Beginner's Guide - Best Tips for New Players

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers beginner’s guide! As a new player, this guide will walk you through all of the core concepts that you need to understand to maximize your progression (and experience) playing Clash of Streamers.

While Clash of Streamers may seem very simple on the surface, there is a lot of hidden depth to the game. Due to all this depth, it’s very easy to make mistakes and do things that aren’t the best in terms of your overall account progression.

If you play recklessly, you will be easily surpassed by somebody that knows what they are doing.

If you play the game smart and know what you are doing, you will likely have a much better experience overall. Not only that, but...

You can also potentially make money playing Clash of Streamers!

Although this may not be for everyone, it is one of the primary reasons for players to learn and understand the game well, and apply that knowledge to play the game in the most optimal way.

This beginner’s guide will outline everything you need to know when starting out as a new player; giving you tips and advice in the most important areas of Clash of Streamers.

The Primary Objective

So, what is the whole point of Clash of Streamers? What’s the primary objective, or the primary goal?

Clash of Streamers is an idle gacha game where you will continuously work on collecting heroes and pets, improving them in any way possible; all the while showing off to friends, casually competing with other players, and maybe even eventually selling them to other players on the Blockchain.

That is the essence of it! You collect heroes and pets, show off to friends, improve them, and then progress even further.

While pets are nice to collect and show off to friends, they aren’t as important as your heroes.

Everything you do in Clash of Streamers will benefit your team of heroes.

For example...

  • Completing Weekly Events gives you extremely powerful heroes and event artifacts
  • Completing daily quests, achievements, and anything else gives you heroes which you can use to upgrade and improve your team
  • Any loot that you get (Community Chips, Athene Coins, etc) can be used to get you more heroes

Even pets can be used to improve your ability to get better heroes!

While these are just a few examples, it should give you a good idea of how important heroes are.

Heroes are pretty much the defining metric in terms of your overall account progression!

The stronger your heroes are, the further you can progress in the Campaign Tower, Boss Tower, and Arena, therefore earning you a ton more loot.

This beginner’s guide will outline the best ways to progress in Clash of Streamers to maximize your account progression, and as a result, the power of your main team of heroes.

If you are smart enough with how you progress, you can potentially monetize your progress after several months of play (see the Blockchain Guides).

The Best Way to Progress

There are certain game mechanics in Clash of Streamers which will provide you with exponentially more progress than others.

The two most impactful game mechanics are the following:

  • Weekly Events
  • Seasonal Challenge

Both of these aspects will contribute to the majority of your account progression.

By completing Weekly Events and the Seasonal Challenge, you will be rewarded with some of the following:

  • Powerful heroes
  • Powerful shiny pets
  • Event artifacts
  • Legendary Stars
  • Weekly Event loot

All of this loot is extremely significant for a variety of reasons.

Here are some examples as to how this loot contributes to your overall account progression:

  • Powerful hero rewards are often 8-9 star and level 7-9, which can help improve your team and help you progress much further in combat
  • Powerful shiny pets can help you to earn Crypton by selling them on the Auction House, earn money selling them on the Blockchain, as well as improve your account progression through various active pet buffs
  • Event artifacts allow you to improve your combat progression, as well as increase your overall account power level
  • Legendary Stars allow you to complete both the Seasonal Challenge as well as the Legendary Event, which rewards you with more heroes, pets, and event artifacts
  • Weekly Event loot gives you the ability to complete different Weekly Events in a more timely fashion, allowing you to collect these different rewards more rapidly

Basically, the more often you complete Weekly Events as well as the Seasonal Challenge, the more your account progression will snowball.

This is why your primary focus when progressing should be to progress with the intention of completing Weekly Events and the Seasonal Challenge.

The majority of your account progression will come from these game mechanics. If you neglect them, then you will not progress very far or very fast.

For example, by default you don't get a ton of loot by spinning the wheel in the Get Lucky building. It's mainly through the Get Lucky Event that you get most of the value from your Get Lucky Chips!

The same applies to basically anything else in-game. Ensuring that you are completing Weekly Events as well as the Seasonal Challenge is extremely important for your overall progression.

In conclusion, you need to complete as many Weekly Events as possible, as well as the Seasonal Challenge each month.

This should be your primary focus when playing Clash of Streamers.

Weekly Events and the Seasonal Challenge

Completing Weekly Events and the Seasonal Challenge on a regular basis is extremely important for your account progression.

So, what are Weekly Events, how do they work, and what’s the best way to complete them?

