Advanced Combat Guide - Advanced Tips & Strategies

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers advanced combat guide; a guide on late-game and advanced ways of improving your team to progress further in combat.

In Clash of Streamers there are many different advanced gameplay mechanics which allow you to progress further in combat.

The late-game and advanced ways of improving your team can be found within the following Clash of Streamers features:

  • Abilities
  • DUBI Empowerment
  • Event Artifacts
  • Loyalty Tree
  • Faction Stars

In this advanced combat guide, we’ll look at each of these areas and discuss how exactly they can be used to improve your team and help you progress further in combat.


Auto-skill abilities are very important when it comes down to combat progression in Clash of Streamers.

By default, your heroes don’t have any auto-skill abilities unlocked

Heroes unlock auto-skill abilities at the following levels:

  • Level 7
  • Level 9
  • Level 11

A hero that is level 7 would have one auto-skill ability unlocked, a level 9 hero would have two auto-skill abilities unlocked, and a level 11 hero would have all three auto-skill abilities unlocked.

Understanding that you won’t always have access to all of your auto-skill abilities is very important, because it means you have to be very selective and choose your limited auto-skill abilities very carefully!

The best thing you can do when you only have 1-2 auto-skill abilities unlocked is prioritize abilities that don’t need to synergize with other abilities.

For example, imagine you have a Rogue that is level 7 and the only auto-skill ability unlocked is Smell Blood. This ability will grant the Rogue extra damage against bleeding targets.

However, since the Rogue doesn’t have any bleeding abilities unlocked, the Smell Blood ability is not as effective as it could be.

As a result, you should be switching out Smell Blood in the Spellbook with something that would be much more useful as the only Rogue auto-skill ability.

For example, take a look at one of the following abilities:


Auto-skill: Cloaks your attacks, granting 30% attack and 10% armor break.


Auto-skill: Strike from the shadows, granting 10% attack and 30% armor break.

Ignore Armor

Auto-skill: You pierce through armor, increasing your armor break by 40%.

Deadly Knives

Auto-skill: You use deadly knives that increase your attack by 40%.

Each of these abilities will add an unconditional buff to the Rogue. Due to the fact that unconditional buff abilities don’t need to work well with other abilities to function properly, they make a great choice to equip on heroes that only have 1-2 auto-skill abilities unlocked.

Every hero class in Clash of Streamers has access to unconditional buff auto-skill abilities.

As a result, you have a solution for every hero that may only have access to 1 or 2 auto-skill abilities.

It’s important to be aware that there are likely many other ability-sets that are better than ability-sets which simply provide unconditional buffs. This idea of using unconditional buff abilities or abilities that don’t synergize well with allies or other abilities should only be used when your heroes only have 1-2 abilities unlocked.

Whenever you have a hero with 1-2 auto-skill abilities unlocked, you should ensure that the abilities are ones that work without synergies (like these unconditional buff abilities).

If you do this, you’ll likely find yourself having an easier time progressing through some of the mid/late game combat stages of Clash of Streamers.

DUBI Empowerment

DUBI is a cryptocurrency (ERC-20 token) that is very integrated within Clash of Streamers (check out the PRPS & DUBI Guide for in-depth info).

One of DUBI’s primary uses in Clash of Streamers can be found in the Blockchain building through a mechanic called DUBI empowerment.

Essentially, once you have a hero exported to the Blockchain, you can empower it with DUBI. Any hero that is empowered with DUBI will gain additional power, which can be a huge help in combat.

In fact, empowering a hero with DUBI is one of the most significant ways of increasing its raw power.

You can increase the power of a hero by 20-100% through DUBI empowerment.

To take advantage of DUBI empowerment you need to do the following:

  1. Send DUBI to your blockchain wallet, or import a wallet which already has DUBI on it.
  2. Export a hero to the Blockchain.
  3. Empower the exported hero with a DUBI amount of your choosing.

Each DUBI empowered hero is granted a bonus in power based on its overall DUBI rank. The more DUBI you empower your hero with, the stronger it will be.

Check out the Wiki Blockchain page for more info on DUBI ranks and the respective power increases.

At a minimum, you will grant your hero an additional 20% power with DUBI empowerment. You get this bonus just for even adding the minimum DUBI amount to the hero (0.001).

Because of this, DUBI empowerment is one of the most effective ways of improving the power of your heroes, and your team as a whole.

Since it's relatively expensive to export heroes, you should take a look at How to Make Money in Clash of Streamers for a guide on how to reduce your export cost, as well as how to export in general.

While this can be an expensive method of improving the power of your heroes, it is extremely effective. Even if you spend money exporting your heroes to the Blockchain, you can potentially make the money back by renting the hero out to other players!

Check out the Renting Heroes Guide for more info on how to make money by renting heroes.

