Achievement Farming Guide - Collect Easy Achievements

Updated December 15, 2019


Welcome to the Clash of Streamers Achievement Farming Guide; a guide on the best and easiest ways to collect a ton of achievements and improve your account progression.

Achievements are a vital component to your progression in Clash of Streamers for many reasons:

  1. The more achievements you complete, the higher your account level becomes (giving you legendary pets as well as increased achievement buffs).
  2. Every 65 achievements decreases the Blockchain export costs by 0.1% (see the Blockchain section for guides on this topic).
  3. You get an achievement chest for each achievement completed, granting you tons of rewards.
  4. You get a Legendary Star for each achievement completed, helping you to progress towards completing the Legendary Event and Seasonal Challenge.

Although it may not seem like a huge deal, in the long run, collecting a ton of achievements has an incredible impact on your account progression.

The sooner you complete achievements, the sooner you can reap the benefits of them. For this reason, we have created a guide to outline how you can farm a ton of achievements easily.

Achievement Pets

Since we will be collecting a ton of achievements, it’s first advised you have a pet equipped to optimize your loot output from the achievement chests.

PogChamp pets are the pets which have the best abilities for increasing achievement loot output.

The abilities are the following:

Achievement Specialist

Passive: You become an achievement specialist, increasing your chance to receive free chests from achievements by 1%.

Uncanny Luck

Passive: You become extremely lucky, increasing your chance to upgrade chests by 1%.

Both of these abilities will drastically improve your loot output from achievement chests by increasing your chance to get free chests as well as upgrade the chests. If you have an active PogChamp pet with 9 stars, the bonus from these achievements can get to 5% and above.

This is why it’s recommended to equip a PogChamp pet with these abilities as your active PogChamp pet before planning on farming a ton of achievements.

For more info on how pet abilities work and how to make a specific pet an active pet, see the Pet Abilities Guide.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are extremely easy to collect, and an achievement is given for every collected Easter Egg. Overall, this is one of the easiest ways to collect a good number of achievements.

Read the Easter Eggs Guide for the updated list of all discovered Easter Eggs.

Streamer Skins & Pets

Streamer skin and pet achievements can easily be collected by most players gradually as they play Clash of Streamers. The more you play, the more streamer skins and pets you will acquire, and as a result, you will earn quite a few achievements.

These are the two primary achievements for collecting streamer skins and pets:

As you play Clash of Streamers, you will (hopefully) be collecting at least 50 pets a day (through Geopet GO or Match-3 Pets). In addition, you should be receiving 50 eggs per day by capturing each faction's hatchery. Doing so will give you steady progress towards the pet achievement.

Additionally, you should be constantly receiving new streamer skins by taking part in any of the daily activities throughout the game.

The main problem is, if you simply rely on acquiring these achievements organically as you play on a daily basis, you will be collecting them quite slowly.

You can speed up the process in a couple of different ways:

  • Collect free skins from any content creators in Clash of Streamers
  • Purchase streamer skins and pet skins from the Auction House

If you have a lot of free time, you can follow/subscribe/like every Twitch/YouTube/Facebook content creator that has skins in Clash of Streamers. By doing this, you will quickly rack up a decent amount of achievements for free.

Additionally, if you have someCrypton, you can buy loads of streamer skins and pets skins simply by purchasing the cheapest ones off of the Auction House queue.

While it may take quite a few streamer skins and pet skins to earn a decent number of achievements, this is always an option for players that are willing to spend money for the extra bit of progress.

Loot Cards

This is an achievement collecting strategy which can be completed by spending money in Clash of Streamers.

There are four loot card related achievements in Clash of Streamers:

These are achievements which are collected for every claimed rare, epic, legendary or shiny legendary loot card which you are in possession of.

Although you can collect loot cards naturally by playing the game, the Auction House provides you a virtually unlimited number of loot cards to purchase which can be used towards your achievement progression.

You first need to own a lot of Crypton before buying some loot cards from the Auction House.

The Gaming for Good shop generally gets you the best value for money if you’re looking to get both Crypton and Gems together. Even if you are looking for only Crypton, you get more value with the purchases on the Gaming for Good shop than from the in-game counterparts.

For more information on the best purchases, check out the Pay-to-Play Guide.

Our steps to getting these loot card achievements are as follows:

  1. Get a lot of Crypton (purchasing through G4G shop or through other means).
  2. Go into the Auction House and purchase the cheapest used loot cards.

For every used loot card you own, you will gain one extra achievement. You can easily get a ton of achievements through this strategy.

Take a look at the Auction House Trading Guide for info on how the Auction House works as well as how to potentially earn a lot of Crypton through it.

Duplicate Ability-Sets

This is another major achievement collecting strategy in Clash of Streamers which can be completed by spending money.

Duplicate ability-sets can be acquired in many ways:

  • Summoning streamers
  • Random game rewards
  • Matching pets
  • Catching pets
  • Hatching eggs

However, you will find you can complete many more achievements if you spend money to get them.

Essentially, we will get an additional achievement every time we collect the ability-sets which have the most duplicates.

These are the achievements:

Every time we collect our streamer and pet ability-set with the most duplicates, we will get an additional achievement. The best way to get these achievements is to simply buy them for Crypton inside of the Spellbook.

If you are purchasing Crypton through the Gaming for Good shop (which is highly advised, see the Pay-to-Play Guide), you can get a ton of value for your money.

Take a look at an example:

  1. Buy the $75 package on the Gaming for Good shop, giving you 7.5K.
  2. Buy 75 duplicate ability-sets for 7.5K.

As a result of taking the steps above, you would have earned 75 achievements, which is an absolutely incredible amount. However, it’s not advised to buy this many ability-sets in bulk without strategizing a bit beforehand.

See the Passive Crypton Guide for best practices on buying ability-sets in bulk.

This is likely the most effective way of spending your money to get achievements. In addition to the achievements you will also get increased passive Crypton generation, which is a great bonus.

Achievement Farming Strategy

Knowing about these achievement collecting strategies is one thing. Knowing when to collect these achievements is another thing entirely!

So, how should you be collecting these achievements?

You should use the following strategy when looking to collect a ton of achievements:

  1. Equip a PogChamp pet with achievement collection abilities.
  2. Wait for the weekly reset for the abilities to be activated.
  3. Collect as many Easter Eggs as possible (can be done for free).
  4. Buy as many duplicate ability-sets as possible (need to spend Crypton).
  5. Collect only duplicate ability-sets until you have maxed out your duplicate ability-sets achievements (after 1000 pet and 1000 streamer duplicate ability-sets).
  6. Purchase tons of streamer skins and pet skins off of the Auction House cheapest skins queue (need to spend Crypton, prioritize streamer skins).
  7. Purchase loot cards off of the Auction House cheapest loot cards section (need to spend Crypton).

By following this strategy, you will first be collecting a ton of achievements from duplicate ability-sets. This will allow you to earn a ton of Crypton passively, which in turn will allow you to purchase streamer/pet skins and loot cards for achievements later on.

This will be one of the best, if not the best strategy to follow when looking to farm a ton of achievements!


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