Weekly Events are certain events that occur weekly which reward you for spending resources and reaching various in-game milestones.

Before discussing Weekly Events, it’s important we break them down into two categories:

  1. Weekly Events where your progress is reset each week.
  2. Weekly Events where your progress is saved from week-to-week.

To start, we’ll discuss the first group briefly.

The following events are reset on a week-to-week basis:

  • Pet Event (collect pets)
  • Gem Event (spend Gems)
  • Summon Event (use Kappa Scrolls to summon heroes)
  • Upgrade Event (upgrade heroes)
  • Get Lucky Event (spin the Get Lucky wheel)
  • Seasonal Event (non-regular event, collect seasonal currency and spend it for rewards)

These events reset on a weekly basis. Basically, your progress made on each event during one week will be reset at the start of the next week.

Since these Weekly Events need to be completed in the same week that they start, it’s important that you save up your resources to complete the event.

It’s also important that you save up enough resources to complete the whole Weekly Event in its entirety, and not just a small portion.

The rewards earned by completing the whole Weekly Event vastly outweigh the rewards you get from the tiers leading up to it. You get an extremely powerful hero, a very good shiny pet, and an event artifact. You will not be able to progress far in Clash of Streamers if you are not completing entire Weekly Events!

The Gem Event, Summon Event, Upgrade Event, and Get Lucky Event also have one of four rarities:

  • Rare (blue event)
  • Epic (purple event)
  • Legendary (gold event)
  • Shiny Legendary (red event)

The rarity of the Weekly Event simply determines how difficult it is to complete. Each week, one of these four events will be rare, one will be epic, and so on. 

For example, if the Gem Event is rare one week, it will be epic the next week, legendary the week after that, followed by shiny legendary, and then all the way back to rare.

For the most part, you should focus on completing rare and epic Weekly Events.

These event rarities are the easiest to complete and give you the best loot relative to the amount of resources you are spending.

Sometimes you may find yourself close to completing a Weekly Event, but may not be able to complete the whole thing.

To help complete these Weekly Events, you have a locking mechanism!

Similarly to how you can lock certain deals in the Merchant and Marketplace, as well as many other buildings, you can lock one Weekly Event. A Weekly Event that is locked will not be reset until you complete it or unlock it.

The best Weekly Event to lock will almost always be the Gem Event.

You need to spend Gems to do basically anything in Clash of Streamers. By locking the Gem Event, you are ensuring that none of your Gems are ever being wasted.

The best Gem Event rarities to lock are the following:

  • Rare Gem Event
  • Epic Gem Event

Both of these Gem Event rarities are great options to lock. They are both relatively easy to complete and will provide very good loot for the full event completion.

As you complete the Gem Event, you can wait until the next week and then lock another Gem Event.

For the rest of the resetting Weekly Events, make sure you are saving your resources, watching your Weekly Event progress bar, and working to complete them whenever you can complete the events in their entirety.

Additionally, if you encounter a seasonal event, you should go full force into trying to complete as much as possible.

As you collect the seasonal currency, you can make purchases inside of the seasonal shop. This can be extremely helpful in allowing you to gain resources to complete other events, or simply to get high level heroes.

Next, we will look at the second group of events.

The following events are not reset on a week-to-week basis:

  • Legendary Event (collect Legendary Stars)
  • PogChamp Orb Special Event (spend PogChamp Orbs)
  • Athene Coins Special Event (spend Athene Coins)
  • VIP Tickets Special Event (spend VIP Tickets)
  • Casino Chips Special Event (spend Casino Chips)
  • Mega Chips Special Event (spend Mega Chips)

As you spend these resources, you will always be making progress towards completing these events. Gradually, you will collect a variety of very good rewards from your progress.

For these, you don’t need to worry about saving a ton of resources and completing the events all at one time. Simply ensure you have enough resources to be able to afford Merchant deals while still working on completing these events gradually.

Now, how does the Seasonal Challenge work?

The Seasonal Challenge is a monthly challenge which rewards you for collecting Legendary Stars.

This is how it works:

  1. A new month starts, a new Seasonal Challenge begins.
  2. Collect Legendary Stars by completing Weekly Events, earning achievements, etc.
  3. Collect rewards for reaching different Legendary Star milestones in the Seasonal Challenge.
  4. OPTIONAL: Purchase the Seasonal Gold Pass (for $5 USD or your local equivalent) to get much better loot from the Seasonal Challenge (see the Pay-To-Play Guide for info on the Seasonal Gold Pass).