Although it would be great to be able to gain a 100% power bonus on each of your heroes from DUBI empowerment, it’s not very likely to happen.

Not only is it extremely expensive to export your 6 primary heroes, but you would also need to make sure that each of your heroes has enough DUBI attached to stay in the top 1% of the DUBI leaderboard.

This is why you should prioritize empowering and buffing your best hero over any other heroes.

In almost every team, there is one hero which is the strongest. This hero will likely dish out the most damage, and as a result, it should be powered up and buffed the most.

For example, imagine you have the following team:

In this scenario, the obvious choice would be to empower the 9-star level 9 SMOrc Mage (hero on the very left) as much as possible. This hero has the obvious advantage of having the best event artifact on the team, while still having the highest level and star count.

When you run into a situation like this, your first focus should be to export and empower your best hero (9-star level 9 SMOrc Mage in this case).

Once this is done and you have buffed your best hero with enough DUBI, then you can eventually move on to export and empower the other heroes.

Event Artifacts

Event artifacts are extremely important when looking towards late-game combat. In fact, they are likely the biggest contributing factor to your late-game combat progression.

An event artifact has the following properties:

  1. Color
  2. Class
  3. Faction
  4. Ability

When an event artifact is equipped on a hero, it will change the hero’s color to match the event artifact. Additionally, it can only be equipped on a hero that matches the event artifact’s class and faction.

A hero with an event artifact equipped has a chance to activate the ability of the event artifact on every attack in battle.

The chance the hero has of activating the ability completely depends on the rarity of the event artifact.

The chances are the following:

  • Rare event artifact: 10% chance to activate the ultimate ability each round
  • Epic event artifact: 20% chance to activate the ultimate ability each round
  • Legendary event artifact: 35% chance to activate the ultimate ability each round
  • Shiny legendary event artifact: 50% chance to activate the ultimate ability each round

Having the ability to activate the effects of an ultimate ability each round is game-changing. If an event artifact has the right ultimate ability, a good enough rarity, equipped on a strong enough hero, you can deal an insane amount of extra damage.

To get yourself an event artifact, you have to complete a Weekly Event in its entirety. Different Weekly Event rarities will allow you to forge different event artifacts.

For example...

  • Complete the rare Weekly Event, forge a rare event artifact
  • Complete the epic Weekly Event, forge an epic event artifact
  • Complete the legendary Weekly Event, forge the legendary event artifact
  • Complete the shiny legendary Weekly Event, forge the shiny legendary event artifact

Additionally, you also get up to 5 epic event artifacts and 1 legendary artifact for completing the different stages of the Legendary Event.

Once you get an event artifact, the rarity of the artifact you forge determines the number of properties you can customize.

Your customization options are the following:

  • Rare event artifact: choose color, other properties randomized
  • Epic event artifact: choose color and class, other properties randomized
  • Legendary event artifact: choose color, class and faction, other property randomized
  • Shiny legendary event artifact: choose color, class, faction and ability

Overall, the rarity will determine how frequently the ultimate ability activates as well as which properties you can customize. Forging a legendary or shiny legendary event artifact can be incredibly impactful to your overall combat progression.

Additionally, when you complete the forging of an event artifact, it has a chance to upgrade to an epic or legendary event artifact.

While this doesn’t allow you to customize additional properties on the event artifact, it will improve the chances of activating the ultimate ability each round. The odds of this can be found inside of the Avatar.

To maximize your combat progression from event artifacts, you should take the following steps:

  1. Regularly complete Weekly Events (see the Weekly Events Guide for tips on that).
  2. Regularly buff and improve your heroes that have the best event artifacts equipped.

When you are regularly completing Weekly Events and improving your heroes with the best event artifacts equipped, you’ll be improving your combat potential like crazy.

Your end goal should be to get a shiny legendary event artifact on each hero in your main lineup!

Loyalty Tree

The Loyalty Tree is a hugely important aspect in boosting the power of your heroes.

In total, each hero on your team can get up to 200% additional power from Loyalty Tree bonuses.

You simply need to ensure that each hero of your team has its skin, class, and faction all buffed in the Loyalty Tree.

To do this, you will need to unlock each faction’s section in the Loyalty Tree, and to unlock each faction’s section, you need to collect a ton of default faces.

Default faces are collected simply by playing Clash of Streamers.

By summoning heroes doing basically anything in Clash of Streamers, you will be earning more and more heroes which each have default faces equipped. Eventually, all of these default faces will allow you to unlock the different faction sections of the Loyalty Tree.

As you unlock the different faction sections of the Loyalty Tree, you have another hero on your team which you can improve with 200% additional power.

The power comes from the following:

  • 100% bonus power to heroes which have the skin/face of a certain streamer or content creator
  • 50% bonus power to those heroes which are from a certain faction
  • 50% bonus power to those heroes which are from a certain class

If you want each hero on your team to gain the full benefits of the Loyalty Tree, you most likely will need every single faction section unlocked.

