priests should not be underestimated. They are useful beyond any reasonable doubt!

Pros of the Priest class:

  • Second highest power and attack stats in the game
  • Strongest area-of-effect ultimate ability in the game (Light Implosion)
  • Variety of healing ultimate abilities and passive abilities
  • Extremely versatile - can be very good healers and very good damage dealers

Cons of the Priest class:

  • Lowest armor stat in the game

Rogue Analysis

Rogues are often hated on a little bit. This is because they don’t have one single ultimate ability that targets more than four enemies!

Due to their lack of area of effect ultimate abilities, they lack a bit of recognition. But just how good are they?

Here’s how they rank against other classes:

Due to their extremely high power and attack, Rogues have the highest damage potential out of any class.

However, since Rogues don’t have any major area of effect abilities like Mages or Priests, they can’t make the most out of their attack.

However, if your Rogue has an area of effect event artifact equipped, it can have insane potential.

Since Rogues don’t have any area of effect abilities, they can only target entire enemy teams with event artifacts.

For example, take a look at the following Rogue:

This Rogue has a legendary event artifact equipped. Not only that, but the ability on the event artifact is Light Implosion.

If you remember from the previous section, Light Implosion is the most significant area of effect ability in the game.

A Rogue with a Light Implosion event artifact will be even better than a Priest with Light Implosion if your goal is to maximize area of effect damage.

Since Rogues have the highest attack and power stats by default, an additional area of effect event artifact will be insanely useful.

In fact, there is likely no combination of ability-set and event artifact that will have higher damage than a Rogue with a Light Implosion event artifact.

Take a look at the Advanced Combat Guide to learn more about event artifacts.

Pros of the Rogue class:

  • Highest power and attack stats in the game
  • Very high health stat
  • Highest late-game damage potential when combined with event artifacts

Cons of the Rogue Class:

  • Very low armor stat
  • No ultimate abilities which target the entire enemy team

Warrior Analysis

Warriors are extremely popular. They are simply tanky heroes that are meant to take a lot of damage.

Here’s how they rank against other classes:

This should not come as a surprise for most people. Warriors will obviously have the highest amount of health and the highest amount of armor.

Due to their high health pool and high armor, Warriors are usually placed in the front line to prevent very low health and low armor allies from being killed too quickly.

Since Warriors have low power and low attack, it’s important that you don’t try to turn a Warrior into a damage dealer.

Warriors are meant to be a tank and take damage for allies. Don’t try to turn them into something they are not!

It’s important that you try to capitalize on a Warriors high health and high armor by equipping additional armor and health abilities on them.

Take a look at the following abilities:

Hard Skin

Auto-skill: Each attack hardens your skin, granting 10% armor break and 10% armor.

Set Formation

Auto-skill: Depending on your formation, you gain 20% attack in the back-line or 40% health in the front-line.

Shield Barrier

Auto-skill: Increases your defense by gaining 15% health and 30% armor.

Warrior's Heart

Auto-skill: You have the heart of a Warrior, increasing your health by 40%.

Battle Roar

Auto-skill: A powerful battlecry that grants you extra 20% health, 15% attack and 20% armor.

These abilities will all make a Warrior much more tanky when in the front line. So, it’s important that you equip some combination of these abilities on any of your Warriors.

Overall, Warriors are great at what they do. They take a lot of damage for your team and buy your allies time to deal damage and win battles.

Pros of the Warrior class:

  • Highest health and armor stats in the game
  • Variety of healing ultimate abilities which help sustain a Warrior in combat
  • Variety of health/armor passive abilities to make a Warrior even more tanky in combat

Cons of the Warrior class:

  • Lowest attack stat in the game
  • No ultimate abilities target the entire enemy team

The Best Class

So, now that we’ve taken a look at each class individually, what class can be considered the best?

There really is no "best class", unfortunately. However, there are classes that are much better for certain scenarios than others.

In terms of your raw account progression and combat progression, your ability to deal more damage is the most important factor. The more damage your team can deal, the further you can progress - it’s as simple as that.

So, which classes deal the most damage?

The following classes are the best damage dealers:

  • Rogues
  • Priests

Since Rogues have the highest attack and power, they are likely the best late-game damage dealers when paired with an area-of-effect event artifact.

Your main end-game goal should be getting a Rogue with a Light Implosion event artifact!

If you manage to get one of these, you will have an extremely easy time climbing through the Campaign Tower and Arena.

Up until you get a very good Rogue, Priests will probably do the most damage out of any class simply because of the Light Implosion ultimate ability.

If you focus on getting some very good Rogues and Priests, you will have a very easy time progressing through combat.

The Next Steps

Now that you have a good idea of what the best classes are, what should you do?

You should do the following:

  • Regularly complete Weekly Events and get high level heroes and event artifacts (see the Weekly Events Guide)
  • Regularly purchase heroes in the Marketplace (see the Marketplace Guide)
  • Regularly level up and upgrade your heroes in the Level Up and Upgrade buildings (see the Beginner's Combat Guide)
  • Regularly complete the Seasonal Challenge to get more high level heroes

Doing all of this will allow you to constantly collect a ton of high level heroes, allowing you to continuously improve your team and your combat progression.

When completing Weekly Events, which hero class should you choose?

This is a very good question. By completing an epic Weekly Event or better, you give yourself the opportunity to select the class of the hero.

So, what class should you choose exactly?

Priority #1: Get a powerful Warrior.

A powerful Warrior is a must have, and should definitely be your top priority of class when forging an event artifact.

Without a powerful Warrior, your damage dealing heroes are vulnerable and will be killed easily.

If you already have a powerful Warrior, you can take a look at the next point.

Priority #2: Get a powerful Priest.

Priests will deal the most damage for the majority of your combat progression.

All you need to do is equip the Light Implosion ability on your Priest, and you will clear tons of waves in the Campaign Tower and Arena extremely easily.

Priority #3: Get a powerful Rogue.

By the time you already have a powerful Warrior and Priest, you can afford to test your luck with Rogues and attempt to get a Rogue with the Light Implosion event artifact ability.

Since a Rogue with a Light Implosion event artifact will likely be the strongest hero you can ever get, it’s extremely worth trying for.

If you ever get one, you should get it to as high a level and star as possible. You will not regret it!

If you prioritize heroes this way, you’ll find yourself building an extremely powerful and versatile team; a team that will carry you very far in combat!


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