Since both the Seasonal Challenge and Legendary Event reward you with tons of loot for collecting Legendary Stars, you need to ensure you are regularly collecting a ton of Legendary Stars.

Take a look at the full Weekly Events Guide for more info on completing Weekly Events, as well as how best to collect Legendary Stars for the Legendary Event and Seasonal Challenge.

Resource Management

Manage your resources well and only spend them in areas where you know you gain a lot of potential value.

Gems are your primary resource, and they can be spent virtually everywhere in the game.

Your Gems should only be spent regularly in the following scenarios:

  • Working towards Weekly Event completion
  • Purchasing items in the Marketplace

Of course, since Gems are the main currency, it is hard to avoid spending them in a lot of cases. For example, you may want to swap the abilities of your streamers or pets in the Spellbook. In cases like this, it’s usually okay to spend a bit of Gems this way as long as you don’t do so regularly.

Otherwise, making purchases in the Marketplace is likely the best way to spend your Gems.

You should follow these rules for Marketplace purchases:

  • Always buy any heroes for sale (helps get good initial team and improve Loyalty Tree)
  • Always buy TriHard Scrolls (helps work towards completing Upgrade Event on a regular basis)
  • Always buy any seasonal currencies for sale (during seasonal events)
  • Buy any other deals when they are discounted (10% off or better)

While these Marketplace rules should apply for the majority of scenarios, there are other scenarios where you might want to make different purchases in the Marketplace.

Check out the full Marketplace Guide for a more in-depth walkthrough of the Marketplace.

By continuously making purchases inside of the Marketplace, you will be setting yourself up to progress at a very good pace in Clash of Streamers.

Now, let’s take a look at all of the following resources in Clash of Streamers:

  • TriHard Scrolls
  • Kappa Scrolls
  • PogChamp Orbs
  • Get Lucky Chips
  • Athene Coins
  • VIP Tickets
  • Casino Chips
  • Community Chips
  • Mega Chips

All of these resources will contribute to your account progression in one way or another.

The progression can be found in two primary areas:

  • Weekly Event completion
  • Merchant deals

For the most part, the rules for most of these resources are the same. However, there are a few exceptions which we will discuss shortly.

Rule #1: Always keep a reserve of every resource type, allowing yourself the ability to complete the daily and weekly Merchant deals on a regular basis.

Merchant deals give you incredible value. You can trade resources of one type for resources of another, giving you much better value on the purchased resources.

If you can complete these purchases on a regular basis, you will improve your account value and progression like crazy.

Rule #2: Spend TriHard Scrolls, Kappa Scrolls and Get Lucky Chips during their respective Weekly Events.

Since the Upgrade Event, Summon Event and Get Lucky Event all have their progress reset weekly, you should only spend these resources when working to complete their respective Weekly Events.

Additionally, you can spend a small amount of TriHard Scrolls, Kappa Scrolls, and PogChamp Orbs after completing the tutorial.

This will allow you to quickly build a strong initial team of heroes. In any other cases, TriHard Scrolls and Kappa Scrolls should only be spent when working on completing Weekly Events.

Get Lucky Chips are also vital to your progression in Clash of Streamers. However, choosing when to spend them is a bit more complicated than the other Weekly Event resources mentioned.

They should only be spent in the following scenarios:

  • When your Get Lucky building has a good loot table
  • Working on the Get Lucky Event

For in-depth info on what a good Get Lucky building loot table is and how to get one, see the Get Lucky Guide.

Rule #3: Spend your PogChamp Orbs, Athene Coins, VIP Tickets, Casino Chips, Community Chips, and Mega Chips regularly (while still keeping a backup reserve).

All of these resources can be regularly spent without hindering your progression. In fact, it’s a very good idea to spend these resources on a regular basis.

Since each of these resources have a Special Weekly Event dedicated to them, it is wise to spend them gradually. You can spend them at any point, and the progress towards their Special Weekly Events will be saved.

However, you should only make sure to spend these resources when you have them in abundance; you don’t want to miss out on any Merchant deals!

This is because of the fact that you should prioritize trading these resources into the Merchant ahead of spending them in each of their buildings. As long as you have a significant amount of these resources, you will be able to afford a majority of the Merchant deals, which in turn will give you a constant feedback loop of rewards.

The Merchant is a key component to your overall progression, so do not neglect it!

Take a look at the full Resource Management Guide for more in-depth information about managing your resources in Clash of Streamers.