Unfortunately, this is something which will likely take a long time to fully finish. However, in the long run you will be increasing the power of your team dramatically.

For the 6 different streamers that you choose to use in the Loyalty Tree, pick streamers and content creators which have very good skins and do not simply have a default face.

It is very expensive to switch the currently specced streamers in the Loyalty Tree, so make sure you have made your decision before you choose the streamer or content creator in each section of the Loyalty Tree.

As you unlock each section of the Loyalty Tree, you want to swap the face of your heroes with that specific face/faction/class to match the buffed face/faction/class of the newly unlocked sections.

This will provide the 200% additional power bonus to each of your heroes.

These power bonuses from the Loyalty Tree are extremely significant as you head into mid-game/late-game combat - so keep the Loyalty Tree in mind as you play!

Until you unlock each section of the Loyalty Tree and max out each of the trees, you should be very strategic when choosing which heroes to buff.

Imagine you only have one Loyalty Tree section unlocked and have the following team:

In this case, you have two Mages which are both 9-star level 9. It is safe to say that they will likely be dealing the majority of the damage against the enemy teams.

Because of this, you should use your class buff section of the Loyalty Tree to buff Mage heroes.

As a result, the two highest damage dealing heroes will be able to deal even more damage.

Out of both of these Mage heroes, it’s likely that the SMOrc Mage will deal more damage because it has a legendary event artifact equipped.

Because of this, you should use your faction buff section of the Loyalty Tree to buff SMOrc heroes.

With your SMOrc Mage increased to +200% power, and your TriHard Mage increased to +150% power, you would have maximized the potential damage from your team, and progress much further in combat as a result.

While this is just an example, it should give you a good idea of exactly how you should be thinking when you start to buff your heroes through the Loyalty Tree.

As you start to unlock new Loyalty Tree sections, you can start to equip new skins on your heroes, and then buff each of their factions and classes individually, increasing each hero’s power by +200% like mentioned earlier.

Additionally, you need to ensure that you are making use of your pet guardians.

The additional passive abilities that pet guardians apply to your heroes can be a huge deal, so you need to ensure that you are constantly collecting pets and upgrading them inside of the Upgrade building.

Take a look at the Pet Abilities Guide to learn about pet guardians and how they work.

Faction Stars

Faction stars are unlocked once you fulfill the following criteria:

  • Reach prestige 1 in the Campaign Tower
  • Reach account power level 1

Once you have fulfilled the above criteria, you will see the faction stars icon above your team lineup when heading into battle.

When clicking on the faction stars icon, you’ll be greeted with the following screen:

On the left, you will see your hero slots replaced with faction slots with stars in the middle. On the right, you will see a menu that allows you to swap between heroes, pets, and event artifacts.

Essentially, the faction stars system works as follows:

  1. Your best heroes, pets, and event artifacts will be placed in the positions on the right (you unlock more positions at higher prestige levels).
  2. The number of heroes, pets, and event artifacts on the right combined with their power will determine the number of stars applied in that faction slot on the left menu.
  3. The number of stars applied to that faction slot determines the power bonus.
  4. The hero that is in that exact spot in the lineup will receive these additional stars and the additional power bonus (hero does not need to be of the same faction as the slot).

As you continue to unlock better pets, better heroes, and better event artifacts, while reaching higher prestige levels - you will be increasing the faction stars of each slot, therefore increasing your team’s power.

The progress bar at the very top of each faction slot will tell you exactly how close you are to earning another faction star for that slot.

This is why it’s extremely important to regularly collect a ton of pets, upgrade heroes, and complete Weekly Events!

Overall, the faction stars system can have a huge impact on your combat progression. The stronger each faction slot is, the better your chance of progressing further in combat.

Oftentimes, some of your faction star slots will provide much more additional power than others.

In times like this, it’s important that you place your best heroes in the faction star slots that provide the most significant power bonus.

Imagine the following team again:

Similarly to the Loyalty Tree and DUBI empowerment sections, you want to ensure our best hero is buffed the most.

In this case, our best hero is the 9-star level 9 SMOrc Mage with the legendary event artifact equipped.

To maximize this hero’s combat potential, you should do the following:

  1. Click through the different faction star slots and find the slot which grants the highest power increase.
  2. Move your best hero (9-star level 9 SMOrc Mage) into that position.

While these power increases may start small, they can grow to incredible proportions.

If you can combine and maximize the Loyalty Tree buffs, DUBI empowerment, and faction star buffs on your best hero, you will have a much easier time progressing through combat.

As you progress and get stuck in the Campaign Tower or Arena, keep all of this advice in mind. Buffing the correct heroes can often completely shift the tide of battle!


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