Daily Activities

As a beginner, make sure to complete all daily activities in the game.

This includes all of the following:

  • Daily Quests
  • Watch ads
  • Free charges (i.e. free spins, summons, battles, etc.)
  • Login Bonus rewards (in Treats & Presents)
  • BONUS: Duel players, do casual Arena battles, or play casual Match-3 for free bonus loot

It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to complete everything listed above, and should be done every day. The progression given from these activities gives you a ton of value in the long run.

It is easiest to complete them in the following order:

  1. Complete all 10 Daily Quests (including bonus quests).
  2. Use the Game Guide to direct you to your buildings with free charges, and use them.
  3. Use the Game Guide to direct you to the Treats & Presents, getting you the Login Bonus.
  4. Watch all your ads for free Gems.
  5. Duel players or do casual Arena battles for streamers and other rewards, or play casual Match-3 for a little while and earn yourself up to several hundred thousand Gems extra (you can spam the nuke button for 200 and earn 3K each turn).

If you can afford to do so, it's highly recommended that you get to at least VIP level 1 to double your rewards from the Login Bonus.

One of the easiest ways to get VIP Level 1 is to purchase the Seasonal Challenge Gold Pass, complete the whole challenge, and then use your accrued sale points to purchase the most expensive deal from the Monthly/Weekly/Value Sales.

Take a look at the Pay-To-Play Guide for more info on the best purchases to make to get VIP levels.

All of these daily activities are an absolutely huge part of your overall progression, so make sure you don't ignore them!

Do your dailies!

Combat Progression

Combat is one of the single most important factors to your overall account progression.

To start, there are the simple boss combat buildings:

  • Boss Tower
  • Attack Streamer

Make sure you do your battles in these buildings each day. It takes a very short amount of time (less than 1 minute) and will reward you with better and better loot as you continue to get stronger.

Additionally, you can improve the loot output of the Boss Tower by purchasing the Boss Boost Card. This card can be found inside of the Pay-To-Play Guide and drastically improves your Boss Tower progression. If you plan on spending money in Clash of Streamers, this is a very smart purchase.

Even though the Boss Tower and Attack Streamer buildings are important for your overall combat progression, they are not the most important.

The most important buildings for your combat progression are the following:

  • Campaign Tower
  • Arena

In both of these buildings, you can battle as many times as you like per day. Since there is no limit to what you can do each day, these buildings are incredibly important for your account progression.

Battles will not only grant you loot for winning and reaching higher stages, but also progress towards the completion of a wide array of Achievements.

Combat achievements have a huge impact on your account progression.

They are also much easier to acquire at an earlier stage rather than a later stage. For this reason, make sure you fight each individual tier instead of skipping to boss in the Campaign Tower.

Additionally, you'll receive some daily rewards based on your current stage in the Campaign Tower. The further you've progressed, the better your daily rewards. Because of this, it's very important that you progress as far as possible, as soon as possible. 

The daily rewards can also be improved even more with the help of the Campaign Boost Card! Similar to the Boss Boost Card, the Campaign Boost Card doubles your daily Campaign Tower rewards. This can be a great purchase if you want to get even more out of the Campaign Tower.

Take a look at the Campaign Climbing Guide and Arena Climbing Guide for more info on how to maximize your progression through these two buildngs.

Eventually, you will notice it becomes quite difficult to win your battles. In order to continue to progress, you will need to continually improve your team.

This can be done through the following ways:

  • Team power
  • Team composition

Focus on improving your team both with the power of the team, as well as the composition of the streamers on the team.

The power of your team is determined by many factors:

  • Streamer power (stars, levels)
  • Streamer abilities
  • Pet abilities
  • Achievement buffs
  • Faction aura
  • DUBI empowerment
  • Faction stars
  • Event Artifacts

All of these factors play a part into the overall power of your team, and if you improve the power of your team through each of these areas, you will have a much easier time progressing through the Arena and Campaign Tower.

Take a look at the Beginner's Combat & Advanced Combat Guide for an in-depth explanation on each of these areas.

Achievement Collection

Achievements are an extremely important aspect of Clash of Streamers.

They are significant for the following reasons:

  1. Each achievement collected gives you buffs in many different aspects of the game (seen through building levels).
  2. The more achievements you complete, the higher your account level becomes (giving you legendary pets as well as improved achievement buffs).
  3. Every 65 achievements, the Blockchain export cost decreases by 0.1%.
  4. You get an achievement chest and a Legendary Star for each completed achievement.

Overall, achievements can have a huge impact on your account progression. Due to the actual buffs they provide, as well as the rewards you get for completing them, they can quickly snowball the progress of your account.

Not only that, but collecting achievements can be one of the best ways to get Legendary Stars, which is a huge help in completing the Legendary Event and Seasonal Challenge.

So, how can you collect a ton of achievements?

For the most part, you’ll collect achievements naturally throughout play. As you do your daily quests, battle in the Campaign Tower, summon heroes; pretty much everything will get you achievements!

So for the most part, you just need to play Clash of Streamers to collect achievements! Play the game to the best of your ability following any applicable guides, and you’ll gradually collect quite a few achievements.

However, there are some achievements that can be quickly accumulated, or “farmed”.

These are achievements that can be repeated and collected in large quantities rather easily.

Some farmable achievements are the following:

  • Collect Easter Eggs achievement (150 Easter Eggs = 150 achievements)
  • Collect duplicate ability-sets achievements (2000 total achievements)

In addition to the fact that these achievements can be collected a ton of times, they also provide you with a ton of loot and incredible bonuses.

For example...

  • Each Easter Egg grants you an instant 135K+, in addition to the achievement chest and Legendary Star
  • Each additional duplicate ability-set increases your passive Crypton generation by 10%, as well as an achievement chest and Legendary Star

The Gems from Easter Eggs are huge, especially when starting out as a new player!

Take a look at the Easter Eggs Guide for info on what Easter Eggs are as well as steps for how to collect them.

Since Crypton is such a significant part of Clash of Streamers (moreso during the late-game), you need to make sure that you are earning it passively at some point.

While we will not be discussing Crypton in-depth in this beginner’s guide, check out the Crypton Guides section for info on what Crypton is, how it can be used, as well as the best ways to earn it.

Ensuring you are collecting achievements in any way possible is essential to your account progression. Overall, they will give you tons of loot as well as improve your progression in various areas of the game through achievement buffs.

Take a look at the full Achievement Farming Guide for some other ways to collect a bunch of achievements easily.


Pets are a vital part of the game, as they help you to achieve many different goals.

For example, they can help with:

Even if you might not care about pets initially, they are extremely significant towards your overall game progression. Because of this, you want to make sure you are getting the absolute maximum number of pets each day.

You can collect up to 50 pets and 50 eggs per day.

In Geopet Go, you should collect your 50 pets and eggs per day. You can get your pets simply by walking around and collecting the different pets you see on the screen, and you can get your eggs passively by capturing the hatchery of each faction.

Catching pets can be tiring though as a daily activity, and for this, there is a solution...

Pet attracts!

Your pet attracts allow you to instantly collect 5 pets. Additionally, pet attracts stack on top of each other! Therefore, you should stack up a bunch of pet attracts and use them on days where you don’t feel like going outside.

By default, you get 1 free pet attract per day.

You can get more in the following ways:

  • Toggle on notifications (found in Settings)
  • Reach higher VIP levels

Additionally, you can hatch your eggs quickly and easily by using the easy hatch button when viewing any faction's hatchery.

As you regularly collect and improve your pets, make sure to set your active pets with the best possible abilities!

Pets that are active will give you bonuses in different aspects of the game. You can improve your Weekly Event rewards while lowering the completion requirements, you can increase passive Crypton generation, and much more.

Since pets aren’t really a beginner’s topic, we won’t go into too much detail here. All you need to know is that they are quite important for late game progression, and you should be getting the maximum number of pets every day!

For in-depth pet guides, take a look at the Pets Guides.

Gem Mine

Gem Mine is a building which will produce a large portion of your daily Gem rewards. Because of this, improving the loot output of the Gem Mine can have a huge impact on your account progression.

Every day, make sure you are collecting your Gems from the Gem Mine!

You can also drastically increase your rewards from the Gem Mine in the following ways:

  • Buy the Gem Mine Subscription
  • Get friend benefits

The Gem Mine Subscription costs $1 per week and will increase your Gem Mine output by 25%, as well as the capacity by 50%. If you can afford to do so, buy the Gem Mine Subscription since the bonus Gems are a pretty big deal!

In addition to the Gem Mine Subscription, you should also connect to Facebook and invite your friends (or pay $1 a month to get the benefits without inviting friends).

By doing so, you will gain many benefits in the Gem Mine:

  • Increased Gem output and capacity
  • Faster expedition completion
  • Exra lives in Poker, Blackjack and Roulette

These bonuses are quite a big deal as well. Increased mine output and capacity as well as faster expedition completion are fairly self explanatory.

In the Poker, Blackjack and Roulette minigames, once you reach a high enough tier and lose, you have the ability to request a heart from a friend to bring you back to life in the minigame.

The friend that gives you the heart will receive 10% of the loot pool as a reward for the help.

If you are an avid player of these minigames, this will help you get a ton of extra loot for free.

If you don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to bother inviting your friends, you can also spend $1 per month to unlock all the same bonuses without any extra hassle.

Whichever path you decide to take, it’s important you do your best to maximize your loot output from the Gem Mine since it is one of the most significant contributors to your overall Gem supply!

Maximizing Account Progression

If you follow most of the advice found so far in this guide, you’ll already be progressing at a very good pace.

However, there is something else you can do to improve your account progression even further.

It works through the following system:

  • Referrals

The referral system in Clash of Streamers gives you the opportunity to earn an absolute ton of additional loot. 

Here are your bonuses for referring other players:

  • When you directly refer other players, you will receive loot based on their account power level ups (TriHard Scrolls, Kappa Scrolls, PogChamp Orbs, Mega Chips, Madness Chips, and sale points)
  • Any player you refer and any player they refer counts towards your referral leaderboard progress, which will reward you based on your rank in the leaderboard (PogChamp Orbs)
  • If any player is in your community after using your referral, you will receive loot based on the money they spend on in-game purchases (Gems, Crypton, VIP experience)

All in all, if you give your referral link to the right people, you can end up earning hundreds of dollars worth of loot passively without putting in any extra effort.

While it’s not fully necessary, you should look to refer any player possible to maximize your account progression! 

If you happen to know anybody that enjoys mobile games, definitely tell them about Clash of Streamers and give them your referral link; you can easily earn a ton of extra loot for free this way!

How do you refer another player?

Referring another player is quite simple.

In order to refer another player, you need to do the following:

  1. Upload your face to Clash of Streamers (can be done in the Go Live building).
  2. Share your Magic Link QR-code.
  3. Get friends or other players to download the game using your Magic Link.

By doing this, anybody that has used your Magic Link to get the game will be directly connected to your account, and you will receive plenty of benefits as they play Clash of Streamers.

This is one of the best ways of maximizing your account progression after already applying many of the other tips discussed in this guide.

Making Purchases

Making purchases to help you progress in Clash of Streamers can go a long way if you are buying the right deals.

Something as small as one $5 purchase can give you up to thousands of dollars worth of value, potentially.

Even if you’re not looking to purchase anything in Clash of Streamers, one small purchase can impact your account progression by monolithic proportions.

Not only that, but you are supporting a good cause since all the money that is spent towards Clash of Streamers will be used to help fund and test a universal basic income pilot program (DUBI)!

Your money is going towards a good cause, and will also help you gain a ton of progress extremely easily.

If you do plan on spending money to progress in Clash of Streamers, two concepts are extremely important:

  • VIP levels
  • Sale points

VIP levels are reached through VIP experience gained from purchases. As you reach new VIP levels, you will get free heroes, free resources, as well as several permanent account benefits.

On the other hand, as you purchase limited time offers, you will accumulate sale points. As you accumulate more and more sale points, you can use them to get discounts on other in-game purchases. 

Through sale points, you can get deals that cost $100 or more, all for free!

Together, VIP levels and sale points will contribute an absolutely incredible amount to your account progression if you strategize and spend your money smartly.

If you do choose to spend money, the best value for your money can be found through the following purchases:

Making any of these purchases will provide you with an absolutely incredible amount of progress for a variety of reasons.

However, there are some purchases which are certainly a lot better than others.

It all completely depends on how much you intend on spending. If you only plan on being a low spender (less than $10), then you will be purchasing different stuff than somebody who is a high spender.

To learn all about the best purchases and the best ways to spend your money in Clash of Streamers, take a look at the Pay-To-Play Guide.

The Pay-To-Play Guide will introduce you to these core concepts, and give you a good idea of how all of these areas work and interact with each other. 

In addition to that, the Pay-To-Play Guide will discuss three core strategies for spending money: a low spender strategy, high spender strategy, and whale strategy. This will give you a good idea of exactly what you should aim to buy based on how much you intend on spending.

Read the Pay-To-Play Guide to learn all about the best ways to spend your money!


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